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(1726 -leo^ 



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PFGS2953 8 68 Pnnied m USA 


(1726 - 1806) 



Compiled by 
V/illiam Amel Sausaman 
1525 N. 3rd St., Springfield, 111. 62702 




Edition of 100 copies 


SAI.Ti.>KP rxiy iriAH M150 

July 1, 1971 



Introduction i 

Chapter I, Generation 1 1 

Chapter II, Generation 2 13 

Chapter III, Generation 3 27 

Chapter IV, Generation /+. 49 

Chapter V, Generation 5 63 

Chapter VI, Generation 6 71 

Chapter VII Generation 7 3l 

Appendix and Supplement 87 

Index of Persons 93 


Following Page 

William Amel Sausaman, Compiler i 

Elijah Cooper and Elizabeth (Hixson) 

Wilkinson I6 

George Imel I6 

John Wilkinson's Gravestone 16 


Numbering Syatetn Used In this Book 

Each descendant, having Issue , has been slven an Arabic 
number and this number is shown opposite his or her name both 
in the account of his or her family and in the account of his 
or her parent's family. By use of this numbering- system any 
person's complete line of descent can be readily determined, 
as follows: By use of the index find vour name in the account 
of your parent's family, observe the number assirned to your 
parent, thumb backward through the book and find this parent's 
number again in the account of his or her parents (your grand- 
parents), observe the number assigned to your n-rnndnarent , 
thumb backward through the book and find this p-randparent ' s 
number again in the account of his or her narents (your Teat- 
grandparents), etc. Note that only descendants have Arabic 
numbers, whether they be male or female, and that their spouses 
are not numbered. 

In each account of descendants' families the series of 
baptismal names and superior numbers, in parentheses following 
the descendant's name, also indicates the line of descent. For 
example: "JOHN (Harvey^, MaryU, Martha3, Elijah^, John^ ) indi- 
cates that Harvey of the fifth generation was John's father, 
Mary of the fourth generation was his grandmother, Martha of 
the third generation was his great-grandmother, etc. 

Each descendant, whether or not having issue, has also 
been given a Roman number to indicate the order of birth. 

Compiler of this book 

Generation 1 

1, The earliest Icnown ancestor of tbi? fatiily history is 
John Wilkinson who ca^ie to this country from Ireland about 1733* 
when he was 7 years of arte, along with a brother William, an uncle 
and 2 aunts. He and his brother were reared and educated by the 
uncle and aunts, William studied to be a doctor and went to 
Savannah, Ga , where he died leavinsf no heirs. One source indicates 
that John and William emirrrated from County Dome, Ireland whereas 
another source (D.A.P. application of a p;reat-(?randdaun;hter , Mary 
F. (Huffman) Scheerer) indicates that John emigrated from County 
Tyrone, Ireland. There never was a County Dome in Ireland although 
there was, and ?till is, a County Town. Possibly Dome wag the name 
of a village in County Tyrone. 

John learned the carpenter trade and settled on a farm in Pa, 

where he married Elizabeth and had jLO children by her. 

After Elizabeth's death he married Leah NISWANGER, dau. of John 

and Mary { ) Niswanger, in Newtown, Va . (now Stephens City), 

May 28, 1789, and had 9 children by her. He and his second wife 
then moved to Rockbrjdge Co., Va , and in 179^ moved to Ohio, ar- 
riving at Marietta and from there to Cincinnati by boat. They 
settled on a farm one mile north of Springdale, Ohio where they 
spent the rest of their lives. The farm was then in Hamilton Co. 
but is now in Butler Co., Eairfield Twp. 

John was about 63 years of ap:e when he -narried the second time 
and it is hard to believe that he could have sired 9 children by 
his second wife. From documents handed down in the family and from 
a court record in St. Mary's Parish, La., we know that he had the 
19 children. 

Much of the information contained in this chapter was obtained 
from an obituary of Marraret (Wilkinson) Huffman, the last child of 
John's to die, dyinf in l8fl6 at the age of 88 years. She was the 
most loftical person to know the early family history as she spent 
her entire life on the '^airfield Twp. farm. She and her husband 
acquired the farm after the death of her parents. The obituary 
which follows is nox^; in the possession of Lona Frances (Conover) 
Huffman, 10^ N. Blair St., Crewf ordsvllle , Ind . The obituary ends 
abruptly as one page has been lost. 

Another Pioneer Gone 

"How lonely is the home when the last one is Rone . 'We take 
no note of time' yet one by ^nej they are called away and the places 
that knew them shall know them no more. Only here and there one 
stands solitary and alone. This records the death of one among the 
oldest pioneers of Sutler County; one who had resided in the county 
for more than four score years and who well remembered Cincinnati 
when it was only a hamlet of log cabins nestled at the foot of Old 
Fort Washington and when the then surrounding country of forest was 
a howlinp; wilderness. What changes the scores have broucrht forth 
in this beautiful and fruitful valley of the Miami. Who of this 

Generation 1 

(generation shall live to see such changes as she has seen? Not 
one. The subject of this obituary Mrs. Huffman was the daughter 
of the late John -^ Leah Wilkinson and the last of the farnily. 
She was born in "^airfield Township Butler County on the farm where 
she has resided all her life Oct. 20, 1797. Dyinfr Jan. 27, l886 at 
2:15 a.m. at her late residence in the 89th yr of her ap^e. Her 
father John Wilkinson and his Brother William came to Philadelphia 
from the County of Dome Ireland, when he was seven years old with 
his uncle and two aunts with whom they lived, and were educated 
William studying for a doctor went to Savannah Georgia and died 
leaving no heirs. Her father learned the carpenter trade and 
settled on a farm in Pennsylvania, marrying there a woman by whom 
he had ten children. after the death of his wife he moved to 
Rockbridge County Virginia and married for his second wife leah 
Nighswonger near Winchester Va after which he emigrated to Ohio 
in the year 1795 leaving their eastern homes to seek their fortune 
in the North West Territory the then '^^ar West' arriving at 
Marietta they were detained there three weeks waitln^y for a boat 
to bring them to the now Cincinnati. It was just after General 
Wayne had mede his successful treaty with the Indian? of the Miami 
and brought them to terms of peace, when he settled on a farm 
north of what was called the Big Hill Farm, one mile north of 
Springdale. Dying in the year 1806 at the age of eighty years, 
his wife following him July 1st, 1821 at the age of fifty-six 
years whom he had nine children. Mrs. Huffman after the' death 
?!k 5 "'^Ror u^*^ ^^"^ *^"° sisters still kept house when on 
heb. 9, 1026 she was married to Job Huffman with whom she lived 
m ty years, his 

or,^ ^"^"i-u ^^^""^» "'s^e by Margaret Huffman, of births, marriaee" 
and deaths we know the names of her 8 full blood brothers Ind 

^r^ u !: " ^^^^ ^""^ ^" ^^^ settlement of his estate 6 full 

ai:°nam:d'''?:o'?ull'blo"d' ^t ' ""''' "^°°^ brothers :nd'si'siers. 
This leaves ^'^ha^f iin h k 'l?^^''^ ^«^,« deceased at the time, 
ihls leaves 3 half blood brothers and/or sisters unaccounted for. 

children'^S^M "f}^%^''^'"?"^ ^7 ^^^^' ^^ ^^^^ bequeaths to 7 

^Sii'ors:L^i^s^^rta\:rrnr5 Midr:n%J ;?irL°rond'^ ^^^ '^"^^- 

marrJage we;e underage 6 k 'aid^f" "°t mentioned of the second 
died 3 yearrearUerf ' ^' ^ ^^"''"^ ^'^^ ^^^ ^^"^^^^ one had 

fir3t'L'rr%"Se'ierdec:aJ:rat'the\?' John's children of his 
13 evidence that a Moses Wnk?n.nn ^i™%^e "lade his will there 
about 1839, was a son!''see^pinSix ° ''"' '" "^^^^'^^^ ^°- ^^^ • 

Child ^"uj?: Trill 'ii\iii:\i'e\t::'''oA^i r''* ^ -^--ent 

ever, this cannot explain the facrthat To^ ^^^^«^^ed child. How- 
daughter Elizabeth by his fir<,t mL^^! ^ ^^'^ ^ ^°" "^^^^ s^^ a 
.iven names by his sJc^o^^ ^s^l^^ fll'Te ^^ii^Jd^e': ^^^^ 

Generation 1 

were alive at the time he made hia will and were named in the 
will (the 2 Johns and the Elizabeth of his first marriage). 
The second Elizabeth died 3 years before he made his will. 

By deed, dated May 19, 1797, John purchased 100 acres of 
land, in what was then Hamilton Co., Ohio, from Israel and 
Charlotte (Chambers) Ludlow, for the sum of slt-SlLt .00. The deed 
was sealed and delivered in the presence of Abner Wilkinson, 
probably John's son. The land, as described In the deed, was 
"part of the fourteenth section in the second township in the 
second entire ranqe of Townships in the county of Hamilton afore- 
said beginning at the South East corner of said section and running 
North twenty chains to a sugar tree stake from thence runnin^^ west 
fifty chains from thence south twenty chains from thence to the 
place of beginning the above tract containing one hundred acres", 
/now Section lU, Eairfield Twp., Butler Co., Ohlo_j7 

Mr. Ludlow was the second owner of the land. The first owner 
being Judge John Cleve Symmes of New Jersey, the man who purchased 
311,682 acres of land in 179U, in what was to become Butler, 
Hamilton and Warren counties, for 67/ an acre. Judge Symmes 
contributed liberally in the support of the Continental army under 
George Washington. He received certificates of indebtedness, and 
noting the use of Continental army bounty warrants and similar 
documents by the "Ohio Company" for purchasing large tracts of 
Congress Land, petitioned Congress on August 29, I787 for similar 
rights. The contract was made in October, 1788, and the patent 
given September I3, 179U. 

Deed records in the Butler Co., courthouse disclose the 
following subsequent changes in ownership of John's 100 acres of 
land :- 

On Dec. 7, l8lU, Elijah (John's son) and his wife Elizabeth of 
Butler Co, sold their l/7 share of the 100 acres to Samuel 
Wilkinson (John's son) of Butler Co. for |120. On Apr. 1, l822 
John N. (John's son) and his wife Amelia of Hamilton Co., sold 
their I/7 share of the 100 acres to Samuel (John's son) for $200. 
Samuel at the time was living in Attarapas Co., La, On Oct, lU, 
1823 Cornelius Cook and his wife Mary (John's dau.) of Eayette Co,, 
Ind, sold their 1/7 share of the 100 acres to Elijah Wilkinson 
(John's son) of Highland Co., Ohio, for *100. On Mar. 8, I828, 
Elijah (John's son) and his wife Elizabeth of Highland Co., Ohio 
sold their I/7 share of the 100 acres to Job Huffman (John's son- 
in-law) of Butler Co., for .'!'89.25, 

John and his second wife Leah are burled in the Presbyterian 
Cem., Springdale, Ohio. John was one of the first burials In the 
cem,, it having been established only 10 years before his death. 
As late as 1952 John's and Leah's eravestones were still standing - 
the inscription on his stone reading "John Wilkinson, died Jan. 5, 
1886, served in Revolutionary War, Pvt. 3 Va . Fgt," and the in- 
scription on hers reading "Leah Wilkinson, died July 1, l821, aet. 
$6 yrs." On visiting the cem, in 1965 this compiler could not find 
Leah's stone although there was one for John but it appeared to be 
a new one with the inscription about the same as the old one. 

Generation 1 

John served as a private in Co. k» 3rd Va . Pegt., in 1777 
and 1778, John Blackwell captain of the company, Joseph Blackr-rell, 
Lt., Wm. Heth, Lt . Col. of the Re':'t. 

John's will, which follows, was found in the Butler Co., Ohio 
courthouse . 

Record of Wills, p. l5 
1806 Wilkinson, John August Term 

In the Name of God Amen I John Wilkinson of ^airfield Town- 
ship Hamilton County and Territory of the United States North West 
the Fiver Ohio considering the uncertainity of this mortal life 
and being possessed of sound mind and memory do ordain and make 
this my last will and testament in manner and form following, 
(viz, First I recommend my soul to God who (zave it and my body 
at my decease to be buried at the discretion of my executors here- 
after mentioned. I also desire end reauest all my lust debts to 
be paid and satisfied within a convenient and proper time after my 
decease by my executor. Item. I do r-ive end bequeath unto my 
lovinfT wife Leah Wilkinson the whole and sole use of my Plantation 
which we now live on during her widowhood and rrood behavior, also 
the loom and tacklings which I now own also two horse creatures 
plow and Gears also to cawz also an equal share of a bond for two 
hundred dollarz due to me from John Kain Esquire of Winchester 
Virginia to be divided equally between her and the children she 
now has to me namely Samuel, John, Elijah, Mary and Margaret and 
any other children which she may have to me at my decease also 
one half of the household furniture which is always to be at her 
own disposal. Provided that when my oldest survivinf? child ar- 
rives at acre or twenty-one years I wish the one half or fifty 
acres of my Plantation to be sold and the money to be put to 
Interest for the purpose of schooling my said children and the 
other half or fifty acres to be and remain in possession of my 
said wife Leah if she still remains unmarried and behaves - 
prudent at the discretion of my Executors. And when my said wife 
Leah alters from the last mentioned state or situation or should 
be called from the present sta^^e of life I then wish the said 
fifty acres which she shall have possessed to be either sold or 
vested for the equal use and benefit of my then surviving children 
which she my said wife Leah may have to me at the disposal of my 
Executors. Item. I give and bequeath to my said children Samuel, 
John, Elijah, Mary and Marfraret and any other children which my 
said wife Leah may have to me at my decease the other half of my 
household furniture to be equally divided amonf^ them. Item, I 
give and bequeath to the children of my first wife Elizabeth de- 
ceased namely William, John, Jehu, Abner, Elizabeth, Jane and 
James an equal prooortion of three bonds on a certain William 
Paxton for forty three pounds ten shillings and nine pence each 
when recovered but allowing my said danrrhter Elizabeth ten pounds 
more than an equal share with my said children out of said Bonds. 
To this ray last will and testament I do nominate constitute and 
appoint Moses Miller of Springfield Township County and territory 
aforesaid and Thomas Miller of Cincinnati said county and terri- 
tory to be my sole Executors hereby revoking all former wills made 

Generation 1 

by me. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seel 

this day of in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight 


Signed sealed and declared by the above 

named John Wilkinson to be his last will 

and testament in the presence of us 

Robt, McClure John Wilkinson . _ 

Ferdinand Brokaw /Sea_l/ 

Joseph Pawerz 

Also a lengthy attestation by the Court in 1806, August term 

Leah passed away at her home, N, of Sprinpdale, Ohio, on 
July 1, 1821. She left no will but an inventory of the sale of 
her personal property is on file In the Butler Co. courthouse. 
The proceeds of the sale, which was held on Dec. 2'5, l8?l, totaled 
I219.62, Five of her children and one stepson made purchases, 
viz,:- John bought spoons, a crib of corn, tinware, end a trammel; 
Elijah bought bed end bedding, 2 augers, he tchet,cloth, leather lines, 
harrow and a Iop: chain; Marraret bought 3 bags, looking glass, crib 
of corn, grain, 2 barrels, chain, chest, clothes, knives, forks, 
dutch oven, skillet, tea kettle, 3 bags and a pot; Leah bought a 
table, barrel, tin, a white backed cow, bucket, chain, roan horse, 
and a bull calf; Rebecce bought bed and bedding and a spring calf; 
James boutrht 2 stacks of wheat, stack of barley, keg, trey and a 
grindstone . 

This compiler is the proud possessor of the original marriage 
certificete of John end Leah. It reads :- 

"I Testify that John Wilkinson and Leah 

Neiswander (sic) This day as given from 

my (sic) in State of Matrimony after the 

order from our Lord this 23 day of May 


John Christian Wilms 
preacher of the gospel 
in Newtown" 

In later years the town name (Newtown) was chanpred to Steiohens 
City, which it is known by today. 

Leah was the dau. of John and Mary NIPWANGEP. The following 
is a copy of the will of her father, who died Dec. 1, 1788, at 
Winchester, Frederick Co., Va . , as found in Frederick Co. records 
(Will Book 5, 1783 to 179U):- 

"In the name of God, Amen, I, John Niswaneer of the county of 
Frederick and State of Virginia, being sick end weak but in perfect 
mind and memory, do make, ordain, constitute and appoint this my 
last will and testement annullincr all and every will heretofore 
made by me. Imprimus, I desire my body to be decently buried end 

Signed , 

John Nlswanprer 

Generation 1 

my just debta then oeld. I will and rrsnt that after the adminis- 
tration ordered by the court, that my whole estate, Peal and 
Personal, be appraised. That my wife, ^^ary, profit and enjoy my 
Feal and Personal estate durintr her life in case she does not 
marry. Should she marry, then she is to be allowed only her 
thirds. I also will that she shall give no security for the 
estate. After her death I desire my estate to be eoually divided 
between my children by the said Mary, viz John or his heirs, 
Peter, Solomon, Jeremiah, my daufrhters Elizabeth, Pachael, Leah 
and Rebecca Niswanc^er. I likewise will that my son Jeremiah, in 
case he stays with his mother, shall have half the profits arising 
from what he makes. 

Signed and Sealed this 23rd day 
of September, 1788, in presence 
John Barnes 
Christopher Crvser 
Hannah Barnes. 

John Niswanger, who was b. in 1729, m. (1) Magdalene Cooper 

and m. (2) Mary , Oct. 31, 1760. Althouf?h it appears from 

his will that the mother of the 8 children mentioned was Mary, it 
is believed that the first 3 were children by his first wife. 
The second rriven name of Leah's son, Elijah Cooper Wilkinson, 
apparently comes from Leah's stepmother. The name "Cooper" also 
crops up in succeeding (generations, as a second f7;iven name. 

Apparently Leah's mother died a few years after her husband 
as his estate was divided among his children by 1799, as evidenced 
by the following deed (Frederick Co., Va . deed book 26, page 386, 
July 27, 1799):- 

"JOHN WILKINSON and LEA his wife of Hamilton Co. Territory of 
U. States north west of Ohio Fiver. John Keen of Winchester, 
Frederick Co., Va . - consideration #300 Virginia money - their 
one seventh part undivided of all that tract or parcel of land 
SITUATE lying and being about twelve miles from Winchester in the 
County of Frederick in the State of Virginia, which John NIREWANGER 
(sic) deceased in his last will and Testament bequeathed to the 
said Leah and to her sisters & brothers, Elizabeth, Peter, Solomon, 
Rachael, Jeremiah, and Rebecca Pounded by lands now or late be- 
longing to Jacob Cline, James Suter, Georp-e Larrick, Charles 
Barnes and William Gaudy containing; three hundred and fifty acres 
or less 

Witnesses: John Wilkinson (LS) 

H? Holmes ) as to Lea Wilkinson Leah Wilkinson (LS) 

Saml. McMechen ) Jacob White 

Edwd. Slater ) John Wallace 

Leah Wilkinson's signature acknowledged before Jacob White and 
John Wallace, Justices of Hamilton County Court. 
Recorded Frederick Co. June 30, l800" 

Generation 1 

John Nlswanper waa apparently subject to draft in the 
Virginia State militia as there is a record of him beinp; dis- 
charged from future muster. He was in Botetourt Co., Va , , in 
1750. It is believed that John first resided near Wheellnr?;, 
Va, (now W, Va . ) prior to removing to Frederick Co., Va . , and 
that most of his children, including Leah, were born near Wheeling 

In county and family records the NISWANGRR surname is 
spelled in many ways. In this book the name, as spelled in 
John's will ("NISWANGKP" ), has been accepted as the correct 
one . 

Children of John and Elizabeth ( ) Wilkinson ;- 

i ? 

ii ? 

ill ? 

2. iv William. 

3. V John. 

vi Jehu, b. in Pa., Mar. I4., 1768. A 

further account of him follows in 

this chapter. 
1;, vii Abner. 

viii Elizabeth, m. V/illiam McCormick. 

Received share of half-brother 

Samuel's estate. No further 

inf orma tion. 
ix Jane, m, Danear. Received 

share of half-brother Samuel's 

estate. No further information, 

5. X James, 

Children of John and Leah (Niswanger) Wilkinson :- 

1 Samuel^ b. Apr. 23, 1790, d. Dec. 30, 
I83I4., never married. A further account 
of him follows in this chaoter. 
ii John N_, a twin, b. Feb. 28, 1792, d. 

Mar. 22, I868, m. Amelia . In 

I82L1 he bought a lot in Franklin, La., 
but by the year 183'^ he had sold out his 
holdings and was living in Butler Co., 
Ohio. It is not known whether or not he 
had children. 

6. iil Elijah Cooper^ a twin, b. Feb. 28, 1792. 

7. iv Mary "Polly". b. Dec. 2'^, 1793, d. Apr. 2,^, 

V Elizabeth^ b. Nov. 20, 179'^, d. Sent. 11, 


8. vi Marn-aret "Perrgy"_, b. Oct. 20, 1797. 

9. vii Leah^ b. Aur'. 20, I80O, d. Feb. lU, I863, 

Generation 1 

vill Catherine, b. Apr. 20, l802, d. Feb. 5, 

10. Ix Rebecca, b. Oct. 5, l^O"^, d. Sept. 21, 

Jehu. Son of John and Elizabeth ( ) Wllklngon . 

Jehu was born in Pa., Mar. U, 1768; died 5n Franklin La., 
Sept. 2, 1852; burled Franklin Cetn. An inscribed (gravestone 
marks his grave. On July 6, l8U8, in St. Mary Parish, La ., he 
appointed his half-brother Elijah C. Wilkinson of Putnam Co., 
Ind. his lawful attn. in fact to demand his share of his father's 
estate. He owned a plantation a few miles from the plantation of 
his half-brother Samuel, raised horses and cattle, had slaves to 
do the work of raising corn, cotton, and suRar cane. It is be- 
lieved that Jehu never married. 

A letter written by Jehu to his half-brother Elijah C. 
Wilkinson at Bainbridge', Ind., postmarked Mar. 17, l8[|.0, Franklin 
La., follows:- 

"Parish of St. Mary, State of Louisiana 
March 12, I8U0 
Dear Elijah 

"I have received by last mail your letter dated Putnam 
County, Indiana February 2nd, l8U0. I have also received your 
letter inclosing a power of attorney from you and our sister 
Jane authorizing me to settle with the administration of the 
estate of Samuel Wilkinson for your and her share of said estate. 
Your move to Indiana I hope will be an adventurous one. ('Elijah 
had moved to Putnam Co. from Highland Co., Ohio the year before.) 
Our brother Abner wag here in June last. He received his portion 
of Samuel's estate and I have since received a letter from his 
daughter Eliza informing me that he had died on the second day 
of October last at his plantation, in the Parish of Madison in 
this state after 21 days sickness. 

"My two nieces Mary Conerly and Rebecca Conerly the daughters 
of my brother William Wilkinson have lately been here and they 
are married to two brothers Owen Conerly and Luke Conerly. They 
reside in the state of Mlss^ssipDl and have received their por- 
tions of Samuel's estate, that is each has received one fourth 
part of what one of the heirs of the half blood is intltled to 
for my brother William left four children two sons and two 
daughters. They remained with him two weeks. 

"You tell me that the Van Buren men in your Section of 
Country say they would vote for Cenl. Harrison ^ the thourcht 
he would be in favor of a United States Bank. I think it prob- 
able that Genl. Harrison will be in favor of a U.S. Bank and if 
he was chartered by Congress he would approve it and Van Buren 
is pledged to veto it if passed by any majorities in both houses. 
Genl. Harrison will certainly get this state at all counts there 
is every appearance of it at this time. 


Generation 1 

"The crop of sugar was very abundant this last year but 
the price is Low cotton is also low My health is rood but I 
feel the infirmities of old age. 

"My best respects to your self and family. 

Jehu Wilkinson" 
Mr. E. C. Wilkinson 

Samuel Wilkinson, Son of John and Leah (Niswanger) Wilkinson , 

He died near Franklin, St. Mary Parish, La., Dec. 30, I83U. 
A letter written by John Wilkinson, Samuel's brother, postmarked 
Franklin P.O., Feb. 25, l835, to his sister, Margaret Huffman, 
carried the news that Samuel had drowned in Bayou Lake on the 
night of Dec. 30, lB3[|. and was not found until Jan. 8. John 
also stated that Samuel had a plantation, 2 male and 9 female 
slaves . 

In a letter written by Samuel to his slater Margaret in 
Hamilton Co., Ohio, postmarked St. Mary Parish, Aug. 5, lBl9, 
he mentions his sisters Leah and Rebecca, and advises Margaret 
to leern to write and spell. 

In another letter to Margaret, postmarked St. Mary Parish, 
Mar. 26, I826, he states that he is coming for a visit in June 
and will bring sugar and molasses. 

Samuel's estate was settled some time after his death. The 
court records disclose that he owned a sugar plantation southeast 
of Franklin, La,, on Bayou Lake, where he lived. After his death 
the plantation was sold for ^''iTOOO.OO and his slaves for ^.8lh5.00. 
The plantation measured 10 arpents by 1+0 arrjents. The assets of 
his estate were distributed to his brothers and sisters of the 

Generation 1 

full blood and half blood as follows :- 

Full Blood : 

Elijah C. — ■i!:i217.9l4 

"Late" Rebecca McKee 1217. 9li-"- 

Margaret Huffman 1217. 9Lj.-"- 

Leah Thomas Imel 852. 9lj. -"-::- 

Mary Cook 852 . 9I4. -"■-"- 

John N. --- 1135.56 

Half Blood ; 

John rJ;i600.00 

Jane Danear 3fiU.62 

James 38I4..62 

Elizabeth McCormick 38I1.62 

Abner 381;. 62 

Jehu 38U.62 

James M. 96. 1 5 -"-"•■"- 

Rebecca Connelly 96. l5"--"""- 

r<r Paid to John Bloomfleld attn. In fact. 
•::■-;:- Appointed brother John Wilkinson as attn. In fact. 
■::-■::■■::- Children of William Wilkinson, Samuel's deceased half-brother. 

In a letter written by Jehu Wilkinson, Samuel's half-brother, 
postmarked St. Mary Parish, Nov. 20, 18^6, to his half-sister, 
Margaret, he advises that he is almost 8I years of age, that he 
had neither land or house, that he was living with a private 
family, and that his half-brother, John N. Wilkinson, had been 
to see him the year before. 

Mrs. Lona Frances Huffman, 105 N. Blair St., Crawf ordsville, 

Ind. is the proud possessor of the above mentioned k letters as 

well as 5 other letters, all postmarked St. Marv Parish, and all 

addressed to Samuel's sister Margaret and her husband Job Huffman. 

ip° °^ ^^® latter are from Jehu, dated Mar. 21;, I837 and Nov. U, 

to.l ^^^ °^^®^ ^o^^^ ^^^^ Samuel, dated June 26, l8l9. Feb. 9. 

I03O, and July 29, I830. * 

In connection with the settlement of Samuel's estate the 
following deposition was made in 18UU. This deposition was hand- 
written and the blanks Indicate words that could not be deci- 
pnered :— 

State of Louisiana 
Parish of St. Mary 

for the parish o^'ll? nTr/"'''' '' '^"'"-^-^^ ---^ j-<^^e in and 

parlsh^nowTr^Pr ^^f «^f /«^" Wilkinson a resident of this said 
par sh now after beinp duly sworn according to Law makes the 
followlnr- answers to the announcements f^\"!,. 

to the first — ^° wit;. 


Generation 1 

"Elijah Wilkinson, Margaret Wilkinson, Mary Wilkinson, Leah 
Wilkinson, Rebecca Wilkinson, and John N, Wilkinson were the only- 
brothers and sisters of the whole blood of Samuel Wilkinson at 
the time of his death to the second: 

"John Wilkinson, James Wilkinson, Jane Wilkinson, Elizabeth 
Wilkinson, Abner Wilkinson, Jehu Wilkinson, and William Wilkinson 
were the only brothers and sisters of the half blood of Samuel 

"To the third: 

"The said Rebecca Wilkinson died since the death of Samuel 

Wilkinson having McKee for her only child of representative; 

William Wilkinson brother of the half blood of said Samuel Wilkinson 
died before said Samuel leaving for his only first representatives 
James M, Wilkinson, Jehu V/ilkinson Jun^ Mary Wilkinson wife of 
0, Connelly and Rebecca Wilkinson wife of L, Connelly; said Jehu 
Wilkinson Jun'^ls now dead, deponent knows not whethor he died before 
said Samuel or after no does he (deponent) know where are the heirs 
of the said Jehu Wilkinson Jun'*deceased as aforesaid. 

Sworn and subscribed before ) 

me on this eighth day of ) Jehu Wilkinson" 

November, iSl;!;, ) 

John Sumastract, Parish Judge ) 

A letter written by Samuel to his brother Elijah C, Wilkinson 
at Leesburg, Highland Co., Ohio, postmarked Eranklln La,, July 26, 
1832, follows:- 

"Parish of St, Mary 
July 22, 1832 

Dear Brother your letters of June 20 and 21st came to hand last 
week I have been very anxious to hear from you for sometime and 
sorry you could not affect an exchange of my money for a check on 
Orleans as I never stood in need of money so much in my life as 
at this time I want you if you please to get it In U, States paper 
on the Mother Bank of Philadelphia and enclose it in letter directed 
to me at Franklin St, Mary, So if I did not need it very much I 
would not risk the mall but there Is no help for It and I must do 
it please enclose It neatly and in the presence of some person you 
can depend upon for a witness that you put in in the mall if you 
could advise with some merchant that is in the habit of remiting 
money in that way whethor it would not be better to cut the notes 
In too and send one half by one mail and forward the other half 
by the next if you think it adviseable you can do so, I assure 
you I am perfectly satisfied with the manner in which you have 
settled that Business for me and am sorry I have had to put you 
to so much trouble for me. Have now to inform you of my mis- 
fortunes for the past two years I lost by Death upward of fifteen 
hundred doll. In Negroes horses and oxen and to cop all last year 
I commenced to establish a new plantation on the sea coast twenty 
five miles from this place and had a very fine crop of corn when 


Generation 1 

there came a dreadful storm the hotter end o^ August and raised 
the tide four feet over the land and Destroyed everythinf^ before 
it which oblidged me to abandon the place - & this year rented a 
place and have a pretty p.oo6 crop for the season which has been 
lately extremely Dry but I think if the season is favorable from 
this out I shall make tvrenty Hof?gshead of sugar and plenty of 
corn - if I was not afraid of your cold winter, I would come to 
your country and live but I fear I could not stand there for the 
cold. We have in this country Is as much as I can risk and some 
times a little more than I can stand with comfort - Remember 
ef f ectlona tely to Betsy and your children and accept of my best 
wishes for your welfare 

Samuel Wilkinson 

Elijah Wilkinson 

P.S, if you can forv;ard that money as swiftly as possible you 
lay me under a particular obligation to you there is a great 

deal funds in it more than seems another time you shall 

know - please write me and let me know of your welfare write 
the next mall after you send the money. 

S. W. 
E. W." 



Generation 2 

2. WILLIAM (John^), son of John and Elizabeth ( ) 

Wilkinson d. prior to 183^. He had at least 5 children:- Catherine, 
James M,, Jehu W., Mary and Rebecca. Four of these children shared 
In the estate of William's half-brother Samuel. In 18^3 William's 
son Jehu W, was residing in McLean Co., Ill,, the year Jehu V/, 
received a llOOO.OO bequest from his uncle Jehu Wilkinson. 

William m. Elizabeth , her maiden name not known. 

Apparently they lived in Duplin Co, , N.C. because 2 of the afore- 
mentioned daughters were married there. All 3 daughters settled 
In Pike Co., Miss. Mary and Rebecca married Conerly brothers. 
The information concerning the Conerlys given in this book was 
taken from a history of Pike Co., Miss., written by Mary's grand- 
son, Luke W. Conerly. 

Issue : 

1 Catherine, m. (1) Dr. McAlpin in N.C. and 
m. (2) Calvin Magee. She had 2 children 
(Patrick and Mark) by her first marriage - 
none by the second. Following the death 
of their father, the 2 boys were raised 
and educated by their uncle, Luke Conerly. 
Catherine and Calvin Magee emigrated to 
Sabine Parish, La. Patrick became a school 
teacher and taught in the little old log 
schoolhouse at China Grove, Miss, In his 
book, Luke W. Conerly says that it was in 
this school where he sat upon the knees 
of Patrick "and learned to know what A 
and B were, at the point of his (Patrick's) 
little ivory handled penknife." 

11, 11 Mary 

Hi Rebecca ("Aunt Becca"), m, Luke Conerly, 
son of Cullen and Lettlcia Conerly, in 
DuDlin Co., N.C. on or about Oct. 1L|. , I813, 
They settled in Marion Co,, Miss., on the 
headwaters of the Pushepatapa, in the 
vicinity of Waterholes Church. They had 
no children. Rebecca's husband was known 
as Rev. and Dr. Conerly. 

iv Jehu W, 
V James M. 

3. JOHN (John ), Although not definitely proven it appears 
from circumstantial evidence that the man hereinafter described 

(John Wilkinson) was the son of John and Elizabeth ( ) 

Wilkinson, In l83U this John Wilkinson, then a resident of 
Fairfield Twp., Butler Co., Ohio, applied for a pension for service 
in the Rev. War. The fact that he lived in the same twp, in which 
John and Leah Wilkinson settled and the fact that he was b. in Pa. 
indicates that he was possibly John's son. In his application he 


Generation 2 

stated that he volunteered for niliti^ duty in Mar. 1777 and served 
at v;.riou3 times until the close of the yinr in 1763; v/fis born in 
York Co., Pa., Sept. 11, 1760; returned after the war to Franklin 
Co., Pa. where hu lived until he moved to Greensburph, Vvestmoreland 
Co., Pa, where he resided U years and then went to Hamilton Co., 
Ohio where he lived 26 years fnd then to Butler Co., Ohio. 

Twenty-one ypc'rs later, on July 3, 1^55, his v.ldov,' Plargaret 
(riatthews) Wilkinson, at the a,";e of ^'h years, anplied for a widov,''s 
pension. At the time she was a resident of Montgomery Co., Ind, 
In her application she stated that she and John were married in 
1790 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa.; that her husband John 
died on Aug. 29, IS4I in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co., Ohio of a 
cancer on the face. Accompanying her apolication was a listing 
of the births and deaths of her 11 children, viz.:- 

Issue : 

i John, b. June 30, 1791, d. Sept. 10, 1^12. 

ii T-largaret, b. Oct. 13, 1792, d. Jan. 10, 1819. 

iii Gabela, b. June 26, 1794. 

iv Elizabeth, b. Sept. 7, 1797 (?). 

V Agness, b. i^ov. 28, 1797, d. 1802. 

vi Abner Matthews, b. Jan. 21, 1802. 

vii George, b. Sept. 28, I803 . 

viii Mariah, b. July 30, 1807. 

ix James, b. Fob. 26, I8IO. 

X Elinor, b. Oct. 28, I8II. 

xi Sarah Jane, b. Aug. 2, I8l3. 

Pensions of ^20,00 per year were granted to both John and 

4. ABMi^ri (John^), son of John and Elizabeth ( ) 

Wilkinson, vdtnessed his father's signature to a deed in Hamilton 
Co., Ohio in 1797. He d. in Madison Parish, La., Oct. 2, 1839, 
after a 21-day illness. He was a Justice of the Peace in Madison 
Parish and owned lot No. 1 on Roundav/ay Bayou. He m. Syble . 

Issue ; 

i Eliza. She had a dau. - \vilhelmina L. Stewart, 
ii Abigail, m. James L. Crandell, 
iii James w., m. Rebecca Hammonds. 

5. JAMES (Johnl), son of John and Elizabeth (^ ) 

V-ilkinson, ra. Catherine Clap in Butler Co., Ohio, Sept. 12, I8I5. 
On Au^. 4, 1H30 James purchased 2 parcels of land in Fountain Co., 
ind., from tho U.S. Government (S. fraction of the NE I/4 of Sec. 

T^ 3^' ■'■^i^'"^^"?'' ^ ''"^ ^^^ ^■•- 1/2 o^ the NV; 1/4 of Sec. 13, Twp. 
le, rtange 8). At the time of these purchases he was living in 
^ount?in Co._ He secured a mortgage on the ]a nd in Sec. 13 in 1837 

On in^ ""'?? %^§^o T^ ^® ""-""^ ^^^ '■'^^'^ ^^^'"^^'' ^nd Catherine Wilkinson) 
on Aug. 1/, laj/, James purchased a second parcel of 1b nd in Sec. 13 


Generation 2 

(NV^ lA of the SW 1/4), from Samuel and Charlotte KcGilvery. 
James d, intestate prior to Jan. 17, 1^48 as, on that date, 
a Irt/ashinpton Hadley and Naomi Hadley of Parke Co., Ind. 
"sold all their right, title and interest" in the afore- 
mentioned 2 parcels of land in Sec. 13 - an indication that 
Naomi was James' dau. Ten months later "Katherine Wilkinson, 
wife of James VVilkinson, deceased, of Putnam Co., Ind." 
signed a deed for her 1/3 dowers right to the land in Sec. 
13. Vvitnesses to the signing of the deed were John Wilkinson 
and William H. Sample. Presumably John Wilkinson was her son. 

The 1^50 census for Putnam Co., Floyd Twp., Ind., shows 
living with Catherine (age 60, b. in Ohio), a son Abner (age 
20, b. in Ind.), and a son James (age 17, b. in Ind.), Living 
close by was Elijah C. V.'ilkinson, James' half-brother, 

Catherine next shov;s up in McLean Co., 111., where she 
purchased a lot in the City of Bloomington, from George W. and 
Frances Jane Stipp, on Sept. 4, 1852. She died soon thereafter 
(on Aug. 8, 1853) and George W. Stipp v;as appointed administrator 
of her estate. On Jan. 24, 1^55 her son James (and wife 
Georgianne) of Mcl^ean Co. sold their interest in the lot to 
David 3. Reid - "being all the interest v/hich the said party 
of the first part has in said real estate to wit 1/5 more or 
less of one of the children and heirs at law of Catherine 
Wilkinson", and on Feb. 20, 1855, her son Abner (and wife 
Catherine Ann) of Hendricks Co., Ind., sold their interest in 
the lot to George W. Stipp - "being all the interest which the 
said party of the first part has in and to said real estate to 
v/it 1/5 more or less as one of the children and at law of 
Catherine Wilkinson, deceased." The 1/5 interest that James 
sold to David S. Reid was later sold by Reid (on July 5, 1855) 
to George V/. Stipp. 

Subsequently, there v.'as a suit for partition filed in the 
Circuit Court of McLean Co. as Case No.. 265. The action vms 
brought by George W. Stipp as plaintiff in order to secure 
title to 3/5 of the property of Catherine Wilkinson, deceased. 
(Actually Stipp had already secured 2/5 interest by the 2 
purchases aforementioned.) From the decree handed down by 
the court on Apr. 14, I856 it appears that the heirs of 
Catherine were son James, son Abner, dau. Charlotte (wife 
of Samuel McGilvery) , and grandchildren John and Jane Tague, 
Since no other grandchildren vfere named in the decree it 
follows that none of Catherine's deceased children, other 
than Mary, had any chili ren living at the time. The parents 
of John and Jane Tague were Daniel and Mary (Wilkinson) Tague 
who ra. in Fountain Co., Ind., Feb. 17, 183 5. Mary apparently 
had d. prior to her mother. 

From the above Catherine had 3 children and 2 grand- 
children living at the time of the estate settlement. Apparently 
6 children were deceased at the time because a study of the 


Generation 2 

1?^30, If^/fO, and IS50 censuses indicates that she and James had 
9 children - 5 sons and 5 dau-.hters. As above set forth the 
names of 6 have been uncovered - Naomi, John, Mary, Charlotte, 
Abner, and James. The names of the other 3 children have not 
been uncovered. 

The clue leading to the discovery of Jamrs Sr. in Fountain 
Co, comes from the estate settlement papers of his half-brother 
Samuel in St. Mary Parish, La. The court records there show 
Samuel's half-brother James as livinp: in Fountain Co. in iBhk, 

Issue : 

i Mary, d. before iBhO , ra. Daniel Tague 
in Fountain Co., Ind., Feb, 17, 1^3 5. 
They had 2 children, John and Jane, 
ii Naomi, d, before 1^'56, m. Washington 

Hadley. They vjere living in Parke Co., 
Ind. in I84S. 
iii Charlotte, m. Samuel McGilvery, 
iv John, d. before I856. 

V son, d. before I856. 
vi son, d. before IH56. 
vii dau., d. before I856. 
12, viii Abner, b. ca I83O. 

ix James, b. ca 1833, m, Georgianna , 

They were living in McLean Co., 111. in 

6, ELIJAH COOPER (Johnl), son of John and Leah (Niswanger) 
V;ilkinson, was b. near Winchester, Va,, Feb. 28, 1792. He m. 
Elizabeth Hixson, dau. of David and Martha (King) Hixson, in 
Highland Co,, Ohio, Aug. 15, I813 . She was b, in Loudoun Co., 
Va., Aug. 25, 17%. 

At about the age of 18 Elijah v;ent from Butler Co,, Ohio to 
Fairfield Twp,, Highland Co., Ohio where he enlisted in the War 
of 1812 and where he married Elizabeth Hixson in 1813. He served 


(Feb. 28, 1792-July 27, 1875) 

(Aug. 25, 1794-Apr. 24, 1866) 

(Feb. 28, 1793-Jan. 27, 1879) 

Presbyterian Cem., Springdale, Ohio 

Generation 2 

( A reserve pag* not used.) 


Generation 2 

as Fairfield Twp. trustee in 1827 and 1829. Elijah and Elizabeth 
alonf^ with their children, includin/a; the married ones, moved to 
Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., Ind , in I839, where most of them spent 
the rest of their lives. 

Elijah and his wife are buried in the Wesley Chapel Cem., 
located I4. miles S.E. of Bainbridge, Ind. A large monument marks 
their graves. On one face is inscribed "Elijah C. Wilkinson, 
Died July 27, l875. Aged 85 y. 5 tn. He was a Soldier In the War 
of 1812" and on the opposite face is inscribed "Elizabeth Wife 
of Elijah C. Wilkinson, Apr. 2U, I866, Aged 71 y. 7 m. 29 d," 

The site of Wesley Chapel Cem. is on land (1^^ acres) deeded 
to the trustees of Wesley Chapel Church in l8)j_2 by George William 
Hansen, Elijah's son-in-law. The trustees paid llO.OO for the 
plot of ground. In 196? the U.S. Army Engineers announced plans 
for the formation of a reservoir along the creek adjacent to the 
cem. (Walnut Creek). Because this will inundate the Wesley 
Chapel area, the church was dismantled and parts of it moved to 
Ohio in 1966. The cem. is on high (ground and possibly it will 
not have to be disturbed. If not a bridge will have to be built 
to provide access. This announced plan of the Army engineers to 
inundate the area, which played such a large part in the lives 
of the pioneer Hansell and Wilkinson families for half a century, 
has caused great concern and sorrow to their descendants. 

r ^ ^^u^^J^' "^^y ^"" Hansell, Elijah's dau., raised a |60.00 
lund, the interest on which was to be used to beautify and care 

r 1.1^1 u?""* ^•^i'^^y y^^^s later Edwin J. Wilkinson, a grandson 
of Elijah's, raised the fund to SJ^IOO.OO with enough over to fence 
the cem. The fund was later raised to $1000.00 and the interest 
still to be used for upkeep. A few years ago Grace Arnold of 
Putnam Co. wrote a 22-page history of the church. 

of Sfl^nn !;^' '^^i'^^^".*^^? ^^^"^ °^ 1812, Elijah secured a pension 
bMn.*2«.^7T"'?"*t' ^^gi^^'^^g ^^^' ^^' 1^70, the certificate 
being dated July 25, I87I. He served as a Sergeant from July 1, 
1312 to Dec. 31, 1812 and as a private from Jan. 1, 1813 to May 7, 
1013. His pension application follows:- 

"State of Indiana ) 
County of Putnam ) 

Elcrht hundrpH .r.A c,^" ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ °^ March, A. P. One thousand 
clerk of ?he C?ron?rr"^^°''^' personally appeared before me, the 
countv and^fpJr r ''"^^ l,^^^^^ °f record within and for the 
l^.^2r.l r r ^ aforesaid, Elijah C. Wilkinson aged 78 year^ a 

S i. ful? sworn^'"''.'?' 'l^'"?" '"^""^y ^^«^« °^ Indianafwho' 
tha? hi, I^? according to law, declares that he was married 
at H1^hl«nH r' "r%rf Elizabeth Hixon to whom he was married ' 
fLf^? .2°"?^^ ^^""^^ °^ °^i° °" the 15th day of Aur^ust I8IV 

th^ h da1'ori:rfl^'l866/?^^?V°""^^ ''^'^ '' ^"^^-«' - 

Generation 2 

Volunteers, commanded by Colonel McCarty, at Hip:hland Co, Ohio, 
on the 3'^d day of April l8l2, and never was discharged from the 
service aforesaid for the following reason, to wit: that he wag 
captured at Detroit Michigan, on the l6th day of August l8l2, 
and was paroled by the enemy and remained on parole during the 
entire war; that he never engaged in any other battle or skirmish 
than at said Detroit where he was captured that he heretofore 
applied for and received a land warrant, for 160 acres of land; 
that he respectfully refers to the records on file at Washington 
for full and complete history of his military service: that he at 
no time during the late rebellion against the authority of the 
United States, adhered to the cause of the enemies of the govern- 
ment giving them aid or comfort; or exercised the functions of 
any office whatever, under any authority or -oretended authority 
in hostility to the United States; and that he will sUTjport the 
Constitution of the United States: that he is not in receipt of 
a pension under any previous act; that he makes this declaration 
for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United 
States, under the provision of the act arnroved F'ebruary ll;th 
I87I; and he hereby constitutes and appoints with full power of 
substitution and revocation, John S. Jenninrrs, of Green Castle, 
Indiana, his true and lawful attorney to Drosecute his claim 
and obtain the pension certificate that may be issued; that 
his post office is at Green Castle, Putnam County, State of 
Indiana, and his place of abode is said Green Castle, Putnam 
County State of Indiana. 

Attest Thomas Robinson, Elijah X C. Wilkinson 

Maggie Burress mark 

Also personally appeared Thomas Robinson and Maggie Burress 
residing in Green Castle, Putnam County, State of Indiana, 
persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, 
who being duly sworn according to law, say: They were present 
and saw Elijah C, Wilkinson the claimant make his mark to the 
foregoing declaration, that they have every reason to believe 
from the appearance of said applicant and thier acquaintance 
with him, that he is the identical nerson that he represents 
himself to be; that at no time during the late rebellion against 
the authority of the United States, did he adhere to the cause 
of the enemies of the government giving them aid or comfort; 
and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim. 

Thomas Robinson, 
Maggie Burress 

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 23rd day of March A.D. 
1871, and I hereby certify that the contents of the above dec- 
laration and affidavit of identifying witnesses were fully made 
known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swear- 
ing including the word "declaration" interlined in the affidavit 
of said identifying witnesses; and that I have no interest direct 
or indirect in the prosecution of this claim. 

Witness my hand and the seal of said court. 


Generation 2 
affixed at Green Castle the date last above. 

Henry C. Priest, Clerk 
Putnam Circuit Court," 


9 • 
43 -P r-l 

> © C 

•H CC O 

C U r-l • 

O Pl, 4J O • 43 

•H ro u CM C 

m (—1 •<— I 1—1 •CD 

©GO O • XI 1-1 C "H 

P-. t-l CD O «>M 03 

C o '(m m 1-1 

o_d^ o 2«!^a3 H C © 

<M r-l 1-1 © O t< >i«H 1-1 S^ 

©•hCucd X>C4jO 

O^aj'^* TJCCD 

<H©o*n ©►-au* 

43(t,0»r-t. «-<t>5 

00C!4JOt>; •H.C43 

0«'HXIPh>4J fccO®4J 
•H -U CO CD ti © < 

1-^ O "^O O CD C f-t 

CU •-• <i-( JC O O 

< (a o o s H^ 

Elijah's death was noted by a single sentence In the Aug. 5, 
1875 Greencastle "Banner" newspaper - "Wllkerson (sic), Elliah C, 
died in this city, of old age, tuesday July 27, ased about 80 years." 

Elijah C. Wilkinson's Will 

I Elijah C. Wilkinson of sound and disposing mind and memory do 
make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking 
all former wills by me made: 

^^^"^ ^» I^ is ™y desire that my remains be buried as and where 
my children direct and it is my direction that all the liabilities 
of my estate be as promptly liquidated after my decease as shall 
be consistent with the Interest of my estate. 

J,^f?i^* ^ Sive devise and bequeath to my dau/?hters Elizabeth J. 
Wilkinson and Rachel Wilkinson my real estate where I now reside 
in Greencastle, Indiana and lyln^ between Berry street of the 
City of Greencastle and the Terre Haute and Indianapolis railroad 
being my home premises entire: also the following personal <Toods: 
all my fruit cans; all my kitchen furniture and table ware: all 
my stoves, one bureau thirteen hillls chairs, four tables dinlne 
and breakfast and one stand table, one kitchen safe, one wooken 
(sic) clock, one parlor lookln<T f'lasg, one milch cow; all the 


Generation 2 

provisions and fuel on hand, fifty bushels corn; all my carpets, 
and five hundred dollars each in cash, to be oaid them each by 
ray Executor out of my estate. 

Item 3. 1 direct that my Executor hereinafter named sell my re- 
maining real estate at private sale for the best price he can 
obtain therefor on the folloviin<^ terms tov.dt: one third the pur- 
chase money in hand, and the residue in two equal annual install- 
ments, with interest and that he secure the deferred payments by 
the purchasers note and mortgage on said realty. And 1 hereby 
erapov;er my said Executor to make to said purchaser, deed for said 
lands in fee simple. 

Item 4. All the residue of my estate after said sum of five 
hundred dollars each is paid to my said daughters Elizabeth and 
Rachel ] give and devise and bequeath to Martha V^aln, Mary A. 
Hansel, David Wilkinson, Leah IValn, Jehu 'Wilkinson, and Elijah 
Vvilkinson, share and share alike to be paid them by said Executor 
and direct my Executor to sell my personal goods which said 
legatees will not take at t?ie appraisement thereof. 
Item 5» I hereby'- appoint Jehu Ivilkinson my son, Executor of this 
my last v/ill and testament. In testimony v/hereof 1 hereto set my 
name in presence of Marshall A, Moore and Maggie Burress* 

Elijah C. 'Wilkinson" 

Proven in Piitnam Co. Court Aur:. 1?, lf)75 

Elizabeth Vvilkinson, wife of Elijah, v/as the dau, of David 
and Martha (King) Fiixson. It is believed her mother was the dau, 
of John King (b. ca 1750, d. Jan, 1792) who is said to have moved 
to Loudoi'.n Co., Va. before the Rev, ^'liar,, where he died. Supposedly 
Elizabeth's mother d. in Loudoun Co, before 1^09 as in that year, 
on May 27, in that county her husband married Catherine Ruse, 
(One source indicates that the marriage was in 1806, ) Catherine 
Ruse was born in Loudoun County, Feb, 4, 17^3. David and Catherine 
mover! to Ross Co., Ohio in iSll, whiere they lived about one year, 
after v/hich they moved to Fairfield Tv^p,, Flighland Co,, Ohio v;here 
they spent the remainder of their lives. David and Catherine d. 
in Highland Co. - he on Apr. 20, 1832 and she on Feb. 14, 1885 at 
the age of 102 . 

David and Martha Hixson's children ; 

i Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 1794. 

ii Daniel, b. Aug. 15, 1795, d. June 9, 1875. 

iii Ann, b. Sept. 6, 1800, m. Hiram Burnett. 

iv John. 

David and Catherine Hixson's children : 

i Mary "Polly", d. June 10, 1895 at the age 
of 85 y. 11 m. 9 d,; m, John Stretch, 
ii William, b. Jan. 11, 1812. 
iii Samuel. 
iv Alice Elsie, d. May 7, 1833 in 17th year. 


Generetion 2 

V David. 

vl Nancy, m. Benjamin H. Johnson. 

vli Joseph, 

vili Emily, m. J. W, Donahue. 

David and Catherine and their children; Mary, William, and 
Alice; and David and Martha's son Daniel are buried 1n the Dunkerd 
Cem,, 2 miles S. of Hip;hl8nd, Ohio. Inscribed (r^revpr- tones mark 
their craves. All 12 children were mentioned in David's will 
which was proven in Hip;hland Co, court on May ^^ 1^32. 

Issue (Children cf Elijah Cooper and Elizabeth (Hixson) 
^^ilkinson) ; 

13. i Martha, b, Nov. 3, iSlU. 
1*^. ii Mary Ann, b. Feb. I8, I817. 

15. iii John, b. July 17, I819. 

16. iv Leah W., b. Oct. 2.^, l821; d. Oct. 2, I898. 

V Elizabeth Jane, b. Mar. I3, 182^; d. June 6, 
1896 ip Knoxville, Iowa, Never married, 

17. vi David Hixson, b. Dec. 9, 182?. 

vii Rachel, b, Sept. 29, l829; d. May 12, I88O. 
viii Rebecca, b. Oct, 17, I833: d. July 17, I839, 
buried Dunkard Cem., Fairfield Twp,, Highland 
Co., Ohio. An inscribed gravestone marks her 

18. ix Jehu Q, , b. Oct. 26, I836. 

It is believed that all 9 children were b. in Highland Co., 
Ohio with the possible exception of Mary Ann. A newspaper 
obituary gives her birthplace as Springfield, Ohio. Actually 
it is believed she was b, near what is now Springdale, Ohio, 
which town, in the early l800's was named Springfield and is the 
town where her Wilkinson grandparents lived, 

Rachel, their seventh child, who never married, passed away 
in Putnam Co., Ind , , May 12, I880. She is buried in the Brick 
Chapel Cem., 6 miles N. of Greencastle, Ind. A large brown in- 
scribed stone marks her n;rave. In her will, dated Nov. 11, 187^, 
she left all of her property, both real and personal, to her 
sister, Elizabeth Jane, who also never married. Provision was 
also made in the will "that all the estate and Interest I may 
have in the property and estate of my deceased brother John 
Wilkinson shall at the death of Betsy Ann Wilkinson (his wife) 
go to and be given to her son Elijah H. Wilkinson." 

A newspaper obituary of Rachel Wilkinson (probably from a 
Greencastle, Ind. paper) follows: 


ll^t^^ u?.!'^^^ ''^^^' Wednesday, May 12, I88O of heart disease, 
Rachel Wilkinson, after an illness of twenty-one days. She was 
born in Highland County, Ohio, September 29, 1829, At the age 
01 ten years, she moved with her parents to Putnam County, 


Generation 2 

Indiana, residing with them 7 miles north of this city. In the 
year 1866, she removed to her late home in Greencastle, where she 
spent her last days. 

"She was a woman of many excellent trait? of character, of un- 
bounded benevolence; the poor and needy never went unsurplied from 
her door; she soup:ht their homes qive aid and comfort; many will 
long remember her as a friend. The Temperance cause found her a 
stronp: support. During the Womans' Crusade she was at her post. 
She was a warm advocate of religion, and stronr in her views, hut 
not until the last year of her life did she unite with the church. 
In September last she joined the College Avenue M,E, Church, After 
being a member a few months, of the church militant, she was called 
to join the church triumphant, 'She rests from her labors; her 
work do follow herl" 


7. MARY "POLLY" (John^^), dau, of John and Leah 
(Nlswanger) Wilkinson, was b. near Winchester, Va , , Dec, 25. 
1793. She m, Cornelius Cook in Butler Co., Ohio, Nov. 3, 1812, 
Mary and Cornelius both d, in Shelby Co,, Ind . - she on Apr. 2^, 
1866 and he on Sept 7, 186)4. Cornelius made a will on Feb, 7, 

1858 in Shelby Co. and named therein 6 children, viz,: William H,, 
Harriett, John, Samuel, Rosanna, and Rebecca Jane, 

Issue : 

1 William H. , m. Sarah Ann Jaco in Shelby Co,, 
Sept. 26, I8U8. 

ii Harriett, m. Benedict M, Darmer, Apr. 5, 183^. 
ill John Alphonse. 

iv Samuel, The I88O census for Marion Twp,, 
Shelby Co, shows liviag in his household 
Samuel (age ^6). Rebecca J, (age 50 ) and 
William (age 13), He m. Rebecca Jane 
Kastner in Shelby Co,, Ind,, June 10, I8I4.7, 
19, V Rosanna, m, Harrison Rhoads, May 16, 18^9, 

vl Rebecca, b, June 29, l829, d. July ^. 1906; 
m, John Kastner who was b. July l|, I826 and 
d, Apr. 2I4., IB83, John L. Fox, R.R. 2, 
Shelbyville, Ind, is a great-great grandson 
and has much information on this branch of 
the family. 

8, MARGARET (John^), dau. of John and Leah (Nlswanger) 
Wilkinson, was b. in Hamilton (later Butler Co.), Ohio, Oct, 20, 
1797, She m. Job Huffman, son of Ambrose and Christiana Huffman, 
in Butler Co,, Ohio, Feb. 9, I826. He was b, in Madison Co., Va . , 
Feb, 18, 1785, Margaret and Job both d, near Springdale, Ohio - 
she on Jan 27, I886 and he on Mar. 3, I876, Both are burled in 
the Springdale Presbyterian Cem, Inscribed n-ravestones mark 
their graves, 


Generation ?. 


i Samuel, b. June ^, 1S27, d. Nov. 4, If^^B. 

ii Leah, b. 1.^^8, d. 1^529. 

20. iii Allen, b. Jan. 16, I83O. 

iv benjamin, b. 1636, d. 1836, a tv;in. 

21. V k.iiiiam Iv., b. 1^3 6 

22. vi riary G. 

vii John a., b. Apr. 12, 183?^, d. Oct. IS, 1840. 

23. viii F-^lizabet)i. 

It is believed thr.t these 8 children of Job and Margaret 
Huffman were all b. near Snringdale, Ohio. Four of them (Leah, 
Samuel, Benjamin, and John k.) are buried there in the Presbyterian 
Gem. Inscribed gravestones mark their graves. 

Job's parents originally settled in Cincinnati. Ohio near 
Bond Hill. Job had 6 brothers and sisters, viz: - Allen m. (1) 
Elizabeth Evans, 3 children, m. (2) Barbara Anson, 3 children; 
Milly m. Robert Mitchel, 5 children; John m. Elenor Smith, 6 
children; Elizabeth, " " " - . - ^ 1 

m. Mary " '"'^ - 

Jan. 23, ^^..^. .-^„. ^.. ...„„ ....^ „ ---- 

most part spelled their surname "Huffman", some, if not all of 
his ancestors spelled the name "Hoffman", 

1. Robert Mitchel, 5 children; John m. Elenor Smith, 6 

;n; Elizabeth, d. when young; Henry a batchelor; and Tobias, 

r Hoffman, 10 children. Job's Diother, Christiana, d, 

I, 1863. Although Job and his descendants have for the 

— J. TT-j ^1 ^ ._ itii.. nr' tt ^ An ^^-t- ill n-P 

The follo'.-.'ing obituary of Margaret (Vi/ilkinson) Huffman is 
from a Hamilton, Ohio newspaper - issue of Wed., Feb, 4, I886, 
in a column of happenings of the previous 'v<ed. For a more lengthy 
obituary see Chap. I:- 

"Mrs, Margaret Hoffman, mother of ]>'Irs, Mary A. Hull, of the 
First ward, died at lier residence in Faii'field tov.'nship, at 2 
o'clock tliis morning of old age and general debility. Mrs, 
Hoffi'ian was born on the farm where she died, October 20, 1797. 
Her parents emigrated to Ohio from Virpjinia and the longest period 
she was ever absent from Fairfield tov/nship v/as, wlien many years 
ago, she visited her old home in Virginia, making the trip on 
horseback and being absent six vyeeks. Four children, tv.'o sons 
and tv;o dau 'Piters survive her decease. Funeral Friday morning," 

9, LLaI; (John ), dau. of John and Leah (Nisv/anger) 
V.'ilkinson, v/as b. near Springdale, Ohio, Aug, 20, I8OO. She 
m. (1) ___^_ Thomas and m. (2) George Imel, son of Peter and 
Susan (Kirkv.'ood) Imel. George was b, in Va. -nd d. near Fairland, 
Ind. He and his fatl-ier are buried in the Rocklane Cem., Rocklane, 
Ind. His gravestone reads, "George Imel, Feb, 28, 1793, Jan. 27, 
1879, Soldier in the l;ar of I8l2" and that of his father reads, 
"Peter Imel, 1764-1849, A Soldier in the Revolutionary 'Var." 
These two gravestones are not originals - the original stones 
having disappeared. Peter's original grave v/as located near 
Fairland, Ind. 

Leah was George's third wife. He had five children by his 
first wife, one child by his second, and three by Leah. He 


Generation 2 

married Leah in Shelby Co., Ind., Sept. 12, I836. An 
inscribed gravestone mc'rks Leah's grave in Rocklane Gem. 
Prior to her marriaj^e to George she lived in VJarren Co., Ind, 

A most comprehensive record of the descendants of Peter 
Imel is given in a 6I8 -pa-ie handvnritten manuscript in the 
Indiarei State Library, IncLianapolis, Ind., entitled 
"Imel-Immel -iecords", compiled by Lev;is E. Jones, Harry 
Imel, and Arthur Blaine Imel. Peter was born in Germany. 

The 18 50 census for Clark T\-;p., Johnson Co.j Ind. 
shov/s livin,'-; in the George Imel household, his wife Leah, 
two children of his first marriage (Andrew J. c^nd George VJ,), 
the one child of his second marriage (Elizabeth) and the 
three children of his marriage to Leah (Allin W., Peter, and 
Elijah V;,), Leah had no issue by her first marriage, 

Allin Vv., son of Leah, m. (1) Indiana A. Wheelen in 

Jefferson Co., ]nd., Apr. 14, 1^58, m. (2) , and 

m. (3) Iiir^nda Bailey. He hi' d two children by his first 

marriage (George, b. June 25, lf^59, d. liov , 10, 19^' 5, and 
a second son, n-'-rae unknov;n) ; tvjo children by his second 
marriage (Andrev; J^ickson ani"' Lera); anci three children by 
his third narria.-.e (Laur.M, Eva, and Thomas), Allin V;., b. 
ca 1^3^, is buried in liov/ard Co., Ind. His son, Thomas, v;as 
living in Freetovm, Ind. in 194B. 

Peter, son of Leah, m. Catherine Caroline Mather, in 
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 1, 1868. He was b. Jan, 7, 1839 
and d. in 1918. Catherine vias b. Mar. 17, 1850 and d. 
May 11, 1934. They had nine children - Frank Leslie (b. 
Feb, 11, I869, d. 19'^9), Nellie Viola (b. Apr. ?li , I87I, 
d. Feb. 3, 1901), Harry Mather (b. May 14, 1873, lived in 
Palm Citv, Calif, in 1949), Herbert Glenn, b. Feb. 9, I878, 
d. 193A), Ivy 1 (b, Apr, 27, I88O), Anna M, (b. Mar. 3, I883), 
Ralph Waldo (b. Jul^^ lA, I885), and Paul R, (b. Sept. 17, 1901)^ 
and GaorRC John (b, Jan, 29, I876, d, Oct. 4, 19^9). 

Eliiah Vj,, son of Leah, m. Mary Johnson. He vfas b. 
Jan, 2, 18/41 find d, July 20, I865, His grave in the Rocklane 
Cem, is marked with an inscribed gravestone. He, his father 
George Imel, and three other persons are buried in the same 
grave. His wife, Mary, is buried in a country cemetery a 
few miles from Charleston, 111. After Elijah's death Mary 
m. Will Adamson. Elijah and Mary had two children - Vvilbur 
Ellsworth (b, 1862, d. 1942) and Elijah, Jr. (b. Dec. 7, 1862, 
d, Jan. 7, 1863). Elijah, Jr's. grave is marked with an inscribed 
gravestone in Rocklane Cera, 

Wilbur Ellsworth Imel, grandson of Leah's, m. _^____ Leary. 
They had one child, Wilbur G., who d. at the age of 44 y., 6 m. , 
10 d. Wilbur G. was married five times but had no issue by any 
of his marriages. 

For the many descendants of Leah's sons Allin W. and Peter, 
and her husband's six other children, see the above mentioned 


Generation 2 

10. HEBECCA (John-'-), dau. of John and Leah (Niswanger) 
Wilkinson, was b, near Springdale, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1605 and d. 
in the Springdale area Sept, ?1, 1^35. She m, John McKee in 
Butler Co., Ohio, Sept. 16, 1827. She is buried in the Spring- 
dale Presbyterian Gem. and an inscribed gravestone marks her 
grave. The only other "McKee" gravestone found in that cem. is 
that of a John McKee (b. 1^528, d. I83O) viho, supposedly, was 
Rebecca's son. She had st least one other child because that 
child (name not known) shared in the estate of Samuel vVilkinson, 
Rebecca's brother. 


i John, b. 1828, d. I83O. 
ii ?, possibly a dau. named Rebecca, 



Generation 3 

11. M/vRY ("Aunt Polly"), dau. of William and Elizabeth 
»'«ilkinson, m. 0\ven Conerly, son of Cullen and Letticia Conerly, 
in Fayetteville, M.C., Jan. lii-, iSOf?. He v/as b. about 1795 and 
d. in I'Alt^, After marriage they settled at China Grove, Miss, 
Owen and his brother Luke were amonf^ the organizers and principal 
supporters of the Methodist Church in China Grove, 

Issue : 

i Cullen, b, ca 1823, m, Levisa Lewis, dau, 
of I'lartin Lewis, They had one child, 
Owen, who m, Teletha Warner, Owen was 
in the Civil War, 
ii William '.v. m. (1) Caroline Starns and ra, 
(2) Margaret Connally. Four children by 
the first marriage - James, Mark, John 
(d, early), snd William (d, early) and 
one child (Lulu) by the second, 
iii John d. (Jackie), m. Elizabeth Tines, 
iv Eliza, m. Jesse Ball. Four children - 
William, Nevrton, Needham, and Rebecca, 
V Owen, b, ca lf]l8, d. ca i860; m, Ann 
Louisa Stevens, dau. of Samuel James 
and Ann (Lawn) Stephens, granddaughter 
of Buxton and Mary (Dawson) Lawn. 
Photographs of Owen and his wife are 
contained in their son's history of Pike 
Co., Miss. They had 10 children - Dr. 
Chauncey Porter who was in the civil war; 
Luke W., the author, who m. Emma Eoline 
Quin; Mary Ann, b. ca 1848 in Pike Co., 
Miss., m, -villiam J. Lamkin; Buxton R. 
who v;as in the Civil War; Owen F.; Thomas 
B.; Samuel L.; Edward S,; Lula, d. early; 
and Cecelia, d, early, 
vi Emily, m, Daniel Ball, 
vii Luke, d. early, 
viii Rebecca, d. early, 
ix Catherine, d. early. 
X Mary Jane, b. ca 1^25 in N.C.; m. (1) Jabez 
Lewis brother to above Levisa Lewis and m, 
(2) Benjamin Lampton. One child by the first 
marriage - J'iira who m, I'lonroe Smith and 7 
children by the second marriage - 'waiter M. , 
Lucius L., Thaddeus B., iddo W., Edward, 
Mollie, and Cora, 
xi James, m. Mary Lanlcin, dau. of Sampson L. 

and Narcissa (Sessions) Lamkin, granddaughter 
-)f Keziah (Snead) Lampkin. 
xii Melissa, d. early, 
xiii Susan, ri. early. 

The above-mentioned Ovien and Teletha Conerly had 7 children ■ 
John M. v.'ho m. Jane Lampton; 'William M. , who m. Sarah Harvey; 


Generation 3 

n. I,.-)ftlin 
Bramf ield; 

Mary Ann (Polly) who m. John Colquhoun; Rebecca v.'ho 
Coloquhoun; Eliza; Catherine (Kitty) who m. V^.H.H. 
and r^artha v/ho m. Neeriham Holmes. 

12. ABIffiR (James2, John^), son of James and Catherine 
(clap) Vrfilkinson, was b. near Covington, ]nd., Feb. 16, 1630; 
d. in Manzanola, Colo., June 15, 1903 of blood poisoning due 
to heart disease from rheumatism; and is buried in Manzanola. 
He m. Catharine Ann Monnet near Greencastle, 3nd., Feb. IS, 
1$51. FolloAving their marriage, they lived a few years in 
Hendricks Co., Ind. Catharine was b. about 1^32. 

On July 25, 1862 Abner enlisted at Coatesville, Ind. in 
the Civil War and served as a private in Go. K, 55th Ind. Vol. 

"irom overexertion ana sxeepmg on tne camp grouna conux-acueu 
disease of the spine wliich greatly disabled him for manual labor 
and continued to grow v:erse as he advanced in age." In the ap- 
plication he stated that he had been treated at the Field Hospital, 
Covington, Ky, and described hir.iself as being 5 feet 10 inches in 
height, florid complexion, dark hair, brown eyes. A pension v;as 

Abner was a mechanic and shoemaker. In lf?9S he v;as living 
in Hedrick, Iowa. 

One month after Abner 's death his widow made application 
for a Civil War Widow's pension, which v>'as granted. She d. in 
Los Angeles, Calif. (854 W. 37th St.) on Apr. 10, 1915. 

In 1898 while living in Hedrick, Iowa, Abner furnished the 
Bureau of Pensions a list of his children, as follows: 

Issue : 

i Georgia Ann, b. Feb. 14, 1853. 
ii Josephine, b. Nov. 23, I854. 
iii Landy Abner, b. May 31, 1857. In 1903 
Landy was living in Manzanola, Colo. 

13. MkHTHA (lilijah^, Johnl), dau. of Elijah Cooper and 
Elizabeth (Hixson) Wilkinson, was b. in Highland Co., Ohio, 
Nov. 3, 1814. She m. John V/aln, son of Joseph and Mary (Bonard) 
Wain, in Highland Co., Ohio, June 26, 1834. He was b. in 
Frederick Co., Va . , Aug. 17, 1812. Martha and John both d. in 
Putnam Co., Ind. - she on Aug. 25, 1892 and he on July 8, I889 
and both are buried in the V/esley Chapel Cen. , 4 miles S.E. of 
Bainbridge, Ind. A single inscribed monument m?rks their graves. 

John i.aln's parents were Joseoh and Mary (Bonard) W'aln. 
(Miary was the dau. of Henry Bonard.) They emigrated from ivin- 
chester Pike, Jhenandoah Valley, Va. to Lexington, Highland Co., 


Generation 3 

Ohio, Beside John they had 6 other children:- Samuel, 
Henry, V»illiaiTi, Joseph, Joshua, Nancy, Elizabeth, and 

Martha (Vvilkinson) Wain's sister, Leah, m. a son of 
the above Henry and a brother m, a dau, of the above, 
Samuel, as hereinafter disclosed. 

The following biography of John VJaln is from the 
"Biographical and Historical Record of Putnam Co., Ind,, 

"John Wain, retired farmer, Bainbridge, was born in 
Frederick County, Virginia, eighteen miles north of Winchester, 
August 17, I8l2. His father, Joseph Wain, was a native of 
Pennsylvania, and his mother, Mary Wain, v/as a native of 
Virginia. He v/as reared on a farm and educated in the early 
subscription schools. He removed to Highland County, Ohio, 
in 1830, and to this county in 1839, locating in Floyd Township. 
He was married June 26, 1834, in Highland County, to Martha 
Wilkinson, daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth Wilkinson, and 
their children are - Elizabeth A,, Elijah C, and Mary J. 
Samuel is deceased, Mr, and Mrs, Wain are members of the 
Christian church. He owns 350 acres of land in Floyd and 
Monroe townships, besides property in Bainbridge. He was 
a Henry Clay Whig in an early day, but has been a Republican 
ever since the organisation of that party." 

Issue : 

24. i Elizabeth Ann, b, in Leesburg, Ohio, 

Feb, 19, 1836. 

25. ii Elijah Cooper, b, in Highland Co,, Ohio, 

Mar, 7, 1838. 

26. iii Mary J. "Mollie", b. near Roachdale, Ind,, 

Jan, 23, 1852. 
iv Samuel, d. in infancy. 

14, MARY ANN (Elijah^, Johnl), dau, of Elijah Cooper and 
Elizabeth (Hixson) V/ilkinson, vras b. in Highland Co,, Ohio, 
Feb. 16, 1817. She m. George William Hansell, son of John and 
Hannah (Adams) Hansell, in Hillsborb, Ohio, Sept. 15, I836. He 
was b. in Frederick Co., Va,, Apr. 29, I8I3. George and Mary 
d. in Floyd Tw^d,, Putnam Co., Ind. - he on Sent. 11, 1883 and 
she on Mar. 17, 1901. 


Generation 3 

George and Mary Ann, her parents, and her sister Martha and 
husband came to Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., Ind . in I839. In l879 
George owned the NE :^ of Sec. 20 in that twp. A fine two-story 
New England colonial home erected on his farm, at the time of the 
civil war, was destroyed by fire in the l880's. He sold for 
$10,00 one and one-half acres of the land for a cemetery and 
church (Wesley Gem. and Wesley Chapel). George and Mary Ann, 
her parents as well as many relatives are buried in that cemetery. 
Their graves are marked with inscribed gravestones. 

Three sons of this union, John, David and Elijah, served in 
the Civil War. John, a private in Co. A., Ind. 27th Vol. Inf. 
Peg., was killed Sept. 17, l862 in the battle of Antietam, Md . , 
and Is buried in the Antietam National Cemetery, Sharpsburg, Md. 
(headstone No. l;217). A history of the Ind. 27th Vol. Inf. Reg. 
is contained in the book "Indiana at Antietam, Report of the 
Indiana Antietam Monument Commission," Indianapolis, Ind., 1911. 
John was mustered into military service at Indianapolis, Ind., 
Sept. 12, 1861. He was listed as a farmer, age 22, height 5 ft, 
10 Ins., fair complexion, hazel eyes, brown hair. 

Issue : 

1 Juretta, b. in Highland Co., Ohio, Nov. l5, 
11 John Walker, b. in Highland Co., Ohio, 
Mar. 18, 1839; killed in the battle of 
Antietam, Sept. 17, l862. 
Ill David, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., Dec, 28, 
Iv Elijah Cooper, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., 
Oct. 27, I8IJ.2. 
V Rachel Mariah, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., 
July 9, iQkh. 
vl Joseph, b, near Bainbrldge, Ind., Mar, 17, 
I8I4.6; d. in Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., Ind., 
Nov. 23, I8I4.7; and burled in Wesley Chapel 
Gem. An Inscribed gravestone marks his grave, 
vil Hannah Louisa, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind,, 
July 15, 18U8. 
vlll Elizabeth Ann, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind,, 
Aug. 12, 1850. 
Ix Mary Ellen, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., May 23, 

X George W., b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., Jan. 5, 
xl Rebecca, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., Apr. 30, 
xli Jonathan, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind,, Dec, 3, 
1859, a twin. 
xlll Jehu, b. near Bainbrldge, Ind., Dec. 3, 18^9, 
a twin. 


Generation 3 

No attempt has been made in this book to include accounts 
of George William and Mary Ann Hansell's descendants as accounts 
of them are included in this compiler's book "Descendants of 
German Immigrant Johann Lorentz Hansel (Hentzel)", co-authored 
with Mrs. Zera (Hansell) Howe and published Aug. 1, 1968. In 
1968 there were 953 descendants, living and dead! To have in- 
cluded them would have doubled the size of this book. Mrs. Howe 
and this compiler's wife, Marianna Amy (Hansell) Sausaman, are 
granddaughters of their son, Elijah Cooper Hansell. 

The following letter written by Mary Ann Hansell, postmarked 
Bainbridge Ind., Aug. 31» I888, was written to her son, Elijah 
Cooper Hansell, in Medaryville, Ind., after a visit to her 
daughters, Juretta Figg and Hannah Louisa Shoemaker in Kans.: — 

"Bainbridge Aug 31 1888 

Dear ser (son) Mr E C Hansell 

Dear Children i am seated to inform you of my safe arivet (arrival) 

horn i landed (?) at bainbrig (Bainbridge) on the fifteenth not 

very well it took a deep cold i was i hav not yet over 

it i had a nic visit all round was well all the time untill i took 

cold it rained and up cooler all of a sudant an giv us all 

coles the result i took the astmay (asthma) i am very hoars at times 
yet i found the children an gran children all well an left them 
well but Hiram (her son-in-law) he has been in pore health all 
sumer i found george (Hiram's son) well an in fine spearets that 
had such a fine prospect for a com crop, the wheet an rye an oats 
was very good an millet that was maid an cut tha had it very 
reasonbel up un til last of July then the hot winds set in i left 
on July the 30 it was so hot that every thing seam to wilt 

before the wind and son (sun) and did not was a 

hot steam the 31 first was the hotest day we t rave Id all that day 

and night and did not find mutch cooler at un till the cold 

snap that maid us all sick with colds uncel richmdn (Richmond 
Hansell, her husband's half-brother) is dedd he (he) has been dedd 
at least towe months Johnathan (her son) got a letter from som (?) 

of them to he threw it down that was the last of it cant be 

found an never told of the reast so we dont know any of the 

particklars so we must excus him it is the first baby it is three 
months old today it was very small it weight two an a half pounds 
at first it is a fine baby it is a 10 pounder now tha call her 
grace (her son Jonathan's first child) just (?) well get don (done) 
soing wheet today, thear is a fine crop of fruit of all kinds 
peaches & peary &. grape, & plums an appels by the bushl we have 
had peach pie, uncel John & Martha (her sister) is better this 
summer tha can walk a round the hous an eat thear meals at the 
tabel, tha hav porley spells up an do\^m Eliz Jan (Elizabeth Jane, 
her sister) is in ohio visiten the old uncels an aunts, i did not 
git to see Jehu (her son) Flora (her granddaughter Flora B. Mason) 
got a letter from __^__^ timmines (?) 

last week she said tha had no things left the hail storm an hot 
winds had ruind thear crops i never sav/ such a prospect (?) for 
a good crop in my life every thing was booming 
wheet was very good and cut and oats was a fare crop millit 




Generation 3 

and rie corn an cain was very p:ood it is all burnt up 

i dont know wheather georg will stay thear any longer or not 

he has a beautiful (?) farm he has sixty five acres brook an 

plant in somthing he has don so much thear if he leavs he will 

loos it all he has a good hous an stabel a good well an watter 

cant rent it a tall for lov nor money thears no money left 

you cold git all the ground you wanted for nothing E C Wilkerson 

an aunt better houses in county 

an lots of others cant rais enuf to liv on, this leavs all well 
come an eat peaches my lov to all 

to E. C. Hansen 

M A 


Oh sen me a new pen an a spelling book (I wonder why?, Comp, ) 

1^.. JOHN (Elijah^, John^ ) , son of Elijah Cooper and Elizabeth 
(Hixson; Wilkinson, was b. in Highland Co., Ohio, July 17, l8l9. 
He m, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Wain, dau. of Samuel and Mary Wain, 
She was b, in Va , , July 19, l8l9. John and Betsy both d. in 
Putnam Co., Ind . - he on Feb. 19, IB63 and she on Sept. 29, l892. 
Both are buried in the Wesley Chapel Cem., I; miles S.E, of Bain- 
bridge, Ind. Separate inscribed gravestones mark their graves. 

Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" (Wain) Wilkinson had 5 brothers and 
sisters:- Elijah, William, Joseph, Julia Ann, and Sarah. Elijah, 
a merchant, settled in Mt . Vernon. William and Joseph settled 
in Fayette Co., Ohio. Julia Ann and Sarah m. brothers (Timmons ) 
came from Pickaway Co., Ohio. 

John Wilkinson made a will on Jan. 6, I863. The witnesses 
were James Shoemaker and John L. Hall and the executors were 
William Timmons and John's brother Jehu. His estate for the most 
part was left to his wife Betsy but under certain conditions his 
assets were to be given to his son Elijah, to his brothers and 
sisters, and to his brother David's daughter, Josephine, 


In 1880 

Betsy was living at her son Elijah's home in Putnam 

Issue : 

Elijah H., 
in I8I4O. 

b. Floyd Twr>., Putnam Co,, Ind 

16. LEAH W. (Elijah^, John^), dau. of Elijah Cooper and 
Elizabeth (Hixson) Wilkinson, was b. Oct. 25, I82I in Hifrhland 

Co., Ohio. She 
"Betsy" (McKee) 
d. Oct. 
did not 
sis ters 

m. William Wain, son of Henry and Elizabeth 
_ Wain, in Putnam Co., Ind., Apr. I8, l8U2. Leah 
2, 1898, presumably, in Putnam Co. Tt is believed she 
have any children. William Wain had 12 brothers and 

: - i'-'ary Ann, Nancy, Bettie, Becky, 
John, Jim, Joseph, and George. 

Eliza, Poda, Martha 


Generation 3 

17. DAVID HIXSON (Elijah^, John-*-), son of Elijah Cooper and 
Elizabeth (Hixson) Wilkinson, was b. in Highland Co., Ohio, Dec. 9» 
IS27. He m. (1) Amazetta Day, dau. of Ambrose and Joanna (Moss) 
Day, in Putnam Co., Ind., Sept. 29, IS53 and m. (2) Lydia (Huggins) 
Francis, in Wapello Co., Iowa, Jan. 11, IS8O. Amazetta was b. in 
Putnam Co., Ind., Sept. 18, 1§35 and Lydia in Ohio, ca 1845. David 
and Amazetta d. in V/apello Co., Iowa — he on Sept. 19» 1884 and she on 
July 3» 1874 and both are buried there. Inscribed gravestones mark 
their graves. Lydia had a son, Sam, by a previous marriage to 
Francis. He resided in Canada. Lydia spent her last days with her 
dau., Laura Evangeline, in lola, Kans. and presumably is buried there. 

David died intestate leaving as his heirs 9 children (his son 
Ambrose was dead at the time). After all debts had been paid, in- 
cluding a payment of $475.00 to his sister Leah Wain (in payment of 
a loan she had made to him), the estate balsmce of $878.13 was equal- 
ly divided between the 9 children with son Elijah acting as guardian 
for the 3 minor children. For some reason or other David's wife, 
Lydia, did not share in the assets, 

Amazetta had 10 brothers and sisters. Several of her maternal 
uncles were soldiers in the War of I8l2. Her father's ancestors 
came from Ireland, and her mother's from Wales. Her parents came 
from Ky. to Putnam Co., Ind. in 1829, locating 6 miles northeast of 
Greencastle, where her father entered I60 acres of land from the 
Government. A biographical account of her brother, Isaac M. Day, 
is given in the 1887 history of Putnam Co., Ind. Amazetta's mother, 
Joanna, was the dau. of William and Lydia (Glasscock) Moss. William 
Moss served in the Rev. V/ar. 

Children of David Hixson and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson ; 

28. i Elizabeth Anna, b. Jan. 7, 1854. 

29. ii Josephine, b. Oct, 14, I856. 

30. iii Elijah Emery, b. Nov. 23, I858. 

31. iv Jehu Henry, b. Oct. I6, i860. 

32. V Mary Catherine, b. May I6, I863. 

33. vi Ida May, b. Feb. 12, I866. 

34. vii Mattie Leora, b. Mar. 10, I868. 

35. viii Armanious A., b. June 7, I87I. 

ix Ambrose, b. July 31, 1873, d. ca 1874. 
(The first 4 children were b. in Putnam Co., Ind., 
and the other 5 in Wapello Co., Iowa.) 

Children of David Hixson and Lydia Francis (Huggins) Wilkinson ; 

i Laura Evangeline, b. in Wapello Co., Iowa, 
Jan. 29, I883. 

Laura m. Roy Kelsey. He was b. Apr. 26, I878. Laura and Roy 
d. in lola, Kans. — he on Dec. 13, 1951 and she on Mar. 7, 1970. Both 
are buried there in Highland Cem. Inscribed gravestones mark their 
graves. They had no children. The following obituary of Laura ap- 
peared in an lola, Kans. newspaper; — 


Generation 3 

Mrs. Roy Kelsey 

"Laura M. Kelsey, 87, 402 South Jefferson, died this morning 
at the Allen County Hospital. She had been in the hospital for 
the past six weeks and in failing health for the past year. 

"Mrs. Kelsey was bom January 29, 1^33 » at Ottumwa, Iowa. 
She came to Kansas with her parents (mother, Ed.) as a child. 
The family (mother, Ed.) lived near Piqua. She was married to 
Roy Kelsey and they lived in Gas City for a number of years. He 
died December 31» 1951. 

"She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. 

"There are no survivors. 

"Funeral services will be at 3 p.m. Tuesday at the Waugh 
Yokum Funeral Home. The Rev. Thomas Nyquist will officiate. 
Burial will be in Highland Cemetery," 


Generation 3 

( A reserve page not used. ) 


Generation 3 

18, JEHU Q. (Elijah^, Jobn'^ ) , son of Elijah Cooper and 
Elizabeth (Hixson) Wilkinson, was b. near Lexinp;ton, Highland 
Co., Ohio, Oct. 26, 1836. He m. (1) Louisa Belle Fyffe, dau. 
of Thomas and Zerelda (Allen) Fyffe, in Putnam Co., Ind . , 
June 20, I866 and m. (2) Lydie Elizabeth (McCoy) Hilends, dau, 
of William and Mary Ann (Monroe) McCoy, in Bainbridge, Ind., 
Sept. 6, 1891. Jehu and his first wife both d. in Bainbridge., 
Ind. - he on July 2, 1913 and she on Mar. 5, I88O. Both are 
buried in the Brick Chapel Cem., 6 miles N. of Greencastle, 
Ind. A single inscribed monument marks their graves. Jehu's 
second wife d. in St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 2, 19t;2. She is buried 
in the Sunset Burial Park, St. Louis, Mo., and a gravestone 
marks her grave. Louisa was b, in Putnam Co., Ind., Aug. 19, 
I8UI4., and Lydia was b. in Giendale, Pope Co., 111., Oct, 9, 18^3, 

Children of Jehu Q. and Louisa Belle (Fyffe) Wilkinson 

i Leinore E.Z. "Nora", b. Apr. 19, l867; d. 
July 8, 1895; buried Brick Chapel Cem., 
Putnam Co., Ind. An inscribed gravestone 
marks her grave. She m. Charles C. Fyffe. 

No 1 S S UG 

ii Wilbur t'.E., b. Feb. 16, l869; d. Oct. 5, 

1877; buried Brick Chapel Cem. An inscribed 
gravestone marks his grave, 
lii Carl Hixon, b. Oct. 12, I87O. A further 
account of him follows in this chapter. 

iv Edwin Jehu "Ed", b. July 21;, I87L1-. A further 
account of him follows in this chapter. 
V Edith L., b. Mar. 7, 1877; d. Feb. ll;, I878; 
buried Brick Chanel Cem. An inscribed grave- 
stone marks her grave, 

vi Alice Hattle, b. May 20, l879; d. July 1^, 
I88O; buried Brick Chapel Cem. An inscribed 
gravestone marks her grave. 

Children of Jehu Q. and Lydia Elizabeth (McCpy) Hilands Wilkinson 

i McKinley McCoy, b. Nov. 16, l892 . A further 
account of him follows in this chapter. 

(The above 7 children were all born near 
Bainbridge, Ind.) 


Generation 3 

The following biographical account of Jehu Q, Wilkinson was 
furnished to this compiler in 1969 by his last surviving child, 
McKinley McCoy Wilkinson:- 

Jehu Q. Wilkinson 

"My Father was named after the Jehu Wilkinson in St Marys 
Parish, Louisiana, who was a half brother to Samuel, my Grand- 
fathers oldest (full) brother. He was in the Civil War and served 
under General Benjamin Harrison ( who later became President ) with 
the 70th Reg, (78th Peg,, Comp. ) of Indiana . tioth were members 
of the Grand Army of The Republic-GAR . During the Civil War Jehu 
Wilkinson was Invalided home because of severe Asthma attacks, and 
after recuperating, he formed and was made Captain of, the Bain- 
bridge Home Guard Unit, and for his remaininf? years was known as 
the Captain. He married Luisa B, Fife in June l866 and three 
Children lived, Lenore who was oldest married but had no children 
and died in l895, Carl became a Doctor and moved to Chicago, Ed 
invested his money from Aunt Rebecca ^ In a Farm, and married 
Mattie Wain, dauj-hter of Elijah Wain, The farm of Elijah Wain 
was on a hill covered with huge Fir trees and faced Eastover 
looking the bottom acerage of both his and Elijah Wilkinson whose 
huge white painted house faced South. The cousins owned together 
close to 600 Acres, on Walnut Creek Road, and later on I heard it 
was purchased and owned by Carl V/ilkinson, Edwin & Mattie 
Wilkinson had no children, and are buried in Brick Chanel Cemetary, 
My Father Jehu Wilkins6n married Lydia Elizabeth McCoy who was a 
widow, having lost her husband John Hilands. My half sister Alice 
Hilands married Andrew Gray in MississlDpi I was born on November 
l6th 1892 in Bainbridge Indiana, finished High School there, 

"My Fathers Sister Rebecca stayed with us at Bainbridge 
when I was very small, I remember that Rebecca-*- was the first 
woman I ever saw smoke a clay pipe, and I used to urge her to 
Smoke so I could watch her puff smoke into our Fireplace in the 
west Living Room on Cumberland Hill, It was named by my Father 
for the Cumberland Church my Father bought, and remodled our house 
from the Black Walnut lumber it contained, 

Jehu enlisted in the Civil War at Indianapolis, Ind , , on 
Nov, 19, 1861, He served as a private in Co, K, l6th Ind. Vol, 
Inf, Regt, until May 23, 1862 and then in Co, B, 78th Ind, Vol, 
Inf, Regt, from July 26, 1862 to Oct, 2, l862. In I89I, end 8f?ein 
in 1907, he applied for a pension, which were granted, for his 
service in the Civil War. In the 1907 amplication he is described 
as 5 ft, 10 ins, in height, dark complexion, eyes of lirrht color, 
dark hair, and a farmer by occupation. In 1917, k years after his 
death, his widow, Lydia, was also granted a pension. 

Just 17 days before his death Jehu wrote the following postal 
card, from Bainbridge Ind,, to his nephew, Elijah Cooper Hansell, 
at Medaryville, Ind,:- 

^ McCoy's memory is in error here as this was actually his 
aunt, Elizabeth Jane Wilkinson, 


Generation 3 

Tuesday, l6th June, 1913 
"My Dear Nephew, 

Thinkin^:^ you might want to know how I am I thought I would 
drop you a line. My condition is about the same. Except my foot 
is much sorer than it was. My appetite is n:ood and enjoy eBtlns?:, 
We had a splendid rain yesterday which was much needed garden too 
wet to hoe this morning Hoping to hear from you I remain 

Your Uncle 

A newspaper obituary (presumably from a Greencastie, Ind . 
paper) of Jehu follows: (In the third paragraph the name 
"Highland" should be "Hilands" and the name "Mae" should be 


Jehu Wilkinson was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth Hixson 
V/ilklnson, was born in Highland county, Ohio, October 26, I836, 
His parents when he was about the age of 3 removed to Floyd town- 
ship, Putnam county, and here his boyhood days and young manhood 
were passed. 

At the breaking out of the Civil war he enlisted in the 
service of his country in her hour of need, was a member of the 
16th regiment of Indiana Volunteers, subsequently was a member 
of the 78th regiment of the same state. 

He was married on the 20th day of June, l86fo, to Lou B, 
Fyffe, of Bainbridge, who died March 5, I880. On September 6, 
1891, he was married to Lydia McCoy Highland, who survives 
en children, Lenore, Wilbur, Carl^Edwin, Edith, Alice and Mae, 
Of these four preceded their father to the better land, leaving 
three to mourn the loss of a kind father, Dr, Carl Wilkinson 
of Montezuma, 111,, Edwin of Bainbridge and Mac of St. Louis, 

'^Mr, Wilkinson died July 2, 1913, after a long and painful 
illness, which he bore with great fortitude and patience. While 
in the army in winter quarters he contracted the measles. He 
recovered from this but the disease left a senuel of an asthmatic 
affliction of the throat from which he suffered all the remainder 
of his life and which was most probably the t)rinclpal cause of 
his death. 

K Mr, Wilkinson lived in the community in which he died 
practically all of his life and was well end widely known. Hig 
life is an open book. He as known as a man of sterllne in- 
tegrity and firm character. He was a man of wide knowledge and 
always to student. On the morning of his death he read the 
morninrr paper and was greatly interested in reading the account 
of the reunion at Gettysburg. 

'^One of Mr, Wilkinson's strongest characteristics was his 
great loyalty and his intense devotion to his country, in this 
he was excelled by none, 


Generation 3 

^' No national holiday passed ithout the flac of his country 
beinf; displayed at his home and it seems a beautiful coincidence 
that he should be borne from the home he loved so well on the 
anniversary of his country's independence and with the flag he 
loved 30 well floating from the door of his home. 

"He will be greatly missed by hi? family and by his relatives 
and neighbors and by the community in general,/' 

The parents of Louisa Belle ^yffe, Jehu's first wife, were 
Thomas and Zerelda (Allen) Fyffe. The followinr^ account of her 
parents appeared in the Putnam county history, "Biographical and 
Historical Record of Putnam Co., Ind . , 1887":- 

" Thomas £jf_fe, farmer, section 12, Monroe Twp., was born in 
Mason Co., Ky., Oct. 27, loll;. His father, Jonathan Fyffe, now 
deceased, was a native of Maryland, and an early settler of Mason 
County. His early life was passed on s farm, and his education 
was obtained in the early subscription schools that were taught 
in the primitive log school-houses, with boards on pegs for desks, 
clapboard roof, puncheon floor and slab seats. The teachers were 
those that believed in pounding education into their pupils with 
ox gads. Mr. Fyffe came to this county in the fall of I836, 
settling in Monroe Township, and has since resided in the county. 
He lived six years in Floyd Twp. and in Monroe Twp. the remainder 
of the time. The country was new when he first came, and there 
was but little land cleared. His salt cost one dollar a bushel. 
He went to Crawf ordsvl lie and Indianapolis to mill, a distance 
of twenty-two and forty miles respectively. He was married 
Jan. 9, I8U0 to Miss Zerelda Allen, daughter of Robert Allen, 
now deceased, who v/as born in Montgomery Co., Ky. They have 
had two children - Lou B. married John (Jehu, Comp. ) Q. Wilkinson 
and had six children - Leonora, Wilbur, Carrol (Carl), Eddie and 
two deceased; and Mary C. who married Dr. Thomas L. Armstrong, 
veterinary surgeon of Indianapolis, and they had one child, 
Josie F. who lives with her grandparents and is quite a musician: 
both daughters are now deceased. Mr. Fyffe owns 16? acres of 
land, and it is conceded to be one of the best farms in the county, 
being well watered, good soil, and timber land. His residence is 
of brick, 61; x 33 feet, two stories in heif/ht, each twelve feet. 
He is president of two gravel road companies in Monroe Twp. Mr. 
Fyffe never seeks official honors or political distinction. Both 
himself and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church. Mrs. 
Fyffe 's father was born in Virginia and came to Kentucky when a 
young man, '< 

Lydia Elizabeth, Jehu's second wife was previously m. , in 
April 1878, to John S. Hilends, who passed away in Bainbridge, 
Ind., Feb. 25, I886. She had one child by this first marriage, 
a dau. Alice who m. Andrew Gray. Alice and Andrew Gray had 
several children including a dau. Alice who m. a Mr. Logel. ^'or 
a time between 1916 and 1935 Lydia lived with her dau,, Alice 
Gray, in Gulfport, Miss. Alice d. in 19Ul, preceding her mother 
by a few months. 


Generation 3 

Lydla had 1 orother and 3 sisters :- Mary Jane, b. I8I4.6; 
Eliza Ann, b. l8U8; John Campbell, b. Feb. 2fl , l8?0; 

and Lucy Maria. Her brother John Campbell McCoy 
was atill living in 1928 and had a jewelry office at ^15 Locust 
St., St. Louis, Mo. 

After the death of her father, about i860, Lydia lived with 
her maternal grandparents, William and Letticie (Cummings) Monroe, 
until 1871, at New Liberty, Pope Co., 111. She attended school 
at Metropolis, 111. These grandparents had 7 children:- Mary Ann, 
Gale, Melinda, Safrona, Theodata, William, and Melits. The grand- 
father was b. in Westmoreland Co., Va . Lydla 's mother passed 
away on Feb. II4., I87I1. 

At the time of her death Lydia was living with her son, 
McCoy, at 78II Cornell Ave, University City, Mo, 

As aforestated Lydia in 1917, h years after Jehu's death, 
was granted a Civil War widow's pension. It was renewed in 
1928. The following 2 letters to her nephew, Elijah Cooper 
Hansen, enlisting his aid in getting the pension, and his letter 
to the Bureau of Pensions, follow: 

Dec. 1, 1916 
U631 Evans Ave. 
St. Louis, Mo. 

"Mr. E. C. Hansen 
Medaryville, Ind, 

Dear Sir 4 Nephew- 
Mac received your letter of Oct. 9th end has spoken about 
answering it. But he is awfully busy as he rroes to School at 
night. Perhaps he told you he was studying Optometry and will 
soon be able to fit plasses. then he hopes to be his own boss. 
Well Liga after you wrote us about it I made aor^licatlon for a 
pension The claim has been filed and numbered, 108o,6t;7 But 
today I rec'd notice that I must have two sworn witnesses who 
knew Jehu Wilkinson from the time he was of marriat^eabl age. 
!"^-,Jn^^ ^® ^^^ ^®®" married only to Louisa B. Fyffe who died 
in 1H80-, and he remarred in TH9I to Lydia E. Hilsnds, That he 
died July 2nd 1913 at Balnbrldge If you will kindly make this 
statement for me I will get another witness and then I think 
there will be no more proof needed. You can either send it to 
me or just forward it to the Department of The Interior Bureau 
Tu w n"^^ ,?®^^"^e to put the no. of Claim 1080,6^7 widow of 
Jehu W Co K 16 Reg and Co B. 78 Reg. And I will b^ greatly 
obliged to you Mac and I would be glad to have you visit us. 
^?i,o " r" ""^^J ^""y special reason for staying risht at home 
like we have so if ever you can come we will be glad to see you 
I am still very nervous and m.y heart rrives me a f?ood deal of 

fhnn^i^ T .^V^"" ^^^*^^^ ^^^" "°^* «"y of ^7 friends ever 
thought I would be. 

Pr^«aJf?!^r^^ ^ ^!l!'"® ^^^^ President Wilson will still be our 
President for another four years? 

Generation 3 
"He kept us out of war" 

Nov. 17th 1916 

Your Aunt 

Lydla E. Wilkinson 

(Not dated) 
U63I Evans Ave. 
St. Lou53, Mo. 

"Mr. E. C. Hansen 

Dear Llge- 

My pension is still doubtful you ere required to state your 
" age and how you know Louisa died in I88O. I knew of her death 
at the time, I lived near Bainbridge and John S. Hllands attended 
her funeral I was not well enough to f^o. The family Bible states 
her death, but Ed has that - and they also want you to state how 
you know Jehu Wilkinson died July 2- 1913- I asked you to make 
this affidavit because you had known all of your uncles history 
from his youth up till the time of his death, and I knew of no 
one except David Hansell (her nephew, Comp. ) who did so know him 
1 guess Mary Black (her niece, Comp.) could testify. Please be 
sure to give your age and the pension number on the other side. 
I hope I wont have to bother you any more we are both tolerably 
well Your Aunt- Lydla E Wilkinson 

P.S, I will be very much obliged to you if you can make the 
statements required Of course you have not personal knowledge 
that I have not remarried- but it seems so pediculous that I 
must have two witnesses when I swore on my application and had 
two witnesses that I had not done so- L E Wilkinson-" 

November 20th, 1916 

"To the Department of the Interior: 

Statement in the matter of claim 1,080,6^7 Lydla E. Wilkinson 
widow of Jehu Wilkinson deceased. 

"I personally knew Jehu Wilkinson ever since I can remember 
he was my uncle and lived within one mile of my home Ix miles S, 
East of Bainbridge, Ind . I personally know he married a nelehbor 
girl Louisa B. Fyffe Between the years l862 ^ l865-month forgotten 
This marriage was disolved by death in I88O of which I have per- 
sonal knowledge. In I89I he remarried Mrs. Lydla E. Hiland. I 
know that he (Jehu) served in the Civil War in Co. K l6th Reg. 
Ind. Vol. Inf. and in Co. B 78 Reg. Ind. Vol. Inf. and to my 
personal knowledge he died July 2nd 1913 I attended his funeral 
He was past 76 years at date of death I personaly know that Lydla 
E. Wilkinson Widow of Jehu Wilkinson has not remarried and is 
still a widow I was 7U years old Oct. 27th 1916 and draw pension 
under Certificate No. 728807 and my Present (address) is Medaryville, 

E. C. Hansell, Adjt 

Post No, 121 Dep 


Medaryvllle, Ind." 


Generation 3 

Carl Hlxson Wilkinson, the third child of Jehu, d, Dec. 20, 
1961, at the age of 91. The compiler of this book did not dis- 
cover Carl's existence until 1961, at which time he was living 
at West Lafayette, Ind . Calling at his home, it was learned 
from Carl's wife, Ethel, that he was ill in a Lafayette hospital. 
To the great surprise and pleasure of this compiler, Ethel pro- 
duced a Wilkinson family bible containinpr dates of birth, marriaee, 
and death of 3 generations of Wilkinsons. '^he bible had originally 
belonged to Carl's grandfather, Elijah Cooper Wilkinson. Calling 
on Carl at the hospital this compiler, to his great regret, could 
not question him because of the seriousness of his Illness. A 
few days after the visit Carl passed away in Lafayette, Dec. 20, 
1961, At the time of the visit Ethel seemed to be in perfect 
health but she died the day following Carl's death - apparently 
of a broken heart!__ "^hey were both buried in Brick Chapel Cem., 
Putnam Co., Ind. '^'hey had no children. Their obituaries from 
a Lafayette newspaper follow: 

Dr. Carl H. Wilkinson 
Is Dead at 91 

Dr. Carl H. Wilkinson, 91, builder and operator of hospitals 
in Waterman, 111., and DeKalb, Hi., prior to his retirement, died 
in Ross annex nursing home at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, where he had 
been a patient two weeks. He resided at 5l8 Russell, West Lafayette 

Born in Bainbridge, he was a graduate of Northwestern univer- 
sity and Rush Medical college in Chicago. He was a member of the 
Presbyterian church. He built and operated a hospital in Waterman, 
111., for a number of years. He later operated a hospital in 
Deivalb until the late 1920' s when he returned to Chicafro where he 
went into private practice. In 1953 be moved to West Lafayette. 

' He was married to Ethel Sullins in 1903. 

»' The widow is the only immediate survivor. 

Mrs. Ethel Wilkinson " 

^. 1' ^^;:r ^^^t'^ Wilkinson, 82, of 5l8 Russell, West Lafayette, 
died In Home hospital at 3:30 p.m. Thursday where she had been 
a patient one day. 

T^r^l'l^"''?.^* "^V^ r°^']^' "''^ resided in Waterman, Hi., and Chicago 
the SJthoH.T h"^ ^^ r.^r L«^«y^tte in 1953. She was s member of 
the Methodist church of Waterman, 111., and the Waterman DAP. 

"She was married to Dr. Carl H. Wilkinson in 1903 Mr 
Wilkinson died Tuesday at Ross annex nurs?n° home. 

II There are no immediate survivors. '' 


Generation 3 

Edwin J. Wilkinson, the fourth child of Jehu, tn. Martha 
Louise Mattie" Wain, a first cousin once removed, dau . of 
Elijah Cooper and Mary R. (Coffman) Wain, in Putnan, Co., Ind.. 
Aug, 27, 1926. ihere were no children of this union. She wag 
b. in Putnam Co., Apr. 8, I870. Edwin Passed away on Jan. 17, 
1935. Although first buried in the Wesley Chapel' Cem., near 
tSainbridge, Ind., his wife later had his remains removed to 
the Brick Chapel Cem. and pieced beside his father. Mattie is 
also buried in Brick Chapel Cem. but the date of her death hag 
not been found. A letter written by Ee„in, 20 days before hig 
father's death, to his cousin Elijah Cooper Hansell, follows:- 

Bainbridge, Ind. 
June 12, 1913 

"Mr. Elijah Hansell 
Medaryville, Ind. 

Cousin Elijah; 

Your card at hand glad to know of your safe return home 
and no doubt you had a fine time at the Encampment. My fathers 
condition remain? about the same but of course some days he feels 
better than others. As a rule he gets 2 or 3 hours sleep throu'rh 
the night but can not go to bed ether sleeps in a chair or leans 
back against pillows on the couch. His foot is very sore and he 
can hardly walk from couch to chair. Will let you know if there 
is any change in his condition. 

Carl (Edwin's brother) was down for a day end Mattie (Martha 
Louise Wain whom Edwin married in 1926) went home with him for a 
visit so you may hear from her while there. 

We are having it very dry here and corn is beginning to 
show the effects of it and the oats and hay will not make much 
feed. Give my rerrards to the boys and family. 

E J. Wilkinson" 

The following obituary of Edwin is from a Greencastle, Ind. 
newspaper :- 

Fri. Jan. iB. 1935 The Daily Banner 

Stroke Fatal To Well fCnown 

Floyd Twp. Man 

Edwin J. Wilkinson, 60, Succumbs 

at County Hospital Late Thursday 

Collector of Indian Helios 

Survived by -'/id ow and Two Brothers 

Funeral to be Held '^rom Home Saturday. 

"Edwin J. Wilkinson, age 60 years, prominent stockman of 
Floyd township, died at the Putnam county hospital Thursday evening 
at 11:30 o'clock following a stroke of opoplexy suffered January 5^ 


rreneration 3 

"Mr. Wilkinson was stricken while in Greencastle end was 
taken to his home. On January I3 he was brought to the local 
hospital but failed to rally from the stroke. 

"The deceased was born July 2k, iQlkf the son of Jehu and 
Lou Fyffe Wilkinson. In his early life he assisted his father 
who was a contractor. Later he purchased farms in Monroe and 
Floyd townships on which he raised stock extensively. He was 
a collector of Indian relics and had an extensive number of 
those articles. 

"He Is survived by the widow, Mrs. Martha Wain Wilkinson, 
and two brothers. Dr. Carl H. Wilkinson of <^hlcago, and Dr 
Mc^oy Wilkinson of St. Louis, and his step-mother, Mrs. Lydia 
Wilkinson of (-^ulfport. Miss. 

"Funeral services will be held from the home In Floyd 
township Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock conducted by the 
Rev. H. 0. Bratton of Balnbrid^cre . Burial will be in Walnut 
Ohapel (Wesley Chapel, Comp. ) cemetery." 

McKlnley McCoy "Mac" Wilkinson, the last child of Jehu, 
nyao.l^r\ ^^^^^^1"^ grandchild of Elijah Cooper Wilkinson 
U/'V^-ia75; - an unusual circumstance for a man still livinp 

for hv%^'%^ r!"^!':^''^'^ ^- ^^"^ y^^^^ ^^°- This is accounted 
father's life, coupled with the fact that his father wag also 
f^oi M® !" ^^ father's life. Even more astounding is the fact 
that Mac's great grandfather, John Wilkinson, was b. 2^3 years 

SI- rnM?/^M "• m"^""^;. ^^''^^ *° ^""^ ^^® (Simpson) Adams, in 
?n*lQ?fl '. °-'m^^''- ^^' ^'^^^'o^^i^-^ marriage ended in divorce 
i a M^ M "' ?^v,""' ^' ^" ^^^^ '^ ^^"«' 1^1- She subsequently 
Tq.p ^' ?r «nd they now reside in Independence, Mo. On June 27 

dau 'nJ^Th • ^""f"' ?°-' ""S°'^ ""' '^^^^ ^1^^^°^ Sulilvan) SmUh/ 
?n Brookl5^"'N ^^«"^i\«"d Delia (Murry) Sullivan. She was b. ' 

became fe^l^er^e.-^h?'^^- ^> ^T' "^^^ ^^^^^^ ^°"" ^^ "Brooklyn" 
at ?he S? ?onr g champion of the world in a boxine match held 
llviJll. ^' Exposition in 190U. Her mother, age 87, is still 

child ^brhim^^E??Lr;v.^T^''^°M^^^ "m ^° ^^°^^^ ^"'ith and had one 
by Mac in l9k2 sh. J ' "P^^ty". Betty was legally adopted 

children"- Pfl?;i.^M G "°'' ""' S° ' ^^- "°^^" «"^ they have 3 

age Ik ^hev mL f 7' f^^ ^2' ^^^"^ ' ^^« 1^' «"^ Sandra, 
at,« J./4.. iney live in Houston, Texas, 

where 'he \"^;k'part''?n 'tiir' °"' T^;:"^ ^' ^^^ '^- ^^^^^^^ Exposition 
the part of "Adrm"! P^^eant "Creation on the Pike"- playing 

Louis"'So^%p^L'^''°'''^.''^^^ ""^'^^^ ^t 7?6k Parkdale Ave.. St 

Exc^%^°kd!:!,^^irLo^^iTr.:Vt:^^ouL:Vor^- ^" ^^^^ 

Generation 3 

He has kindly furnished the followlnc; biocrraphical sketch:- 

"In 1911 I, McCoy Wilkinson, havlnr finished High School, 
went to St Louis Mo to work for my Uncle, on Mothers side, John 
C.McOoy Jewelry Co. After a year or so Mr McCoy formed a partner- 
ship with Geo. L. Weber, and pioneered in the Time Payment Jewelry 
bales. I decided to study Optometry and Graduated in March 1917. 
I taught Optometry, and while the School Omer went into the Red 
Gross in England, I took charge of the Optometry School, and sold 
my Optical business officein the McCoy-Weber Jewelry Store. I 
also took charge of the Glass Eye department of tha' Geneva Optical 
00., and supplied Glass Eyes to Army Hospitals during the duration 
of the War as Geneva had all the Glass Eye in the United States 
cornered, and then they were belnr- made only In Germany, and we 
had all the Eyes a va liable , limited to service men. 

"I had taken a business course in Shorthand and bookkeepinr^, 
and in April 1913 I spent my vacation at home as Father was ill. 
My Father suggested that I put my Shorthand to work, and make a 
record of our branch of the Wilkinson Family. To this day I have 
never seen anyone with such a marvelous memory for Incidents and 
dates. He dictated for hours with the aid of ' notes or references 
entirely unnecessary. He was very fond of his former General 
Ben ja man Harrison, and former President, who was runninc^ for a 
second term against Grover Cleveland in l89?. It took much longer 
then than now to decide who was the Winner, and it was not until 
Nov. 16th 1892 that the Democrats won with Grover Cleveland. 
Father was a strong Republican and campaicrned hard for GAR Ben 
Harrison. The Democrats of Balnbridge celebrated as always with 
much noise, fire works, bell ringing, whistle blowing and' to cap 
the Climax, they rolled a canon into the ally beween our house 
and the Catholic Church, fireing it with over load of powder, 
that shattered windows and caused my premature birth by several 
days, and my Mother was partially paralized and had trouble walking 
for two years afterwards." 

19, ROSANNA (Mary2, John^ ) , dau. of Cornelius and Mary 
(Wilkinson) Cook, m. Harrison Rhoades, May 16, 1859. 

A biographical account of Rosanna and her husband Harrison 
Rhoades, taken from an I887 "History of Shelby County, Indiana", 

"Harrison Rhoades, a prominent citizen and native of Marion Town- 
ship, was born October h, I828, being the eldest in a family of 
eight children born to Beaton and Sarah (Rhoades) Rhoades. ' '^hey 
came to this county in February, I82I, from North Carolina. He 
was reared to manhood on the farm, remaining at home and assisting 
his parents until he attained the arre of twenty-four years. In 

1852, his marriage with Lucretia J. Whicker was solemnized; that 
union was of short duration as her death occurred February II4., 

1853. May 16, 18^9, his and Rosanna Cook's nuctials were cele- 
brated, and to their union seven children were born: Ealsor', who 
married Rhoena Fisher; Mary J., now Mrs. Robert F, HaucK; c^arah 
C,, wife of John W. Brown; Franklin, unmarried; Emma M. , consort 


Generation 3 

of Jasper L. Whicker; Vlra E., now Mrs. George W, Whicker and 
George C, T, Mr. Fhoades has always made farming his occuiDation 
and he has been quite successful. He now owns 1^2 acres of well 
improved land. In politics he has always been a Democrat. Mrs, 
Rhoades was born July 7, 1832; she was a daughter of Cornelius 
and Mary (Wilkinson) Cook, who were also among the early settlers 
of this county, remaining residents until their death." 

Before ending up in Shelby Co., Cornelills and Mary Cook 
lived in at least 2 other counties in Ind . '^hey appear in the 
1820 census for Fayette Co. and in the I830 and 18^0 censuses 
for Shelby Co. On May 20, I828, CornellMs purchased a parcel 
of land in Sec. 25, Twp. I8, Range I3, Wayne Co., from a William 
Cook and on Sept. 15, 1831 purchased another parcel of land in the 
same Sec. from the U.S. Government, 

,20, ALLEN (Margaret^, John^ ) , son of Job and Margaret 
"Peggy" (Wilkinson) Huffman, was b. near Springdale, Ohio, 
Jan, 16, 1830. He m. Elizabeth Ann Wain, dau. of John and 
Martha (Wilkinson) Wain, in Greencastle , Ind., Feb, 1, 18^5, 
She was b, in Leesburg, Ohio, Feb, 19, I836. Allen and Elizabeth 
both d. near Springdale, Ohio - he on Sept, 6, 1901; and she on 
Apr, 30, 1922, Both are buried in the Springdale Presbyterian 
Cam, Inscribed gravestones mark their graves. Allen and Elizabeth 
were first cousins once removed, Elizabeth's mother was a niece 
of Allen's mother. 

Issue : 

1 Mary F., b, Sept. 7, l858, d, Ser)t, 19Ul; 

m, John Scheerer in Springdale, Ohio, Oct. I8, 
1893. No issue, Mary secured membership in 
the D.A.R. through her descent from John 
Wilkinson (I726-I806), the immigrant ancestor 
of this book, John Scheerer d, prior to 1930 
and Mary prior to 1962 near Giendale, Ohio, 
Mary is buried in the Giendale Oak Hill Gem, 
11 John Walter, b. Sept, 26, i860, d. Arjr. 13, 

36. ill Albert Gay, b, Dec, 17, 1862. 

37, iv Edgar W., b, in Hamilton, Ohio, May 12, 1865, 

V Samuel Elmer, b. July U, I867, d. Sept. 25, 
vi Isaac Ellsworth, b, Dec. 11, I868; m. Lulu 
Henry Knox in Columbus, Ohio, June 28, 1906, 
They lived in Oxford, Ohio, No Issue, 
vii Charles Wain, b, July I8, I87I; m. Maude 

Kerrlman, in Syracuse, N.Y,, Dec, 11, I89U. 
Both are buried in Lebanon, Tenn. No issue, 
viii Clarence Hendren, b. Jan. 10, l87h. d, 
Nov, 18, 1876. 

(It is believed all 8 children were born at or near 
Sprinftdale, Ohio. John, Samuel, and Clarence are 
burled in the Presbyterian Cem., Springdale, Ohio, 
and inscribed gravestones mark their ^rraves.) 


Generation 3 

21. WILLIAM W. (Margaret^, John"^), son of Job and Margaret 
(Wilkinson) Huffman, was b. in 1^36, a twin; m. Harriet Edwards. 
They lived in Piqua, Ohio. V/illiam d. Feb. 1, 1902. 


i Margaret, m. a Mr. Kruse. 


ii Benj. 


iii Perry 0. 


iv Edith. 


V Bertha. 

vi William Job, m, Emma 

in Toledo, Ohio. 


vii Mary Rose Anna. 

They lived 

43. viii Alfred V/arren. 

22. MARY C. (Margaret^, John"^), dau. of Job and Margaret 
(Wilkinson) Huffman, m. Isaac Hull. They lived in Hamilton, Ohio, 

Issue : 

i Samuel Vance, 
ii Edward Evert. 

23. ELIZABETH (Margaret^, John^*- ) , dau. of Job and Margaret 
(Wilkinson) Huffman, m. Joseph Williamson. They lived in Post 
Town, Ohio. 


i Samuel. 

ii Mary C. 


iii William H. 


iv Grant. 


V Gertrude. 

vi Agnes J. 


vii Isaac. 

viii Harry. 



Generation L|. 

24, ELIZABETH ANN (Martha^, Elijah^, John^ ) . Wife of Allen 
Huffman. See No. 20, 

25. ELIJAH COOPER (Martha^, Elijah^, John''-), son of John and 
Martha (V/ilklnson) Wain, was b. in Highland Co., Ohio, Mar, 7, 
1838. He m. (1) Mary R. Coffman, dau. of Nicholas and Lavina 
(Dicks) Coffman, in Putnam Co., Ind . , Jan. R, IP6?; end m. (2) 
Rebecca J. Davis, Apr. 20, IB90. Elijah d. in Putnam Co., Mar. 10, 
1926. Both of his wives also d. In Putnam Co, - Mary on Nov. 2^, 
l89U and Rebecca on Apr. 16, 1919. All 3 are burled in the Wesley 
Chapel Cem., U miles S.E. of Bainbridge, Ind. and inscribed grave- 
stones mark their graves. There were 10 children by the f'lrst 
marriage - none by the second. Mary was b. Aug. 11, I838 and 
Rebecca, Aug. l\ , l8i|9. ^ 

Issue (1st Wife): 












18, 186U.-!:- 

Samuel E,, b. Nov. 1)4., l862, d. Sept. 

John R., b. Oct. k, I866, d. Nov. 29, 

Bessie, b. Oct. 1, I868, d. Feb. 28, I88I,-;:- 

Martha "Mattie" Louise, b. Apr. 8, I87O, m. 

Edwin J. Wilkinson, her second cousin, once 

removed. See account under his name. 

Marguerite B, 

Cline L. (female), b. July 26, I873, d. 

Oct. 29, 1878.-;:- 


Mary, b, Sept. 3, l87^, d. Nov. 27, I878.-;:- 

Leonard J., b, June 30, l877, d. Dec. 12, I878. 

Grace, b. May 2U, l87q, d. Aug. I8 , 188I,-"- 

-"• Buried in V/esley Chapel Cem. Inscribed gravestones mark 
their graves. Olive probably buried there too but no stone found. 
A tragic tale of the early days - little children's lives being 
snuffed out, probably, by a childhood epidemic - [|. of them in a 
2-month period. 

Elijah Cooper Wain enlisted in the Civil War July 28, l862 
and was assigned to Co. B, 78th Ind. Vol. Inf. Recr. After 60 days 
service he and his Co, were mustered out Oct. 2, l862 . He applied 
for a pension under the Act of May 1, 1<^20, which was rejected 
because he had served less than 90 days and because of the fact 
that his disability was not incurred in line of duty. In his 
application he claimed that he suffered from chronic rheumatism 
contracted while in service. 

The following biographical sketch is fromWeik's "History of 
Putnam Co., 1910" :- 

Elijah Cooper Wain 

"Among the members of the older generations of farmers in 
Putnam Co., Ind., none occupy a hi<?her standing in the community 


Genera 1 5 on U 

than the r^entleman whose name appears at the head of thl? sketch. 
Long residence here has but served to strenchthen the hold which 
he has enjoyed in the hearts of those who knovr him and now, in 
the golden sunset of his life, he is enjoying the rest which his 
former years of toil have so richly entitled him to. 

"Elijah Cooper Wain is a native of the old Buckeye state, 
having first seen the lirrht of day in H:tphland county, Ohio, on 
March 7, IP38. He is a son of John and Martha (Wilkinson) Wain. 
The father was a native of Virginia ^: was a pioneer settler in 
both Ohio and Indiana, c ontinp to the latter state in I83O (IR39, 
comp. ) and locating in Putnam Co., where he took un the pursuit 
of agriculture, in which he was enr^aeed up to the time of his 
death, which occurred in Aumjst 1889; his vri fe died in August 
IO92. Politically he was a Whig and on the dissolution of that 
party he became a Fepubllcan to which party he gave an earnest 
support. His religious membership was with the Christian Church, 
in the various activities of which he took a prominent part. To 
John and Martha Wain were born the following children: Samuel, 
who died in infancy; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 19, I836, who became the 
wife of Allen Huffman of Hamilton Co, Ohio; Elijah C. the subject 
of this sketch; Mary J. b. Jan. 23, iP:'^^^ is the wife of John S. 

Black and lives at Bainbridge, this county. ( pararrraph on 

education omitted, Comp.). 

"During the Civil war, Mr. Wain gave practical evidence of 
his patriotic spirit by enlisting in the 78th Regiment Indiana 
Volunteer Infantry, with which he served 6 days, his services 
consisting mainly of picket duty. He keeps alive his old army 
associations by membership in the Grand Army of the Republic, 
belonging to the post at Bainbridge of which he has served as 
junior commander. (paragraph on politics omitted, Comp.) 

"Mr, Wain has been married twice, first on January 8, l862 
to Mary R. Coffman, dau. of i'^5cholas and Lavina (Dicks) Coffman, 
natives of Kentucky. To this union have been born nine children, 
of whom seven are dead, namely; Samuel, Marguerite (widow of 
Joseph M. Case who died Apr. 17, 1906 leaving 2 daucrhters), 
Bessie, Mattie, Olive, Grace, John, Leonard, and Mary. The 
mother of these children, who was a member of the Methodi^st 
1^00°°?^^ church, died Nov. 26, I89U, and on the 20th of Anr5 1, 
1C90, Mr. Wain married Rebecca J. Davis of Hamilton Co., Ohio, 
there being no children by the last marriage. Mr. Wain's life 
has been characterized by hifrh ideals, strict integrity, in- 
domitable Industry and amicable relatins with all, bein* thus 
deserving of the respect and esteem which is universally accorded 
him throughout the community." 

26. KARY J. "MOLLTE" (Martha3, KUjah^, John^ ) dau of 
Jan" pf ^^11""' (Wilkinson) Wain, wis b.'nea^ Roachdalerind!, 
iR?n \^ ' K^L"'* "^^^^ ^- ^^^""^ i" Putnam Co., Ind , A^r 18, 


rreneratlon [4 

On Jen. 30, 1937, while llvlnp; In Balnbridpe, Ind . , Mollle 
made a will which was proven in Putnam Co. Court, Jan. ?", I93B. 
Her assets were bequeathed to her 3 srandch j Idren, viz.:- "Mary 
L. Williams, of Los Anj^eles, Calif.; MarRaret B. Anderson, Speedway- 
City, Ind , ; and John H. Black, of Indianapolis." Executor of the 
will was the Citizens Bank of Balnbridge and the witnesses were 
Charles McCauhey and Walter Hasten. 

I s s ue t 

^9. i Harvey Wain, b. in Balnbrid(3;e , May 13, l87U. 
50. ii John Elijah, b. in Bainbridge, Jan. 21, I880. 

27, ELIJAH H. (John3, Elijah2, John^), son of John and Mary 
Ann "Betsy" (Wain) Wilkinson, was b. in Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., 
Ind. in lol;0. He m. (1) Lydia Emma Shoemaker in Putnam Co., 

Ind. An inscribed gravestone marks her grave. His second wife d. 
in Lop Angeles, Calif., Dec. 17, 19P2 . Elijah d. in Nickerson, 
Kans., Mar. 12, 1907. He and his second wife are buried in the 
Neola Cem., Neola , Kans. Inscribed pravestones mark their sraves. 

Issue ( 1st Wife ) : 

51, i James Sherman, b, in Putnam Co., Ind., Dec. ?7, 


Issue (2nd Wife) : 

i Eddythe Opal, b. in Greencastle, Ind,, Jan. 1, 
1890, d. in North Hollywood, Calif., Mar. I3, 
1959. She never m. The following information 
concerninn; her was kindly furnished by her 
nephew Forrest R. Wilkinson:- "She was a nurse, 
took care of many elderly people. She was with 
Dema (her sister) after she became ill and 
helped take care of her until a short time 
before she became ill herself. Eddythe s-oent 
much of her life helping others. Helped care 
for James (her brother) the last weeks of his 
illness. Liked to keep family records, I got 
part of my information from the records she 
left me before she passed away." 

52. ii Ida Dema, b. in Greencastle, Ind., Mar. 28, I89I. 

Elijah H. Wilkinson enlisted in the Civil War at Indi anarolis , 
Ind., Sept. 1, 1861. On Feb. 6, l873 l^e acplled for a pension for 
his Civil War services. In reportinft on his case, the Adjutant 
General's office advised the Commissioner of Pension as follows :- 
"It appears from the Polls on file in this Office that Elijah H. 
Wilkenson was enrolled on the 1 day of Sep. iPf^l, at Indianapolis 




Generate on h 

In Co. A, 21 Repiment of Indiana Volunteers, to serve Three years 
or during the v/ar, and mustered into service as a Private on the 
12 day of Sep. l86l, at Indianaoolis , in Co, A, 27 Peeiment of 
Indiana Volunteers, to serve Three years, or durinc: the war. On 
the Muster Poll of Co. A, of that Pepiment, for the months of July 
and August, 1962 he is reported missinrr in action Aue. 9 l862 
•Sep. & Oct. 62 Present - Feleased Sep 13/62 '-ay ^ June 6.3 Wounded 
& sent to Hosp'l at V/ashington City (No date - Co. vas in action 
at place claimed May 3/63) July ?c Auf 63 'Present'. Reinlisted 
as a Vet. Vol. in said Co. Jan. 2l/6U to serve 3 years Transf'd 
to Co. 'C 70th Ind Vols. & promoted Corp said Co. Subsequently 
transf'd to Co. 'P'. 33rd Ind. Vols. & is rent'd in May &•, June 
65 roll of said Co. as K.O. June 26/65 per order V/.D. of May l8/65' 
(No Ind'l M/O/P in file)." 

able by 

gives out in that leg - and is very sore. He *^urther states that 
he made an application in the year of I87I. Some 2 years ago - 
and proof was made at that time - and no notice has ever been 
received of the receipt of said paners at the Department, and 
Information from the Dpt. is that no such case is on file. My 
Discharge is with the parers that was forwarded at that time. 
He was in the Service as follows. After he was wounded, and 3 
yrs . had expired he reinlisted as Veteran, and was transferred 
to the 70th Fegt Ind Vols, then to the 33rd Re^t. of Ind. Vols." 

At the time of making this application Elijah's occuT)8tlon 
was that of a farmer and he was residing at Fillmore, Ind. 

On May 7, 1907 and acrain on Apr. 23, 1908 Elijah's wife 
Lydia made application for a Widow's Pension. At the time of 
her death, Dec. 17, 1922, she was receivinr a oension of •!^30.00 
per month, and was residing; at 171B8 Berendo St., Los Angeles, 
Calif. She was buried in Turon, Kens, where her dau. Eddythe 
was livinr- at the time. Eddythe sinned the death certificate 
as "Eddythe Wilkinson" thus indicating a slnerle status. 

The following tribute to Elijah appeared in the "Greencastle 
(Ind.) Banner" newspaper, issue of Apr. 6, 1907:- 

A Tribute 

"To the Editor of the Banner. Will you kindly allow me 
space in the columns of your valuable paper to pay my tribute 
of respect to my late comrade, Elijah H. Wilkinson, who died at 
Nickerson, Kansas, March 12, 1907. Comrade Wilkinson was born 


Genera hi on I; 

in Floyd Township, Putnam county, Indiana, in ifiljO, and was the 
son of John and Mary Ann Wilkerson. Tils grandfather, Elijah 
Wilkinson was a soldier in the '-/ar of l8l2, and a prominent 
farmer, beinp; one of the first settlers of Floyd Township. 

"Comrade Wilkinson worked on his father's farm in Floyd 
Township, until Auerust 7, I86I, v;hen he enlisted in Capt. A, L. 
Morrison's company A, Twenty-seventh Indiana Infantry, for three 
years or during the war, and was honorably discharged by reason 
of the close of the war, at Louisville, Ky. , July );, l86^. 

"He arrived in Washington, D. C. with the regiment, 
September 19, I86I, and was assigned to Gen. Bank's Division on 
the upper Potomac between Washington, D. C. and Harper's Ferry, 
where he remanied until February, l862 , when the regiment took 
part in the memorable campaign in the Shenandoah Valley, between 
Gen. Banks and Gen. Stonewall Jackson. Comrade Wilkinson partici- 
pated in the battle of Winchester, Va . , May 2^, l862 , and Cedar 
Mountain, Va . , August 9, l862 . In this battle he was taken 
prisoner and was confined at Belle Isle prison until after the 
battle of Antletam, Md . , September 17, l862, when he was exchanged 
and joined the regiment. He took part in the camnain-n and battle 
of Chancellorsvllle , Va . , May 3, I863 , where he received a severe 
wound in the left groin, the ball Imbedding itself near the hip 
joint, where It remained until his death. 

"Before he recovered from this wound he joined the regiment 
which received orders with two other regiments of the brlt^ade, 
the latter part of July, I863, to proceed to New York City to 
put down the draft riot. After the affalr> the regiment joined 
its corps, the Twelfth, on the Rappahannock river,. Va,, where it 
remained until after the battle of Chic kamaugua , Ga . , September 19th 
and 20th, I863 , when the corps wns ordered to join the Army of the 
Cumberland at Chattanooga, Tenn, 

"Comrade Wilkinson was with Gen. Sherman's army 5n all the 
battles of the campaign in the spring and summer of 186[|. from 
Chattanooga to Atlanta, Ga., and received a wound at Resaca, Ga . , 
but remained with the regiment. After the fall at Atlanta, Sept. 1, 
l86L|., the men of the regiment who had not reenlisted as veterans, 
about one-hundred of them, were mustered out of service by reason 
of the expiration of their term of three years, and on Nov. I|th, 
I86I;, the supernumerary officers were mustered out and 17O veterans 
and recruitvS, with three commissioned officers were transferred to 
the 70th Indiana Infantry. Comrade Wilkinson was one of the vete- 
rans transferred, having enlisted the January previous for another 
three years or "during the war," and marched in the ranks of that 
regiment with Gen. Sherman to the sea, and from Savannah up through 
the Carollnas, participating in the battles of Aversboro and 
Bentonville, N. C, March 186^. 

"After the rebels had laid dovm their arms Sherman's army 
centinued its march in peace, on to Richmond and Washington. On 
the march to the last named city the veterans of the 27th Indiana 
encamped on the battlefields of Chancellorsvllle, just two years 


Generation k 

to a day after they had been in battle there, vhere Comrade 
Wilkinson received the bullet that he carried in his body the 
retiainder of his life. At Washington they narticlDnted in the 
Grand Review, v/here 200,000 veteran soldiers marched through 
the streets of the capital of their country, at the close of 
a four year's bloody war. 

"In all the campaigns Comrade Wilkinson displayed the 
courage, endurance and enthusiasm, characteristic of the best 
type of the American soldier. 

U2U M. St., N. W., Washington, D. C . "' 

The following account of Elijah's second marriage appeared 
in an l88U newspaper (presumably a Greencastle, Ind . paper) :- 

Wedding - A Floyd township observer seeing E. H. Wilkerson 
(sic) on Saturday evening look out of a harness shop on the north 
side of the square in Greencastle with a six foot buggy whip, 
thought he meant business but later on, seeinr his hack loaded 
at Welk and Go's store with many loaves of bread and other things 
to tedious to mention, that he concluded that a frost (feast) was 
in prospect. Sunday morning he drove with other parties to the 


bride's father, Mr. William Pursell where Hev. D, W, Risher duly 
solemnized the matrimonial bonds, They then formed in processi 
and moved to Wesley Chapel, the Treacher leading the way. No 
accident of serious nature happened exceot the breaking of a 
ham string of the groom's carriage, causiufT him to rret out and 
make repairs. After services a crowd volunteered to accompany 
the bride and groom to his residence, where a table was spread 
groaning under its mighty load of rood things. After hB persons 
had fared sumptuously there was still plenty to have fed another 
such crowd. 

The following account of Lydla's parents is from the "I887 
Biographical and Historical Record of Putnam County, Indiana" :- 

"William Pursell, one of the oldest living settlers residing 
in this locality, is a native of Bourbon Countv, Kentucky, where 
he was born July 1, l8l5, son of Thomas and Kelinda Pursell, 
natives of Virginia. His father was of Enrlish descent, and a 
soldier in the Revolutionary war, having settled in Kentucky 
previous to that war. In 1823 he removed with his family to 
Putnam County, Indiana, locating in Floyd Township, where he 
passed the remainder of his days. His death occurred about the 
year 1827. He was the father of five children, two of whom are 
living - William and Mary A. He was a public-spirited man, and 
ready to assist any enterprise that would benefit the community. 
Politically he affiliated with the Pemocratic party. William, the 
subject of this sketch, was reared to manhood in this county, and 
has been a life-long farmer. He was married October 6, I836, to 
Miss Zerelda Moss, daughter of Israel Moss, an early settler of 
this county. To this union eight children have been born - 


Generation 4 

Elizabeth, who married Reuben Arnold; Sallie A., who became the 
wife of James Arnold; Melinda M. , now Mrs. Joseph Butler; Frances, 
wife of V/illiam Arnold; Charles, William; Lydia, who married Elijah 
Wilkinson, and Emma, wife of George Gowin. William Pursell located 
upon his present farm, which is situated in the western portion 
of Marion Township, about twenty-seven years ago, and has resided 
there ever since. He owns IS3 acres of excellent land all in a 
good state of cultivation. He is a self-made man, having acquired 
his property by hard labor and good management. He is a worthy 
and consistent member of the Christian Church, of which he has 
served as a deacon. Politically he is a Democrat, and has served 
creditably as school director. He was afflicted by the loss of 
his wife November 27, I886. Among all the pioneers of Putnam Coun- 
ty, no one is more highly esteemed than is Mr. Pursell." 

28. ELIZABETH ANNA (David^, Elijah^, John-*"), dau. of David 
Hixson and Amaze tta (Day) V/ilkinson, was b. in Putnam Co., Ind., 
Jan. 7> 1854. She m. William Harrison Orr, in Wapello Co., Iowa, 
May 16, 1878. She and her husband d. in Chicago, 111. — she on 
May 8, I9O6. She is buried in Arlington Cem. , Elmhurst, 111. and 
her grave is marked with a gravestone, Elizabeth is said to 
have worked with Jane Adams at Hull House in Chicago, 

Issue ; 

53* i George Franklin, b, in Ottumwa, Iowa, 
Dec, 24, 1878, 
ii Sadie, b. ca I88O, d. at ca 8 years of age. 

54. iii Julia Marietta, b. in Chicago, May 12, 


55. iv Elijah Harrison, b. in Chicago, Sept. 30, 


56. v Linnie Aurora, b. in Chicago, Nov. I886. 

57. vi Vi/illiam Randolph, b. in Chicago, I892. 

29. JOSEPHINE (David^, Elijah^, John"^), dau. of David Hixson 
and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b, in Putnam Co,, Ind,, Oct, 14, 
1856, She m, Francis "Frank" M, Larew, son of William and S. (Daugh- 
erty) Larew, in Wapello Co,, Iowa, Apr, 13, I88I. He was b. in 
Ind,, ca 1859, No further information has been found concerning 
this couple except that they moved to Calif, and had a dau,, Maude. 

Issue ! 

58. i Maude 

30. ELIJAH EMERY (David^, Elijah^, John"*-), son of David Hixson 
and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b, in Greencastle, Ind,, Nov, 23, 
1858, He ra. Ludia Vean Gamett, near Murdock, Kans., Sept. 23, 
1886, She was bom in Osawatomie, Kans., Aug, 23, I87I, Elijah 
and Ludia d, in Kingman Co., Kans. — he on Apr. 30, 1917 and she on 
Sept. 16, 1908 and both are buried there in the Vamer Cem. Grave- 
stones mark their graves. 


Emery Harrison, b. near Vamer, Kans., May 3» 


Generation 4 

ii Wanda Corine, b. near Vamer, Kans., July 22, 
1B%. She m. Harry George Seifert, in Pretty 
Prairie, Kans., June 12, 1913. He was b. in 
Pretty Prairie, Kans., Sept. 7, lS93. V/anda and 
Harry reside (1970) in Pretty Prairie, P. 0. Box 
285. No children, 
iii Eldon V/ilbur, b. near Vamer, Kans., Mar. 20, 

1907. He m. Juanita Mae Manjeot in Spivey, Kans., 
Aug. 29, 1949. She was b. in Spivey, May iB, 
1919. They reside (1970) on R. R. 2, Kingman, 
Kansas. Eldon has one stepchild but no children 
of his own. His wife operates the Dixie Lee 
Beauty Shop in Kingman. 

The following obituary of Emery Harrison V/ilkinson appeared in 
a Kingman, Kans. newspaper. He never married: — 

Emery Wilkinson Dies 

"Emeiy Wilkinson, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Wil- 
kinson of near Vamer, died September 9 and was buried in Lebanon 
Cemetery the following Monday, September 11. He was bom May 3, 
1887, near Belmont and had spent all his life in this county. He 
had been ill for some time and died in a hospital in Hutchison. 
He was of a genial disposition and had many friends. He is sur- 
vived by a sister, Mrs. Hariy Seifert, and a brother, Eldon Wilkin- 
son, who is a signalman, first class, and is stationed at Grosse 
lie, Mich. He was given leave to attend his brother's funeral." 

31. JEHU HARRISON (David^, Elijah^, John"*- ) , son of David Hixson 
and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b. in Greencastle, Ind., Oct. 16, 
i860. He m. Georgia B. Hendrixson, dau. of Isaac and M. E. (Van 
Cleave) Hendrixson, in Blakesburg, Iowa, Nov. 9» 1892. She was b. 
in Blakesburg, Iowa, Dec. l+, 1873. «fehu and Georgia d. in Kingman 
Co., Kans. — he on Aug. 8, 1927 and she on Jan. I8, 1953, and both 
are buried in \7alnut Hill Cem., Kingman, Kans. Gravestones mark 
their graves. 

Jehu, or "Jake" or "John" as he was called, when a young man 
carried the Pony Express mail from Ottumwa to Blakesburg, Iowa. 
He was a prosperous Kingman Co. farmer. 

Issue ; 

59. i Xellis Henry, b. in Ottumwa, Iowa, Apr. I8, 

32. MARY CATHERINE (David^, Elijah^, John^), dau. of David 
Hixson and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b. in Wapello Co., Iowa, 
May 16, 1863. She m. Charles Marion Fowler, son of Henry and K'ancy 
A. (Russell) Fowler, at the home of her brother, Elijah, near Mur- 
dock, Kans., Oct. 10, I887. Charles was b. in Knox Co., 111., 
Feb. 14, 1864. Mary and Charles d. in Kingman, Kans. — she on 

June 2b, 1937 and he on Jan. I3, 1942 and both are buried there 
in Walnut Hill Cera. Gravestones mark their praves. 




Generation 4 

They belonged to the Methodist Church. He was a Mason and 
Knight Templar and she belonged to the Eastern Star. He was a 
city commissioner in Kingman for many years. His dau. Nannie 
writes that: — "He installed the city water works system, made the 
city park a beautiful place with addition of flower urns which he 
made and donated. He always had his own business, had the grain 
and feed store with the big grain elevator at his death, owned and 
operated an apartment house of 27 apartments known as 'Fowler 
Apartments'." Charles Fowler's father, Henry, served in Co. B. 
19th la. Vol. Inf., in the Civil War. 

Issue ; 

60. i Nannie Amazetta, b. near Murdock, Kans. Oct. 6, 


61. ii Getha Mae, b. in Kingman, Kans., May 12, 1^90. 
iii Sadie Maurine, b. in Kingman, Kans., Aug. 2B, 


Sadie Maurine m. Claude Emerson Jumey, in Hilo, Hawaii, July 
1/*, 1936. He was b. in Waco, Texas, Nov. 19, 1905. Claude d. in 
Kingman, Kans., Apr. 3, 1955 and is buried there in Walnut Hill 
Cem. A gravestone marks his grave. Sadie resides (1970) at 242 
Ave. A., West Kingman, Kans, She has no children. 

Her sister Nannie writes: "Sadie taught country schools, later 
was Physical Education director in the Kingman High School, King- 
man, Kansas. Went to Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D, C, 
was in Physical Therapy Department, from there she was sent to 
Hawaii and worked in the government hospital. She married Claude 
Emerson Jumey, a West Point graduate. He was stationed there, 
title was Captain. Sadie and Claude were on their second trip to 
Hawaii when World War II was declared, they lived at Schofield 
Barracks. Claude served in the Islands south of Hawaii to 
Australia. He was decorated with many medals. His title was 
Colonel when he was discharged, and because of a heart condition, 
he retired. After returning home he entered Washburn Law School 
at Topeka, Kansas, graduated and was practising law at the time 
of his death in Kingman, Kansas." 

Sadie was instrumental in getting the Kingman County Museum 
located in the old city hall. She is presently (1970) overseeing 
the exhibits in the museum and writes a column, "Museum Notes", 
for the Kingman newspaper, "The Leader Courier". 

33. IDA MAY (David-^, Elijah^, John"'-), dau, of David Hixson 
and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b, in Wapello Co., Iowa, 
Feb. 12, 1866. She m. Charles Morris, son of Robinson Morris, 
on Sept. 15, 1885. He was b. in Sullivan Co., Mo., Jan. 11, 
1855. Ida and Charles d. in Green City, Mo., — she on Oct. 14, 
1941 and he on May I8, 1940 and both are buried there in Mt. 
Zion Cem. Gravestones mark their graves. Ida at one time owned 
her father's family bible, which has disappeared since her death. 


Generation 1+ 


62. i Nova C, b. Dec. 23, 1336. 
ii Elba D., b. Feb. 14, IB90. 

63. iii Glen R. , b. Dec. 12, l391. 

64. iv Elmer Earl, b. July 26, I896. 
(All four children b. near Owasco, Mo.) 

Elba D. m. Belva Linhart, dau. of Will and Eva Linhart, in 
Milan, Mo., Jan. 1, 1914- She was b. near Owasco, Mo., Mar. 30, 
IB95. Elba d. near Owasco, Mo., July 15, 1953 and is buried in 
Mt. Zion Gem. A gravestone marks his grave. No issue. 

34. MATTIE LEORA (David-^, Elijah , John ), dau. of David 
Hixson and Amazetta (Day) ViJilkinson, was b. in Wapello Co., Iowa, 
Mar. 10, 1868. She m. Allen Conner, son of James Fredric and 
Mary Elizabeth (Morris) Conner, in Owasco, Mo., Jan 20, 1895. 
Mary Elizabeth was a sister to Charles Morris who married Mattie's 
sister, Ida May. Allen d. in Kirksville, Mo., Jan. 12, 1917 

and Mattie in Lyle, Mo., July 1943 and both are buried in Kirks- 
ville, Mo. Gravestones mark their graves. Allen was b. near 
Kirksville, Mo., June 2, 1866. 

Issue : 

i James F., b. Dec. 4, 1895. 

65. ii John Morris, b. Sept. 20, 1897. 

iii Charlie Allen, b. Oct. 27, l899. Never Married, 
iv Edith Amazetta, b. Dec. 5, 1902. 
(All four children b. in Kirksville, Mo.) 

James F. m. Luella May Rice, dau. of Edward Albert and Nellie 
(Jenning) Rice, in Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 6, 1926. She was b. in 
Kirksville, Mo., Nov. 9, 1899. They reside (1970) in Raytown, 
Mo. Luella is an osteopathic doctor. They have one child, an 
adopted dau., Mary Ann, b. Sept. 11, 1939. 

Edith Amazetta m. David Mikel, son of Levender L. and Susie 
(Miller) Mikel, in Kirksville, Mo., Apr. 9, 1930. He was b. in 
Kirksville, Mo., Dec. 7, I896. No issue. 

35. ARI^IANIOUS A. (David^, Elijah^, John"*"), son of David 
Hixson and Amazetta (Day) Wilkinson, was b. in Wapello Co., 
Iowa, June 7, I87I. He m. Bertha F. Rush, dau. of James A. and 
Eliza (McAllister) Rush, in Wapello Co., Iowa, Sept. 27, I892. 
She was b. in Wapello Co., Aug. 15, I87I. Armanious and Bertha 
d. in Wapello Co. — he on June 15, 1933 and she in Oct., 1937. 
Both are buried in Shawl Cem., Ottumwa, Iowa. Gravestones mark 
their graves. 

Armanious' second given name apparently was "Albert" as he 
was affectionately known as "Bert". He died intestate. The 
assets of his estate; including 80 acres of land in the SV/ i of 
Lot 12, Blk. 71, Range 15; were distributed to his wife and 3 
children. Bertha made a will on Sept. 9, 1936 making bequests 
to her 3 children. 


Generation 4 

Issue : 

i Edith, b. in Wapello Co., Mar. 28, l894, d. there 
Oct. 16, I95B, buried in Shawl Gem. Never married. 
She d, interstate leaving as sole heir her sister 
ii Lee, b. in Wapello Go., May 21, 1897. 
iii Laura E., b. in Wapello Co., Sept. I+, 1900. 

Lee m. Allene Honaker, dau. of T. L. Honaker, in Blakesburg, 
Iowa, Oct. 21, 1918. She was b. in Ohio, July 25, I898. Lee d. 
in Browning, Mo., Dec. 2, 1952 and is buried in Shawl Gem. A 
gravestone marks his grave. He had no children. His widow re- 
sides (1970) on R. R. 1, Browning, Mo. 

Laura E. m. Oscar Arnold, son of Jacob and Lucy (Baker) 
Arnold, in Ottumwa, Iowa, Sept. 27, 1928. He was b. near Blakes- 
burg, Iowa, Jan. 16, I887, in a country home where he spent his 
entire life. He was previously married to Jeanette Neete, dau. 
of Charley Neete, by whom he had a son Glenn. No children by 
the second marriage. Jeanette was b. June 9» I892. Oscar d. 
in the Ottumwa Hospital and Jeanette at their country home — he 
on July 28, 1970 and she on June I6, 1924. Gravestones mark 
their graves in Shawl Gem., Ottumwa, Iowa. Laura resides (1970) 
at the country home, R. R. 1, Blakesburg, Iowa. Nearby lives 
her stepson, Glenn, who was bom in the country home. Mar. 4» 

36. ALBERT GAY (Allen^, Margaret^, John"*-), son of Allen and 
Elizabeth Ann (Wain) Huffman, was b. Dec. 17, 1862. He m. Tina 
Merriman in Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 29, I89I. Albert was a doctor 
of medicine. He is buried in Oak Hill Gem., Glendale, Ohio. 
Tina was b. in Syracuse, N. Y. 

Issue : 

i Howard H., d. in infancy, 
ii Emma Elizabeth, m. William E. Fisk. No issue. 

The following obituaries of Emma and her husband are from 
the July 11, 1966 and June 14, 1961 issues, respectively, of the 
"Crawfordsville (Ind.) Journal Review" newspaper: — 

Mrs. Fisk, 68, of Shannondale, Dies 

"Mrs. Emma Elizabeth 'Huffman* Fisk, 68, of Shannondale, died 
Saturday night in the Mapleview Home in Crawfordsville. 

"A daughter of Dr. Albert and Tina Merriman Huffman, she was 
bom Nov. 8, 1897 at Elmwood Place, Ohio. She married William E. 
Fisk on Jan. 2 5, 1924 at Plymouth, Indiana. He died June 12, 196I. 
The only immediate survivors are two cousins, Lillard Huffman of 
R 3, Crawfordsville and Gladys Huffman of Crawfordsville. 

"Mrs. Fisk was a 1915 graduate of Crawfordsville High School. 


Generation U 

She attended Glendale (Ohio) College and Littleford School of 
Cincinnati. During World War 11 she lived in Lebanon. In recent 
years she resided at Shannondale. 

"Funeral rites are set for 7:30 P.M. at Russell and Fitch 
Funeral Home in Lebanon, where friends may call, and burial vdll 
follow Tuesday, at Glendale, Ohio. Rev. William E. Thompson of 
the Shannondale Presbyterian Church will officiate at the services." 

Wm. E. Fisk Dies in Hospital 

"William E. Fisk, 67, a resident of Shannondale since 1954, 
died Monday night in the West 10th, Veterans Hospital at Indiana- 
polis. He had been a patient in the hospital since Sunday. 

"Bom Aug. 22, 1893 in Ridge Farm, Illinois, Mr. Fisk was 
the son of James and Laura Driskell Fisk. He married Emma 
Elizabeth Huffman Jan. 25, 1924 in Plymouth. 

"A veteran of World War 1, Mr. Fisk served 15 years in the 
U.S. Army. He worked 13 years at the Stewart-Warner Co. in 
Lebanon. Before moving to the present home in Shannondale, Mr. 
Fisk lived in Dover and Lebanon. 

"Survivors include the widow. 

"Masonic rites will be held at the Russell and Fitch Funeral 
Home in Lebanon at 8:00 P.M. Wednesday by the Lebanon Masonic 
Lodge of which Mr. Fisk was a member. Burial will be Thursday 
at Oak Hill Cemetery at Glendale, Ohio. 

"Friends may call at the funeral home." 

Emma d. of cancer of the breast. A Mrs. Kell Steele, Rt. 1, 
Crawfordsville, Ind. helped care for her until she was taken to 
a nursing home. Emma left her property to Mrs. Steele and to 
her cousin, Lillard Huffman. 

37. EDGAR W. (Allen^, Margaret^, John""-), son of Allen and 
Elizabeth Ann (Wain) Huffman, was b. in Hamilton Co., Ohio, 
May 12, I865. He m. Myrtle G. Allen in Bainbridge, Ind., 
Nov. 23, 1887. She was b. in Bainbridge in I866. Edgar and 
Myrtle d. in Crawfordsville, Ind. — he in 1928 and she in 1946. 
Both are buried there in the Oak Hill Cem. Inscribed gravestones 
mark their graves. 

Issue : 

66. i Walter Clarence, b. near Springdale, Ohio, 
Feb. 11, 1891. 
ii Gladys, b. near Springdale, Ohio in 1892; 
d. in Crawfordsville in I967 and buried 
there in the Oak Hill Cem. Never married, 
iii Lillard Allen, b. in Springdale, Ohio. He 
was married twice. His first wife was Alma 
Snyder whom he m. in Feb., 1916. Lillard 
d. in Crawfordsville in I969. His second 

Generation 4 

wife (name unknovm) resides there. No 
children by either marriage. 

33. BEN J. (William^, Margaret^, John"^), son of William W. 
and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. Etta V. Francis. 

Issue ; 

i Fern H. 
ii Francis W. 
iii William H. 
iv Gay lord H. 

V Alvin T. 
vi Cletus M. 

39. PERRY 0. (V/illiam^, Margaret^, John"^), son of William W. 

and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. Florence . They lived 

in Sabula, Iowa. 

Issue ; 

i Rex. 
ii Roy. 
iii Clarence. 

40. EDITH (William^, Margaret^, John"^), dau. of William W. 
and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. Charles Foster. They lived in 
Piqua, Ohio. 

Issue ; 

i Evylin. 

41. BERTHA (William^, Margaret^, John"""), dau. of William 
and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. Elsworth Frances. They lived 
in Troy, Ohio. 

Issue ; 

i Etta. 
ii Silvia, 
iii Maud, 
iv Marion. 

V Marvin. 
vi Harriet. 

42. MARY ROSE ANNA (William^, Margaret^, John"*-), dau. of 
William and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. George M. Wyatt. They 
lived in Piqua, Ohio. 

Issue ; 

i Mae. 

43. ALFRED VMRPiEN (William^, Margaret^, John-*-), son of 
V/illiam and Harriet (Edwards) Huffman, m. but the name of his 
wife has not been determined. 


Generation 1+ 
Issue t 

i Leah, 

T 2 1 

l+k» WILLIAM H. (Elizabeth-^, Margaret , John ), son of Joseph 

and Elizabeth (Huffman) Williamson, m. Bessie . They 

lived in Gentry, Benton Co., Ark. 


i Ruth, 
ii Fred. 

-3 2 1 

45. GRANT (Elizabeth^, Margaret , John ), son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth (Huffman) Williamson, m. Alice . 

Issue ; 

i Reba. 

46. GERTRUDE (Elizabeth^, Margaret , John ) , dau. of Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Huffman) Williamson, m. Alfred Wagoner. They lived 
in Franklin, Ohio. 

Issue ; 

i Ralph, 
ii Ruth, 
iii Emma. 

47. ISAAC (Elizabeth-^, Margaret , John^^), son of Joseph and 

Elizabeth (Huffman) Williamson, m. Anna . They lived in 

Oxford, Ohio. 


i Ruby, 
ii Elizabeth. 


Generation 5 

^48. MARGUERITE B, "MAGGIE" (Elijah^, Martha^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Elijah Cooper and Mary R. (Coffman) Wain, m. 
Joseph M. Case in Putnam Co., Ind., June 17, 1S9A-* Joseph d, 
in Floyd Twp., Putnam Co., Apr. 17, 1906. 

Issue ; 

i Mary Louise, b. Nov. 17, 1^97; d. Nov. 15, 
1952. Never married. Buried New Maysville, 
Ind. Gem. 
ii Frances Josephine, b. in Greencastle, Ind., 
Aug. 10, 1900; d. in Lebanon, Ind., May 16, 
1966. She m. Wm. Hoover who d. Mar. 9, 1949 
and is buried in the New Maysville, Ind. Gem. 

The following obituary of Frances is from the "Lebanon (Ind.) 
Reporter" newspaper, issue of Thurs., May 19, 1966: — 

Frances Hoover, 65 
Claimed by Illness 

"One of Lebanon's most lovable residents, Mrs. Frances C. 
(sic) Hoover, passed away Wednesday afternoon at Witham Hospital. 
She had been transferred here Monday evening from the Robert Long 
Hospital in Indianapolis where she had been a patient for three 
weeks following surgery. 

"Mrs. Hoover, who was 65 years old, had made her home in 
Lebanon for many years, presently at 514 North Lebanon Street. 
She had worked in various places, been very active in church work 
and had a host of friends and acquaintances. She was particular- 
ly fond of children and had helped many, serving as a mother to 
a few, including two boys reared in the Hoover home, and was a 
popular baby sitter in various Lebanon homes. Her services to 
her fellowman and her interests in the community had touched the 
lives of many, who admired and respected her and her cheerful and 
kind nature. Formerly she was a member of the Central Christian 
church and active in its Fellowship Circle and Whatsover Class, 
attended Sunday School regularly and took part in the Federation 
of Church Women. She also had served on the music committee of the 
church and willingly assisted in the office. 

"She was a native of Putnam County, bom in Greencastle 
August 10, 1900. She was graduated from Bainbridge high school 
in 1916 and had a music certificate for teaching from DePauw 
University, where she worked three years before coming to Lebanon. 
She was with Honan-Crane six years prior to starting work part- 
time in 1953 at Witham. She became a full-time employe in 1954, 
working until recently when she became ill. 

"There are no surviving relatives. 

"Her maiden name was Case and her sister, Mary Case, was a 


Generation 5 

well known social worker in Boone county. Her husband, also 
preceded her in death. 

"At her request, her body has been given to the Indiana 
University Medical School and her eyes to the Eye Bank. Following 
her wishes, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for the 
repose of her soul at 7 p.m. today at St. Joseph's Catholic Church," 

49. HARVEI WALN (Mary^, Martha^, Elijah^, John"*"), son of 
John S. and Mary J, (Wain) Black, was b. in Bainbridge, Ind., 

May 13, 1^74. He m. Ina Edwards, dau. of James Uzal and Elizabeth 
Anne (Hale) Edwards, in Illinois. Ina was previously m. to Christo- 
pher Hartman and had one child by him, Gladys. Gladys m. John L. 
Scott of Marion, Ind. She d. at about age of 30 and is buried in 
Bainbridge, Ind. She had 3 children, William, Richard, and 
Elizabeth Ann. Elizabeth Ann Scott m. Robert V/oempner and they 
reside in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Harvey d. in Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 21, 1933 and is buried 
in Bainbridge, Ind. An inscribed gravestone marks his grave. In 
1963 Ina, still living at the age of 92, was residing in the 
Indiana Masonic Home Hospital, Franklin, Ind. She was b. in 
Carpentersville, Ind., Dec. 31, 1376. 

Issue (Children of Harvey and Ina Black) ; 

i Morris, d. at age of 2. Buried Bainbridge Cem. 

67. ii Margaret, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 4, 1908. 

68. iii John Harvey, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., June 28, 


50. JOHN ELIJAH (Marv^, Martha^, Elijah^, John^), son of 
John S. and Mary J. (Wain) Black, was b. in Bainbridge, Ind., 
Jan. 21, 1880. He m. Cora Prather, in Putnam Co., Ind., July 20, 
1904. John d. Dec. 29, 1919 and is buried in the Bainbridge Cem. 

Issue ; 

i Mary Lucy. b. 1906; m. (1) Williams 

and m. (2) Paul J. Duncan. She and Paul 
reside in V/illcox, Ariz., Dos Cabezos Star 
Rt. No issue by either marriage. 

A newspaper obituary of John follows (Name of paper now known) :- 


"John Elijah Black, youngest son of John and Mary Black was 
born in Bainbridge, Indiana, January 21, 1880. He married Cora 
Prather, on July 20, 19O4. To this union was bom one child Marv 
Lucy, age 13 . ^ 

woo J'?^ ^^^ ^ ^?°^ ^°^ ^"^^ Sood husband and a loving father. He 
ntt-A rt^ friend and his sunny disposition won him many friends. 
St i?^ u^ ^fe and daughter and father and mother he leaves his 
brother Harvey Wain Black and his sister (sister-in-law, Comp. ), 


Generation 5 

Ina Black, two nieces Margaret Wain Black and Gladys E. Hartman 
and a nephew John Harvey Black. He died December 29th at the age 
of 39 years, 11 months and 2k days. 

Sunset and evening star 

And one clear call for me 

And may there be no moaning of the bar 

When 1 put out to sea 

"Funeral at home of Mr. John E. Black in charge of Rev. G. C. 
Griggs of Roachdale." 

51. JAMES SHERMAN (Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, John"'"), son of 
Elijah H. and Lydia Emma (Shoemaker) Wilkinson, was b. in Putnam 
Co., Ind., Dec. 27, lB74. He m. Clara Kate Wagner, dau. of Lewis 
W. and Katherine (Kohs) Wagner, in Turon or Haviland, Kans., 
Aug. 25, 1B97. She was b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. iB, 1875. 
James and Clara d. in Monte Vista, Colo. — he on Nov. 24, 1944 and 
she on May 20, 1952. Both are buried in the Monte Vista Gem. 
Inscribed gravestones mark their graves. Clara's parents are 
buried in the Neola, Kans. Gem., which cem. borders the farm they 
once owned and the farm James and Clara once owned. The graves 
of Clara's parents are marked with inscribed gravestones. 

James S. Wilkinson was a farmer and stockman in Reno Co., 
Kans. until Mar. 1909 when he moved to the San Luis Valley near 
Monte Vista, Colo, where he continued farming and stock raising 
until retirement. 

Issue : 

69. i Forrest Roscoe, b. Turon, Kans., July 7, I898. 

70. ii Gladys Velma, b. Turon, Kans., Sept. 25, 1904. 

52. IDA DEMA (Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, John"^ ) , dau. of 
Elijah H. and Lydia (P\irsell) Wilkinson, was b. in Greencastle, 
Ind., Mar. 28, I89I. She m. Lester Bruce Miller, son of Robert 
Bruce and Anna G. (Peterson) Miller, in Hutchinson, Kans., June 23, 
1915. He was b. in Clifton, Kans., Jan. 5, 1894. They both d. 

in North Hollywood, Calif. — she on Apr. 26,1969 and he on Aug. 28, 
1965. Both are buried there in Valhalla Memorial Park. Flush 
bronze markers mark their graves. Lester was a civil service 
employee in Los Angeles, Calif. 

Issue ; 

71. i Richard E., b. in Chanute, Kans., Sept. 10, 


53. GEORGE FRANKLIN (Elizabeth^, David\ Elijah^. John"'"), 
son of William Harrison and Elizabeth Anna (Wilkinson) Orr, 

was b. in Ottumwa, Iowa, Dec. 24, I878. He m. Gertrude (Bender) 
Becker, dau. of Daniel Richard and Mary "Polly" (V/alker) Bender, 
in Chicago, 111., June 5» 1903. She was b. in Chicago, Mar. 28, 
1878. George and Gertrude d. in Iron. Mt., Mich. — he on Dec. I6, 
1967 and she in Apr., 1940 and both are buried in Arlington Cem., 
Elmhurst, 111. Gravestones mark their graves. Daniel Richard 
Bender served in the Civil War, New York Vols. 


Generation 5 
Issue ; 

i Daniel Richard, b. in Chicago, Apr. 15» 1904. 
He m. Virginia Barbara Gross, in Millbum, 
111., Oct. 19, 1963. She was b. in Chicago. 
Nov. 8, 1919. No issue. They reside (1970) 
at 901 Hampton Court, McHenry, 111. 
ii George, b. in Chicago in 1908, d. in Chicago 
in 1910, buried Arlington Cem., Elmhurst, 

54. JULIA MARIETTA (Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John''-), 
dau. of William Harrison and Elizabeth Anna (Wilkinson) Orr, 
was b. in Chicago, 111., May 12, 1882. She m. Herbert Elmer 
Taylor, son of George A and Ella A. (Earle) Taylor, in Chicago, 
May 9, 1908. He was b. in Sheboygan Falls, Wise, Jan. I6, 
1874. Julia d. in Oak Park, 111., Nov. 22, 1930 and Herbert 

in Chicago, Jan 13, 1956. Both are buried in Arlington Cera., 
Elmhurst, 111. Gravestones mark their graves. 

Issue ; 

72. i Herbert George, b. in Chicago, Oct. 21, 1910. 

73. ii Dorothy Gertrude, b. in Chicago, Apr. 15, 1912. 

55. ELIJAH HARRISON (Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^. John"'-), 
son of William Harrison and Elizabeth Anna (Wilkinson) Orr, was 
b. in Chicago, 111., Sept. 30, I884. He ra. Gertrude May Lehraann, 
dau. of Fred and Bertha (Ludwig) Lehmann, in Hammond, Ind., Apr. 
26, 1904. She was b. in Chicago, June 30, I884. Elijah d. in 
Chicago, July 26, 1931 and is buried in Arlington Cera., Elmhurst, 
111. A gravestone raarks his grave. 

Issue ; 

74. i Fred Elijah, b. in Chicago, June 6, 1907. 
ii Ethel Winifred, b. in Chicago, May 6, I916. 

She ra. John Joseph Redmond, Sept. 12, 1947. 
He d. in Chicago, Mar. 16, 1962. No children. 
Ethel and her mother reside (1970) at 7546 
N. Waukegan Rd., Niles, 111. 

56. LINNIE AURORA (Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John^), dau. 
of William Harrison and Elizabeth Anna (Wilkinson) Orr, was b. in 
Chicago, 111., Sept. 19, I887. She m. James Whamraond, son of 
James and Elizabeth (Chalmers) Whammond, in Third Presbyterian 
Church, Chicago, 111., June 10, 1906. He was b. in Dundee, 
Scotland, Aug. 1, 1882. Linnie and James d. in Chicago, 111. — 
she on Nov. 15, 1952 and he on Apr. 9, 1958. Both are buried 

m Arlington Cera., Elmhurst, 111. Gravestones mark their graves. 

Their dau., June Henderson, writes; "James Whammond was an 
industrial engineer, Chicago, 111. He worked there until his 
retirement at age sixty-five. He was a long time elder at the 
2nd Presbyterian Church, Oak Park, 111. He was a Mason but not 
a very active one. Retired for a number of years in Clearwater, 
ria. until 1953' 


Generation 5 

"There is a discrepancy between the spelling of the family 
name. James Whammond came to this country as a small child. 
When his mother was entering him in school, the teacher said 
it would be easier to pronounce and spell if an additional 'm' 
was added to the name. It was originally spelled WHAI40ND. My 
father never did change his name but all of the children had 
their names changed to the original spelling." 

Issue : 

75. i Howard Orr, b. in Chicago, 111., Oct. 14, 1909. 

76. ii Wilbur Orr, b. in Chicago, 111., Dec. 26, 1912. 

77. iii June Elizabeth, b. in Chicago, 111., June 4, 

iv James Paul, b. in Chicago, 111., Apr. 9, 1930. 
Died at Paw Paw Lake, Mich., Aug. 17, 1932, 
of a broken neck suffered in a lake accident. 

57. WILLIAM RANDOLPH (Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John"""), 
son of William Harrison and Elizabeth Anna (Wilkinson) Orr, was 
b. in Chicago, 111. in 1892. He m. Anna Bender, dau. of Daniel 
Richard and Mary "Polly" (Walker) Bender, ca 1915. William's 
brother George m. Anna's sister, Gertrude Bender. 

Issue : 

78. i Gertrude, b. Nov. 1917. 

58. MAUDE (Josephine^, David-^, Elijah^, John ) , was the dau. 
of Francis M. and Josephine (Wilkinson) Larew. She m. Jimmy 
Green. They divorced after which she remarried several times 
and lived in Calif. She had at least one child, a son, by her 
first marriage. 

Issue : 

i Jimmy. 

59. XELLIS HENRY (Jehu^, David^, Elijah^, John"*"), son of Jehu 
Harrison and Georgia B. (Hendrixson)Wilkinson, was b. in Ottumwa, 
Iowa, Apr. l8, 1894. He m. Lucille (Keezer) Carson. She was b. 
in Portsmouth, Ohio, Aug. 28, I898. He d. in Wichita, Kans., 
Jan. 24, 1969 and is buried there. His widow resides (1970) at 
2434 Benjamin Dr., V/ichita, Kans. 

Issue : 

79. i Patricia May, b. in Wewoka, Okl., Mar. 25, 1928. 

80. ii Lucille Carolyn, b. in Enid, Okl., Oct. 1, 1931. 

60. NANNIE AMAZETTA (Mary^, David^, Eliiah^, John"^), dau. of 
Charles Marion and Mary Catherine (V/ilkinson) Fowler, was b. near 
Murdock, Kans., Oct. 6, I888. She m. George Otis Miles, son of 
Franklin Thomas and Lidella Melissa Miles, in Kingman, Kans., 
June 13, 1912. He was b. in Solon, Iowa, Sept. 15, I887. They 
reside (1970) at 412 5 Ammons, Wheat Ridge, Colo. 


Generation 5 

George retired from the Mountain States Telephone Go. in 
I94B. He is Past Master of his Masonic Lodge and a Knight Tem- 
plar. Nannie attended the Univ. of Colo., taught schools in 
Kingman Co., Kans. and in the city of Kingman. She is active 
in club and church work and is an ex-Regent of the D. A. R. 

Issue ; 

81. i Gwendolyn Mae, b. in Denver, Colo., May 5, 

ii Mary Catherine, b. in Kingman, Kans., May 5, 
1915. Died at the age of 12. 

82. iii Frances Charlotte, b. in Denver, Colo., Nov. 

21, 1913. 

61. GETHA MAE (Mary^, David^, Elijah^, John""-), dau. of 
Charles Marion and Mary Catherine (Wilkinson) Fowler, was b. in 
Kingman, Kans., May 12, I89O. She m. August Frederick Degener, 
son of Frederick Heinrich and Carolina Eleanor (Whomberg) 
Degener, in Lodi, Calif., May 20, 1915. He was b. in Schessing- 
hauser, Ger. , Dec. 21, 1880. Getha and August d. in Lodi, 
Calif., — she on Sept. 13, 1969 and he on May k, 1954 and both 

are buried there in the Lodi Mausoleum, There are no gravestones. 
August was a very prosperous farmer and owned a 57-acre ranch at 
the edge of Lodi, Calif. 

Issue : 

83. i Caroline Catherine, b. in Lodi, Calif., June 8, 


62. NOVA C. (Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John"*- ) son of Charles and 
Ida May (Wilkinson) Morris, v/as b. near Owasco, Mo., Dec. 23, 
1886. He m. Mary Caroline "Carrie" Opel, dau. of John N, and 
Pheobe Ann (Sloan) Opel, near Milan, Mo., Aug. 9, 1911. She was 
b. near Milan, Mo., Jan. 28, I886. Nova d. near Milan, Mo., Nov. 
28, 1939 and is buried in Mt. Zion Gem. A gravestone marks his 
grave. Carrie resides (1970) at 420 E. 4th St., Milan, Mo. 

Issue : 

Arthur C, b. near Milan, Mo., Aug. 13, 1917. 
He was crippled from a broken back received 
in an accident about 1940. In the summer of 
1970 he spent 6 weeks in the hospital and is 
not able to work. He was married and divorced 
but had no children. 

63. GLEN R. (Ida^. David^, Elijah^, John""- ) , son of Charles 
and Ida May (Wilkinson) Morris, was b. near Owasco, Mo., Dec. 12, 
1891. He m. (1) Mabel Ward, dau. of Henry and Amanda Ward, on 
Nov. 20, 1909 and m (2) Beulah Downen on Aug. 8, 1921. Glen and 
Mabel divorced after which she went to Quincy, 111. with her 2 
sons. Beulah was b. on May I4, 1902. Glen d. in Calif., Mar. 
19, 1947 and is buried in Green City, Mo. A gravestone marks 


Generation 5 

his grave. Mabel m. (2) V/alter V/achter and in I962 was living 
in Quincy, 111. 

Children of Glen R. and Mabel (Ward) Morris ; 

8/4.. i E. V/ayne, b. in Green City, Mo., Aug. 21, 1910. 

85. ii Jerome Robert, b. near Owasco, Mo., July 24, 


Children of Glen R. and Beulah (Dovmen) Morris ; 

86. i Kenneth Ray, b. Jan. 31, 192 5. 

87. ii Ronald Gene, b. June 15, 1931. 
BS. iii Patricia Joyce, b. May 20, 1935. 

64. ELMER EARL (Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John"^ ) , son of Charles 
and Ida May (Wilkinson) Morris, was b. near Owasco, Mo., July 26, 
1896. He m. Hazel Downen, dau. of Pat and Lurie Downen, in Milan, 
Mo., Nov. 24, 1917. She was b. in Owasco, Mo., Sept. 9, 1899. 
Elmer d. in Ft. Riley, Kans. of the influenza while in training 
for 'W. W. I, on Oct. 18, I9I8 and is buried in Mt. Zion Cem. , 
Sullivan Co., Mo. A gravestone marks his grave. 

Issue ; 

i Elmer Earl, b. in Green City, Mo., Apr. 1, 

65. JOHN MORRIS (Mattie^, David^, Elijah^, John-""), son of 
Allen and Mattie Leora (V/ilkinson) Conner, was b. in Kirksville, 
Mo., Sept. 20, 1897. He m. Margaret Christell Jacobs, dau. of 
Clifford Grandville and Margaret Bena (Daum) Jacobs, in Green 
Castle, Mo., Oct. 21, 1924. She was b. in Kirksville, Mo., 
Mar. 2, 1903. John and Margaret reside (1970) at I507 E. Jeffer- 
son St., Kirksville, Mo. 

Issue ; 

89. i Barbara Ann, b. in Kirksville, Mo., May 26, 

ii Carrollee, b. in Kirksville, Mo., Oct. 7, 
1927, d. at birth, buried in Refuge Cem., 

66. WALTER CLARENCE (Edgar^. Allen^, Margaret^, John"^), son 
of Edgar W. and Myrtle G. (Allen) Huffman, was b. near Springdale, 
Ohio, Feb, 11, I89I. He m. Lona Frances Conover, dau. of Charles 
and Mattie (Cunningham) Conover, in Crawfordsville, Ind., Feb. 17, 
1917. She was b. in Vermilion Co., 111., May 17, 1893. Lona re- 
sides (1969) at 105 N. Blair St., Crawfordsville, Ind. Walter d. 
in Crawfordsville, Ind., May 2, 195^ and is buried there in the 
Masonic Cem. An inscribed gravestone marks his grave. 

Issue ; 

90. i Erma Dee, b. Montgomery Co., Ind., Apr. 7, 1918. 


Generation 5 

91. ii Anna Jeannette, b. Montgomery Co., Ind., 
July 27, 1919. 
iii Robert Allen, b. Montgomery Co., Ind., 
May 26, 1922. Single. Resides in 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

The compiler of this book is indebted to Lona Frances, 
Walter's widow, for most of the information it contains concern- 
ing the Huffman branches of the V/ilkinson family. Her cooperation 
is very much appreciated. Lona lived for awhile in the home of 
her husband's aunt, Mary F. Sheerer, Glendale, Ohio, and took care 
of her during the last year of her life. In March, 1962, Lona 
wrote the compiler as follows: — 

"When my husband lived we had a little farm and he did 
carpentering. When he passed away 1 sold out and bought house 
in town. I had to keep busy to keep from being so lonely & feel 
better working. 1 work in a family home six days per week from 
8:30-1 and am kept pretty busy sewing the rest of the time since 
there are so few people who know how to sew any more. I have lots 
of alteration work also. My 92 yr. old mother lives with me.* 
She is able to go to church & read by the hours. You see some 
place along the line the Huffmans changed from Hoffman. 1 dont 
know why. I have a small spinning wheel that some of the grand- 
ma's brought from Virginia by horse back. 1 have some friends 
who are writing their family history & they visit the old burial 
places take picture of the tombstones. Brick Chapel and Bainbridge 
are not far from here & if you ever went over to Springdale 0. I 
would like to go with you. 1 lived there five years. I dont 
drive very far out of town now but at the time we lived there I 
drove from here to Ohio several times. I am glad to loan the 
papers for you to make copy and thank you for the Wilkerson (sic) 
family tree copy. 1 keep looking for other papers will send any 
information I can find. 1 have no old bibles only Allen Huffman's. 
It has just their childrens names in it. 1 have three children 
the youngest is 40 and have 4 grandchildren Would like to know 
more about your wife & family. My mother's family all lived 
around Danville Illinois. My father's name was Conover 1 have 
an uncle yet, dads bro in Danville 88 yrs old and very poorly 
The family of Conovers are about to become nill. Our branch of 
the Huffmans not much better Walters sister never married & his 
brother has no children." 

*Lona's mother d. Jan. 14, 1969 at the age of 98 yrs., 11 
raos., and 11 days. 


Generation 6 

67. MARGARET (Harvey^, Mary^, Martha^, Elijah", John"^), dau. 
of Harvey Wain and Ina (Edwards) Black, was b. in Indianapolis, 
Ind., Aug. Uf 1908, She m. Howard Edwarxi Anderson, son of Charles 
Edward and Grace (Macatee) Anderson, in Indianapolis, Ind., June I6, 
1930. He was b. in Indianapolis, Ind., July 10, 1909. Margaret 
and Howard reside at 4213 Saratoga Dr., Bloomington, Ind. He is 
a Doctor of Divinity and is pastor of a church in Bloomington. 

Issue ; 

i Richard Kent, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., May 11, 
ii Judith, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 27, 1939. 

68. JOHN HARVEY ( Harvey ^ Mary^, Martha^, Elijah^, John""-), 
son of Harvey Wain and Ina (Edwards) Black, was b. in Indianapolis, 
Ind., June 28, 1914. He m. Beverly Magdalina Melvin, dau. of 
James Edgar and Marguerite Johanna (Hunlow) Hauenloser Melvin, 
in Indianapolis, Ind., July 3» 1935. She was b. in Louisville, 
Ky., Aug. 21, 1911. John and Beverly reside at 5066 W. 15th, 
Speedway, Ind. 



i Jerry Lynn, b. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 28, 

69. FORREST ROSCOE (James^, Elijah'^, John\ Elijah^, John""-), 
son of James Shennan and Clara Kate (V/agner) Wilkinson, was b. in 
Turon, Kans., July 7, I898. He m. Martha Magdalena Ebel, dau. of 
Christ and Katherine (Uhrich) Ebel, in Del Norte, Colo., Feb. 28, 
1923. She was b. in Russell, Kans., Jan. 4, 1899- Forrest and 
Martha reside on R. R. 2, Monte Vista, Colo. 

Issue ; 

95. i Charles Ernest, b. July 20, 1925. 

96. ii Robert James, b. Dec. 14, 1926. 

97. iii Vernon Curtis, b. May 5, 1936. 

98. iv Arlene Grace, b. May 11, 1938. 
(All 4 children b. in Monte Vista, Colo.) 

Forrest, his 3 sons and their 8 sons and 
1 dau. ; McKinley McCoy Wilkinson, son of 
Jehu Q. Wilkinson (No. 18); and Eldon 
Wilbur Wilkinson, son of Elijah Emery 
Wilkinson (No. 30), are the only sur- 
viving descendants of Elijah Cooper Wil- 
kinson (I792-I875) carrying the V/ilkin- 
son surname. 

70. GLADYS VEUa (James^, Elijah^, John\ Elijah^, John-*-), dau. 


Generation 6 

of James Sherman and Clara Kate (Wagner) Wilkinson, was b. in 
Turon, Kans., Sept. 25, 1904. She m. Joseph Samuel Lentz, son 
of Phillip and Margaret (Reinich) Lentz, in Del Norte, Colo., 
Nov. 9, 1935. He was b. in Mesita, Colo., May 25, 1913. Gladys 
and Joseph reside on R.R. 1, Monte Vista, Colo. 

Gladys, her brother Forrest, and their cousin Richard Eugene 
Miller, each, are the proud possessors of a Jaquard type coverlet 
woven by their great grandmother, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Wilkinson, 
on a hsind loom in 1864. 


i Margery Ann, b. in Del Norte, Colo., 
Mar. 6, 1942. Single. 

71. RICHARD EUGENE (Ida^, Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, John-""), 
son of Lester Bince and Ida Dema (V/ilkinson) Miller, was b. in 
Chanute, Kans., Sept. 10, 1917. He m. Carol Eleanor Johnson, 
dau. of Spurgeon Urban and Pearl Charlotte (Falck) Johnson, in 
Portland, Ore., Sept. 11, 1942. She was b. in Portland, Ore., 
July 26, 1919. Richard and Carol reside at 4S37 Proctor Ave., 
Castro Valley, Colo. Richard is a civil service employee. 

Issue ; 

i Ritchie K., b. in Portland, Ore., Aug. 26, 
ii Jonathan C, b. in Oakland, Calif., May 1, 
iii Karen E., b. in Oakland, Calif., Mar. 6, 
All 3 children unmarried in I969. 

-,_72. HERBERT GEORGE (Julia^, Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, 
John ), son of Herbert Elmer and Julia Marietta (Orr) Taylor, 
was b. in Chicago, 111., Oct. 21, I9IO. He m. Leona Anita 
Angarola, dau. of Joseph and Frances C. (LaRocca) Angarola, in 
Chicago, May 23, 1934. They reside (1970) at 219 Imperial St., 
Park Ridge, 111. Leona was b. in Chicago, Nov. 18, 1912. 

Issue ; 





i Leigh Herbert, b. in Chicago, Oct. 23, 1941. 
ii Janet Lee, b. in Chicago, Dec. 26, 1945. 

^- Elizabeth^, David^. Elijah^, 
Julia Marietta (Orr) Taylor, 
1912. She m. James Llewellyn 
1933. He was b. in Peoria, 

dau. of Herbert Elmer and 
was b. in Chicago, 111., Apr. 15, 
Williams in Chicago, 111., May 27, 

(?), June 30, 1907. They reside (1970) at 3418 Newbury 
New Port Richie, Fla. 



101. i Kenneth George, b. in Chicago, 111., Feb. 28, 

Generation 6 

102. ii Herbert Elmer, b. in Chicago, 111., Oct. 9, 


103. iii James Llewellyn, b. in Chicago, 111., Nov. 4, 


74. FRED ELIJAH (Elijah^, Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John"'"), 
son of Elijah Harrison and Gertrude May (Lehman) Orr, was b. in 
Chicago, 111., June 6, I9O7. He m. Irene Marian Schumacher, 

Dec. 17, 1933. 

Issue ; 

104. i Barbara Ethel, b. Aug. 25, 1936. 

105. ii Robert Richard, b. Jan. 25, 1940. 

75. HOV/ARD ORR (Linnie^, Elizabeth'*', David^, Elijah^, John-*-), 
son of James and Linnie Aurora (Orr) Vftrammond, was b. in Chicago, 
111., Oct. 14, 1909. He spells his name with one "m". He m. 
Ruth Rebecca Cripe, dau. of Clarence Silus and Florence B. 
(Mathews) Cripe, in Buchanan, Mich., June 14, 1941. She was b. 

in Buchanan, Mich., Mar. 3, I9I6. They reside (1970) at 11162 
Endry Ave., Garden Grove, Calif. Howard was a member of Delta 
Tau Delta fraternity, Univ. of Texas, received a B.S. degree 
from Lewis Institute, and a M.B.A. degree from the Univ. of 
Chicago. Ruth was a member of Kappa Phi Delta sororiety, 111. 
Institute of Technology and received a B.S.A.S. degree there. 
She is a registered dietician with the American Dietetic Associ- 

Issue ; 

i Mary Lynn, b. in Oak Park, 111., Aug. 27, 
ii Jeffry Orr, b. in Oak Park, 111., Dec. 13, 
1946. He m. Bonny Lee Pirkin, in Santa Rosa, 
Calif., Mar. 14, 1970. 
iii Susan Marie, b. in Oak Park, 111., Dec. 1, 

76. V/ILBUR ORR (Linnie^, Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John""-), 
son of James and Linnie Aurora (Orr) Uhammond, was b. in Chicago, 
111., Dec. 26, 1912. He m. Helen Jane Byrnes, dau. of William 
Ellsworth and Naomi Alvada (Brown )Byrnes, in the 2nd Presbyterian 
Church, Oak Park, 111., Dec. 13, 1941. She was b. in Chicago, 
111., Mar. 17, 1920. Wilbur spells his name with one "m". He 
attended Hanover College, Hanover, Ind. and John Marshall Law 
School, Chicago, 111. He has membership in the Chicago Bar 
Assn., the Illinois State Bar Assn., the V.F.W,, the American 
Legion and the Presbyterian Church. Helen received a B.A. 
degree from Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, 111; was a room- 
mate of June V/hamond, George's sister. Wilbur and Helen reside 
(1970) at 2205 V/oodland Ave., Park Ridge, 111. 

Issue ; 

106. i Shari Leigh, b. in New York, N. Y., May 3, 



Generation 6 

ii V/ilbur Orr, b. in Chicago, 111., Apr. 22, 
1947. He received a B.A. degree from 
Southern 111. Univ. 

-77. JUNE ELIZABETH (Linnie^, Elizabeth^. David^, Elijah , 
John ), dau. of James and Linnie Aurora (Orr) V/hammond, was b. 
in Robert Bums Hospital, Chicago, 111., June 4, 1919. She 
m. Robert \7augh Henderson, son of Robert Houston and Eunice 
(Swain) Henderson, in 2nd Presbyterian Church, Oak Park, 111., 
Dec. 15, 1945. He was b. in Evanston Hospital, Evanston, 111., 
May 20, 1920. They reside (1970) at 6734 East 51st Place, Tulsa, 

June is a graduate of Lake Forest College where she received 
a B.A. degree in 1941. She is presently (1970) program director 
for the Tulsa Lakes Area Tuberculosis Health Assn. Robert, in 
1941, received a B.A, degree from Princeton Univ., in 1949 a 
B.D. degree from McConnick Theological Seminary, and in 1959 a 
Ph.D. degree from Harvard Univ. Robert was ordained by the 
Presbytery of Chicago in June 1949» served as pastor of the 
First Congregational Church, East Derry, N. H. from 1950 to 
1957, and presently (1970) is Professor of Religion at the Univ. 
of Tulsa, Tulsa, Okl. 

Issue ; 

i Robert James, b. in Evanston, 111., July 26, 
1949. He is presently attending Ohio Wesleyan 
ii Judith Lynn, b. in Burlington, Vt., Dec. 7» 
1953 • She is presently attending Memorial 
High School, Tulsa, Okl. 

73. GERTRUDE (William^, Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, John"'-), 
dau. of V/illiam Randolph and Anna (Bender) Orr, was b. in Nov. 
1917. She m. Earl Blum, ca 1941. 

Issue : 

i Raymond . 
ii Daniel, 
iii Bonnie. 

79. PATRICIA MAY (Xellis^ Jehu^, David^, Elijah^, John^), 
dau. of Xellis Henry and Lucille (Keezer) Carson V/ilkinson, was 
b. in Wewoka, Okl., Mar. 25, 1923. She m. Paul E. Spencer, in 
V/ichita, Kans., Dec. 23, 1957. He was b. in Junction City, 
Kans., June 20, 1930. 

Issue : 

i Randall Kent, b. in Topeka, Kans., July 11, 

SO. LUCILLE CAROLYN (Xellis^ Jehu^, David^ Elijah^, John^), 

Generation 6 

dau. of Xellis Henry and Lucille (Keezer) Carson VJilkinson, was 
b. in Enid, Okl., Oct. 1, 1931. She m. Paul Bruce Henrion. He 
v/as b. in V/ichita, Kans., Dec. l6, 1930. 

Issue : 

i Paul Bruce, b. in Wichita, Kans., Dec. 23» 
ii Mark Carol, b. in Wichita, Kans., Sept. 1^, 

81. GV;END0LYN MAE (Nannie^, Mary'*', David^, Elijah^, John"*- ) , 
dau. of George Otis and Nannie Araazetta (Fowler) Miles, was b. 
in Denver, Colo., May 5, 1913. She m. Milton Andy Lagergren, son 
of Andy Lagergren, in Denver, Colo., Apr. 2u, 1933. He was b. 
in Douglas, Alaska, Apr. 30, 1910. They reside (1970) at 35BB 
So. 2A.00 E., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Gv/endolyn attended Denver Univ., is active in church work 
and in the Eastern Star. Milton graduated with highest honors 
at the Colorado School of Mines, v/as in W. W. II and at the end 
of the war v;as Captain, served in the Aleutian Islands. He was 
an engineer with the A.S. & R. Mining Co. and at present (1970) 
is associated with the Kennicott Copper Co. of Salt Lake City, 

Issue ; 

107. i Nancy Kristine, b. in Juneau, Alaska, June 4» 


108. ii Charles Allen, b. in Juneau, Alaska, Dec. 8, 

iii Donald Miles, b. in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jan. 3» 
1941. He m. Janet Marie Powell, dau. of 
John David and Emma Marie (Hurt) Powell, in 
LaYunta, Colo., Nov. 12, 1947. They reside 
(1970) at 1601 Cimarron, LaYunta, Colo. No 
issue. Donald is a graduate of Colorado State 
Univ. and is presently working for the insur- 
ance department of the First Federal Savings 
and Loan at LaYunta, Colo. He was with the 
National Guard for 6 years. He and Janet are 
active in church youth work. She is a graduate 
of Otero Junior College, LaYunta, Colo, and is 
presently service representative for the Moun- 
tain States Telephone Co. She was b. in LaYunta, 
Nov. 12, 1947. 
iv Earl Gilbert, b. in Perth Amboy, N. J., Oct. 30, 
1945, a triplet. He is an electical engineer 
graduate of Utah Univ. and is presently working 
for the Sylvania Corp. in V/est Germany. Not 
V Paul Albert, b. in Perth Amboy, N. J., Oct. 30, 
1945, a triplet. He d. two days after birth 
and is buried in Perth Amboy. 
vi George Edv;ard, b. in Perth Amboy, N. J., Oct. 
30, 1945, a triplet. He is a graduate of Utah 


Generation 6 

Univ. in business administration and I.B.M. 
computor. Not Married, 
vii Frances Lorraine, b. in Newark, N. J., May 17, 
1947. She m. Robert Dale Riemenschneider, son 
of Harry Todd and Sarah (Portter) Riemenschneider, 
in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 9, 1966. He was 
b. in Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 13, 1946. No issue. 
They reside (1970) at SkO E. Fairmont Circle, 
Salt Lake City, Utah, 
viii Kenneth V/alter, b. in Newark, N. J., Dec. 13, 
1951. Not married. 

82. FRANCES CHARLOTTE (Nannie^, Mary^, David-^, Elijah , John ), 
dau. of George Otis and Nannie Amazetta (Fowler) Miles, was b. in 
Denver, Colo., Nov. 21, 1918. She m. Paul Heyden Newlon, son of 
Dr. Malcom and Fern Newlon, in Springfield, Mo., Sept. 3, 1940. 
He was b. in Lincoln, Kans., May I6, 1914. Frances and Paul were 
divorced in Aug. 1955. 

Frances attended Colorado Woman's College, Denver, Colo, 
and Fairmount College, Wichita, Kans. She is an executive secre- 
tary for an oil co., is active in the Episcopalian church and 
the Eastern Star and is Regent of the Blue Spruce Colo. Chapter 
of the D.A.R. She resides (1970) at 6643 Welch St., Arvada, Colo. 

Issue ; 

109. i Lynda Vay, b. in Wichita, Kans., Apr. 27, 1947. 
ii John Malcom, b. in Wichita, Kans., Sept. 26, 
1951. He is presently attending college, is 
not married. 

^83. CAROLINE CATHERINE (Getha^, Mary^, David^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of August Frederick and Getha Mae (Fowler) Degener, 
was b. in Lodi, Calif., Jan. 8, 1920. She m. Chester Earl 
Wildman, son of Walter Willis and Ollie Viola (Firchow) V/ildman, 
in Berkeley, Calif., June 27, 1946. He was b. in New London, 
Ohio, July 18, 1913. They reside (1970) at 16 58 Noreen Dr., 
San Jose, Calif. 

Issue ; 

i Charles Richard, b. in Berkeley, Calif., 
Nov. 20, 1948. He was m. Sept. 26, 1970. 

84. E. WAYNE (Glen^ Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John^), son of 
Glen R. and Mabel (Ward) Morris, was b. in Green City, Mo., Aug. 
21, 1910. He m. Reba Waller in Palmyra, Mo., Sept. 1, 1937. 
He d. in Quincy, 111., Sept. 3, 1962 and is buried there. The 
following obituary appeared in the Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1962 issue 
of the Quincy (111.) Herald V/hig newspaper: — 

E, Wayne Morris 
City Lines Driver 
Dies at Age of 52 


Generation 6 

"E. Wayne Morris, 52, of 1223 North Fourth, for many years 
a driver for Quincy City Lines, died unexpectedly Monday night 
at 11:40 in Blessing hospital, where he had been a patient a 
half hour. He suffered a heart attack last November and never 
fully recovered. 

"Mr. Morris was bom in Green City, Mo., Aug. 21, 1910, a 
son of Glen and Mabel Ward Morris. He had lived in Quincy the 
last 30 years. He attended Central Baptist Church and was a 
member of the loyal order of Moose and the Amalgamated Associ- 
ation of Street, Electric Railroad and Motor Coach Employees 
of America. He was married in Palymyra, Mo., Sept. 1, 1937, to 
Reba Waller. 

"Surviving are the widow; a daughter, Miss Karen Morris of 
Quincy, his mother, Mrs. Walter (Mabel) V/achter of Quincy; a bro- 
ther Jerome Morris of Colorado Springs, Colo.; two half-brothers, 
Kenneth Morris of Canton, Mo., and Ronald Morris of California, 
and a half-sister. Miss Patsy Morris of Brookfield, Mo." 

A photo of 'Wayne accompanied the obituary. 

Issue : 

i Karen Sue. She is married. No further infor- 

85. JEROME ROBERT (Glenn 5. Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John-*-), 
son of Glen R. and Mabel (Ward) Morris, was b. in Owasco, Mo., 
July 24, 1912. He m. Ruby Smith. He d. Sept. 2, 1962, probably 
in Ariz. 

Issue : 

i William. 

B6. KENNETH RAY (Glenn^, Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John-*"), son 
of Glen R. and Beulah (Downen) Morris, was b. Jan. 31» 1925. He 
m. Joann Yardley, Apr. 6, 1947. She was b. Jan. 24, 1926. Ken- 
neth served in the army, W. V/. 11. In 1962 he was living in 
Canton, Mo. 

Issue : 

110. i Marsha Rae, b. Apr. 17, 1949. 
ii Nancy Kaye, b. Mar. 13, 1954. 
iii Jon Scott, b. Mar. 30, I965. 

87. RONALD GENE (Glenn^, Ida^, David^, Elijah^, John"*-), son 
of Glen R. and Beulah (Downen) Morris, was b. June 15» 1931. 

He m. Lillian Kathleen , Dec. 3» 1955- She was b. 

May 27, 1930. Ronald served in the army, W. W. 11. In 1962 
he was living in Calif. 

Issue ; 

i Mark William, b. Oct. 17, I960. 


Generation 6 

SB. PATRICIA JOYCE (Glenn^, Ida^, David^, Elijah , John ), 
dau of Glen R. and Beulah (Dovmen) Morris, was b. May 20, 193 5. 
She'm. (1) Laveme McMillan and m. (2) Jesse George Franks, 
Oct. 12, 1963. Patricia and Laveme divorced. 

Issue (1st Marriage) ; 

i Tanya, b. Sept. 26, 1957. 

Issue (2nd Marriage) ; 

i David Edwin, b. July 29, 1966. 
ii Dawn Deann, b. Feb. 21, 196B. 

89. BARBARA ANN (John^, Mattie^, David^, Elijah , John ), 
dau. of John Morris and Margaret Christell (Jacobs) Conner, was 
b. in Kirksville, Mo., May 26, 1926. She m. James V. Turner, 
son of Virgil Paul and Nancy Dencrice (Bradley) Turner, in 
Kirksville, Mo., July 17, 1946. He was b. in Macon Co., Mo., 
Jan. 9, 1923. They reside (1970) at 1213 N. Green, Kirksville, 


i Sandra Sue, b. in Kirksville, Mo., Sept. 15, 
1947. Not married, 
ii Allen James, b. in Kirksville, Mo., Apr. 19, 
1951. Not married. 

90. ERMA DEE (V/alter^, Edgar^, Allen^, Margaret , John ), 
dau. of Walter Clarence and Lona Frances (Conover) Huffman, was 
b. in Montgomery Co., Ind., Apr. 7, 19lS. She m. Morton Wilson 
Wingate. He was b. in Wingate, Ind., Sept. 25, 1917. 

Issue ; 

i Barton Jay, b. in Springdale, Ohio, Oct. 31, 
1944. He m. Edith Nugent, dau. of Harold E. 
and Dorothy (Sayer) Nugent, in Lafayette, 
Ind. She was b. in Lafayette, Aug. 20, 194^. 
Barton and Edith reside in Lafayette and have 
no children (I969). 
ii Robert Paul, b. in Crawfordsville, Ind., 

Dec. 20, 1947. He m. Kathryn Jean Strawser, 
dau. of Robert E. and Dorothy (Dennis) Strawser, 
in Covington, Ind., Nov. 17, 1968. She was 
b. in Danville, 111., Sept. 29, 1949. Robert 
is in the U.S. Air Corps and in 1969 was serving 
as an A/lC at Biloxi, Miss. No children, 
iii Sue, b. in Lafayette, Ind., Dec. 5, 1949. She 
is single and is a student at Purdue Univ. 

91. ANNA JEANETTE (Walter^ Edgar^, Allen^ Margaret^, John"*"), 
dau. of V/alter Clarence and Lona Frances (Conover) Huffman, was b. 
in Montgomery Co., Ind., July 27, 1919. She m. (1) Richard Bannon 
in Crawfordsville, Ind., and m. (2) Fred Ezra, in Crawfordsville, 


Generation 6 

Ind., Apr. l6, 1949. Fred was b, in Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. l6, 
I91S. Richard Bannon served in the U.S. Army, W.W. 11, and was a 
prisoner of the Germans for 14 months. He d. from a fall from a 
train, Dec. l3, 1947, and is buried in the Masonic Gem., Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. An inscribed gravestone marks his grave. Anna and 
Fred reside in Crawfordsville, Ind. No children of the second 

Issue (1st Husband) ; 

111. i Patricia Anne, b. in Crawfordsville, Ind., 

Mar. 3, 1945. 




Generation 7 

92. RICHARD KENT (Margaret^, Harvey^, Mary^, 
Elijah^, John-'-), son of Howard Edward and Margaret (Black) 
Anderson, was b. in Indianapolis, Ind., May 11, 1936. He m. 
Martha Kay Holt, dau. of Allison and Deloris (Baker) Holt, in 
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 21^., 1953. She was b. in Kokomo, Ind., 
May 11, 1933. Richard and Martha reside at 2092 Middlesex Rd., 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Issue ; 

i Krista Kay, b. Feb. 5, 1961. 
ii Kevin Kent, b. Aug. 2, 1964. 
iii Kris Lyn, b. June 19, 1968. 
(All 3 children b. in Columbus, Ohio) 

,93. JUDITH (Margaret^, Harvey^, Mary^, Martha^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Howard Edward and Margaret (Black) Anderson, was 
b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 27, 1939. She m. Joseph Fortunati 
Angeln, son of Fortunati Surgento and Anna (Swierski) Angeln, in 
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 10, 1965. Judith and Joseph reside at 
5904 Dartmouth Dr., Kokomo, Ind. 

Issue ; 

i Lori Anne Meshberger, b. in Bloomington, Ind., 
July 21, 1961. Believed to be an adopted child, 
ii Joseph Patrick, b. Apr. 29, 1969, an adopted 
child, adopted May 6, I969. 

^94. JERRY LYNN (John^, Harvey^, Mary^, Martha^, Eliiah^, 
John ) , son of John Harvey and Beverly Magdalina (Melvin; Black, 
was b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 28, 1941. He m. Virginia 
Ruth Mitchell, dau. of James Sutherlin and Ruth (Kennedy) Mitchell, 
in Indianapolis, Ind., June 13, 1964. She was b. in Pa., July 3, 
19 . Jerry and Virginia reside in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Issue : 


Glen Ryan, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 27, 


Gregory Mitchell, b. in Indianapolis, Ind., 

May 28, 1967. 




95. CHARLES ERNEST (Forrest , James^, Elijah' , 
Elijah^, Johnl), son of Forrest Roscoe and Martha Magdalena 
(Ebel) Wilkinson, was b. in Monte Vista, Colo., July 20, 1925. 
He m. Margaret Mary McCumber, dau. of Albert Winfield and Delores 
(McCorry) McCumber, in Florence, Colo., Sept. I6, 1951. She was 
b. in Florence, Colo., Mar. 26, 1928. Charles and Margaret re- 
side in Monte Vista, Colo. 

After working on his father's farm for a time, Ernest (goes 
by his second name) served awhile in the U.S. Army. He then 
worked for 5 years for the Government, trapping on the high range 


Generation 7 

for wild animals that kill sheep and calves. In the winter months 
he did taxidermy work. He is owner of "Ernest's Taxidermy & Gift 
Shop", located 3 miles west of Monte Vista. For the past 3 years, 
in January, he has sponsored a Snowmobile Safari at Lake City, 
Colo. He has a small zoo and has loaned animals to the late Walt 
Disney for TV movies including the movie "Wild Kingdom". He has 
produced a wild life film "Cougar Country" which he shows and 
narrates in different cities, with a tame lion by his side on the 

Issue ; 

i Jimmy Lee, b. in Monte Vista, Colo., Aug. 1/*., 
ii Jerold Lynn, b. in Monte Vista, Colo., Sept. 

13, 1957. 
iii Larry James, b. in Del Norte, Colo., Apr. 17, 

iv Jeffery Lane, b. in Del Norte, Colo., Sept. 
29, i960. 

.96. ROBERT JAMES (Forrest , James^, Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, 
John ) , son of Forrest Roscoe and Martha Magdalena (Ebel) Wilkin- 
son, was b. in Monte Vista, Colo., Dec. 14, 1926. He m. Marjorie 
Lucille Muhovich, dau. of Anthony D. and Bessie (Bodycomb) Muho- 
vich, in Center, Colo., July iS, 194B. She was b. in Walsenburg, 
Colo., Dec. B, 1929. Robert and Marjorie reside on Rt. 2, Monte 
Vista, Colo. 

After working on his father's farm for a time, Robert served 
in the U.S. Air Force from 1944 to I966 in Japan. He is now farm- 
ing about 900 acres, raising cattle, sheep, hay, grains, and 
potatoes. He has a small warehouse where he grades and packs 
potatoes for market under the brand name "Little Bob's Potatoes". 
He likes to ski and is a ski patrol first aid man. 

Issue : 

i Donald Anthony, b. in Monte Vista, Colo., 
July 13, 1950. 
ii Gary Lynn, b. in Monte Vista, Colo., Sept. 
28, 1954. 

^97. VERNON CURTIS (Forrest^, James ^ Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, 
John ), son of Forrest Roscoe and Martha Magdalena (Ebel) Wilkin- 
son, was b. in Monte Vista, Colo., May 5, 1936. He m. Rosemary 
Louise Shofner, dau. of Dale Dempsy and Bertha Bell (Huddleston) 
Shofner, in Monte Vista, Colo., Dec. 7, 1957. She was b. in 
Pearson, Ark., Nov. 10, 1939. Vernon and Rosemary reside on 
Rt. 1, Alamosa, Calif. Vernon works for an automobile sales 
and repair shop in Alamosa. 

Issue : 

i Curtis Dale, b. in Monte Vista, Colo., 
Mar. 17, I960. 


Generation 7 

ii Audrey Arlene, b. in Alamosa, Calif., Oct. 12, 
iii Albert Riley, b. in Alamosa, Calif., May 30, 

^93. ARLENE GRACE (Forrest , James^, Elijah^, John^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Forrest Roscoe and Martha Magdalena (Ebel) Wilkin- 
son, was b. in Monte Vista, Colo., May 11, 1938. She m. Lyle 
Edwarxi Penington, son of Neal D. and Albertina Wilhelmena 
(Kroschel) Penington, in Pueblo, Colo., Apr. 11, 1959. He was 
b. in Del Norte, Colo., Jan. 21, 1927. Arlene and Lyle reside 
in Monte Vista, Colo. (P.O. Box 245). 

Arlene is valley clerk for the Rio Grande Soil Conservation 
District. Lyle works for a vegetable inspection service. 

Issue ; 

i Deborah Kay, b. in Del Norte, Colo., Mar. 1, 
ii Tamara Sue, b. in Del Norte, Colo., May 2 5, 

99. LEIGH HERBERT (Herbert^, Julia^ Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah^, Johnl), son of Herbert George and Leona Anita (Angarola) 
Taylor, was b. in Chicago, 111., Oct. 23, 1941. He m. Linda 
Lois Lane in Clareraore, Okl., Aug. 2 5, 1964. She was b. in 
Tulsa, Okl., July 14, 1947. 

Issue ; 

i Jennifer Lane, b. in Washington, D. C, 
Oct. 16, 1966. 
ii Jeremiah Gibson, b. in Glen Cove, L.I., 
N.Y., Apr. 19, 1969. 

^100. JANET LEE (Herbert , Julia^, Elizabeth^, David^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Herbert George and Leona Anita (Angarola) Taylor, 
was b. in Chicago, 111., Dec. 26, 1945. She m. Michael Owens 
Minnig in Tulsa, Okl., May 7, 19o6. He was b. in Bartlesville, 
Okl., Oct. 16, 1942. 

Issue ; 

i Michael Joseph, b. in Tulsa, Okl., Dec. 7, 
ii Tracy Lee, b. in San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 28, 

101. KENNETH GEORGE (Dorothy°, Julia^, Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah^. John^), son of James Llewellyn and Dorothy Gertrude 
(Taylor) Williams, was b. in Chicago, 111., Feb. 28, 1937. 
He m. Mary Alyce Elizabeth Nolan in Chicago, 111., May 4, 1957. 
She was b. in Chicago, 111., Feb. 7, 1937. 


Generation 7 

Issue t 

i James Llewellyn, b. May 2, 1958. 
ii Sharon Marie, b. Feb. 17, 1963. 

102. HERBERT ELMER (Dorothy^, Julia^, Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah^. Johnl), son of James Llewellyn and Dorothy Gertrude 
(Taylor; Williams, was b. in Chicago, 111., Oct. 9, 1938. He 
m. Doris Tilschner in Park Ridge, 111., June 2 5, 1966. She 
was b. Mar. 17, 1946. 


i Sandra Sue, b. Mar. 16, 1967. 
ii Debra Anne, b. May 12, 1969. 

103. JMES LLE\\reLLYN (Dorothy°, Julia^, Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah^. Johnl), son of James Llewellyn and Dorothy Gertrude 
(Taylor) Williams, was b. in Chicago, 111., Nov. 4, 1944. He 

m. Nancy Rawlings in Chicago, 111., Sept. 12, I964. She was 
b. Sept. 22, 1943. 

Issue ; 

i James Llewellyn, b. June 30, I967. 
ii John Theodore, b. Mar. 2, I969. 

104. BARBARA ETHEL (Fred^, Elijah^ Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah2, Johnl), dau. of Fred Elijah and Irene Marian (Schumacher) 
Orr, was b. Aug. 25, 1936. She m. Komo L. Tane in Chicago, 111., 
Aug. 27, 1955. 

Issue : 

i Kimberly L. , b. in Jamestown, N. Y., June 4, 
ii Linda Michelle, b. in Jamestown, N. Y., 
May 21, I96O. 

105. ROBERT RICHARD (Fred^, Elijah^, Elizabeth^, David^, 
Elijah-:^, Johni), son of Fred Elijah and Irene Marian (Schumacher) 
Orr, was b. Jan. 2 5, 1940. He ra. Carol Boyd, Mar. 6, I966. 

Issue ; 

i Jennifer, b. in Skokie, 111., June 11, 1968. 
11 Debra, b. in Skokie, 111., Aug. 21, I969. 

ITT • iS^^^i?^^ ^^^^" (Wilbur^, Linnie^, Elizabeth^, David\ 
t-lijahj, Johnl), dau. of Wilbur Orr and Helen Jane (Byrnes) 
Vaiaraond, was b. in New York, N. Y., May 3, 1943. She ra. 
Jonathan Player Mills in the Northwestern Univ. Chapel, Evanston, 
111., Dec. lis, 1955. He was b. in Evanston, 111., Jan. 29, 1939. 

Issue ; 

i Jason Garrett, b. in Evanston, 111., Apr. 1, 1970. 


Generation 7 

107. NANCY KRISTINE (Gwendolyn^, Nannie 5, Mary'*', David^, 
Elijah^, Johnl), dau. of Milton Andy and Gwendolyn Mae (Miles) 
Lagergren, was b. in Juneau, Alaska, June 4, 1937. She m. 
Michael Howe in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Apr. 6, 1957. He 
was b. in Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 21, 1936. Nancy and Michael 
are graduates of Middlebury College, Vt. They reside (1970) 
at 33S Coleridge Dr., Waterloo, Canada. 

Issue : 

i Gordon Michael, b. in Hamilton, Ont., Apr. 
6, 1959. 
ii Kristine Elizabeth, b. in Toronto, Canada, 
Feb. 15, i960, 
iii Gemini Ann, b. in Kitchner, Ont., Jan. I6, 

iv Milton Glover, b. Dec. 21, 1970, at Waterloo, 
Ont., Canada. 

108. CHARLES ALLEN (Gwendolyn^, Nannie^, Mary^, David-^, 
Elijah^, Johnl), gQ^ of Milton Andy and Gwendolyn Mae (Miles) 
Lagergren, was b. in Juneau, Alaska, Dec. 8, 1938. He m. Karen 
Ann Ross, dau. of Edward Joseph and Regina (Konsbrach) Ross, 

in V/est Chicago, 111., Aug. 8, I964. She was b. in Adoora (?), 
111., June 19, 1943. 

Charles is a graduate of Rutgers College where he majored 
in business management. He is presently (1970) business repre- 
sentative for the Case Machinery Co. in 6 countries in South 
America. Karen is a registered nurse. They reside Buckley, 
Mi raf lores, Lima, Peru. 

Issue ; 

i Ellen Marie, b. in Chicago, 111., July 3» 

ii Michael Andrew, b. in Lima, Peru, Jan. I6, 

iii Jennifer Ann, b. in Lima, Peru, Feb. 26, 

,109. LYNDA VAY (Frances , Nannie^, Mary^, David^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Paul Heyden and Frances Charlotte (Miles) Newlon, 
was b. in Wichita, Kans., Apr. 27, 1947. She m. Charles L. White, 
son of Robert and Ann Marie V/hite, in Brighton, Colo., Sept. 30, 
1964. He was b. Nov. 15, 1946. They were divorced Feb. 14, 1968. 
Lynda resides (1970) at 1538 St. Charles St., Alameda, Calif. 

Issue ; 

i Lynda Ann, b. in Denver, Colo., Mar. 2 5, 

^110. MARSHA RAE (Kenneth , Glenn^, Ida^, David^, Elijah^, 
John ), dau. of Kenneth Ray and Joann (Yardley) Morris, was b. 


Generation 7 
Apr. 17, 1949. She m. Ronald Charles Lavengood, June 16, I968. 


i Mickel Scott, b. June 11, 1970. 

^111. PATRICIA ANNE (Anna , V/alter^, Edgar^, Allen-^, Margaret , 
John ), dau. of Richard and Anna Jeannette (Huffman) Bannon, was 
b. in Crawfordsville, Ind., Mar. 3, 1945. She ra. V/illiam Curts 
in Columbia, S. C, Dec. 5, 1962. He was b. in Frankfort, Ind., 
July 26, 1943. Patricia and V/illiam reside in Crawfordsville, 



i Scott, b. in Stuttgart, Germ., Jan. 6, I964. 
ii Kelly Anne, b. in Crawfordsville, Ind., Nov. 
23, 1968. 



Page 1. William Wilkinson . 

William Wilkinson, brother of John Wilkinson, died 
in Savannah, Chatham Co., Ga. , about ISO?. Leaving no 
will, the County Court appointed administrators to handle 
his estate. They posted Si, 000 bond on Nov. 20, l807. 
The records of the court do not reveal the nsunes of his 

Page 1. Leah Niswanger, vd.fe of John VJilkinson . 

In April 1913, McKinley McCoy Wilkinson, after having 
taken courses in shorthand and bookkeeping, visited his 
father, Jehu Q. V/ilkinson (No. l8), in Bainbridge, Ind. 
His father, then 77 years of age, suggested that McCoy 
put his shorthand to work and make a record of his (Jehu's) 
family reminiscences. The following are Jehu's remem- 
brances of the Niswanger family as put down by McCoy on 
that April day. McCoy told this compiler that, "To this 
day 1 have never seen anyone with such a marvelous memory 
for incidents and dates. He dictated for hours, with the 
aid of notes or references entirely unnecessary." 

The Family Tree 
of the 
May 1, 1913 

"Leah Neiswanger, our Great Grand Mother, was of 
German decent. Her family was among the first settlers 
of Wheeling West Virginia; where they shared and went 
through all the hardships of that time. One of her 
brothers was killed by the Indians, though they did 
not get his scalp. The story of his death, which we 
believe to be authentic, as told by his comrade is as 
follows: During those turbulent times it seems to have 
been the custom to send scouts over to the Ohio side of 
the river to investigate and report any signs of marauding 
bands of Indians, who often made raids on the border 
settlements. He and a man by the name of Hepner went 
over the river in a canoe one evening after night-fall, 
intending to wait on the other side till the moon, which 
rose about nine o'clock, was up so as to enable them to 
see their way. They drew their canoe up into the mouth 
of a small stresim to await the time to start out into the 
interior. It seemed, from what happened later, that the 
Indians had been there ahead of them and seen them land, 
but had waited also for the moon to rise before making the 
attack. The scouts, having laid down in their canoe for 
a few moments rest, were surprised by a volley of shots 
fired into the canoe. Hepner stated that he jumped up 
and jumped ashore, and as he did so glanced back, and 
his partner had not moved so he supposed that he was dead 
from the villey fired by the Indians. His supposition 
was verified a quarter of a century later when their canoe 



was found in a drift many miles dovm the river, and con- 
tained a skeleton and the remains of his rifle, on the 
butt of which was a silver plate bearing the name John 
Neiswanger, which removed all doubts of his identity, and 
was a silent and only witness of the tragedy of a quarter 
century before. His brother Peter, led no less a streneous 
life redeeming the country from the red-skins; but was more 
fortunate for he lived to an old age and died a natural death, 
in the territory of what is now Missouri. Peter Neiswanger 
was captured by the Indians when he was a boy twelve years 
old, and they compelled him to paddle a canoe untill the 
skin and flesh were torn from his hands and knees. After 
awhile he managed to make his escape and reached home 
after a long and dangerous trip. He took oath of vengence 
against the Indians, and it is safe to say that he kept 
his word. At one time he crossed the Ohio River scouting 
for Indians. He saw no signs all that day but as he was 
returning toward evening near the river he noticed a fresh- 
ly made Indian trail, for the weeds were rising up where the 
Indians had passed along. Then it was that he displayed 
that daring and reckless bravery, as well as self control 
which he had inherited from his ancestors and which had 
been his salvation in so many trying situations. The river 
being at a very low stage at that time, could be waded so 
he marched boldly along and passed near wher he could see 
many Indians lying hid in the tall grass on eith side of 
his path. He marched boldly along paying no attention what- 
ever that he saw anything unusual. He waded into the water 
when he was about half way accross he fired his gun to give 
warning to the settlers at the forli. 

"This was a signal used at that time to signal danger. 
So the Indians who had hoped to surprise the settlers were 
frustrated by a single shot from Peter Neiswanger, whose 
bravery aind self control saved the life of many men women 
and children. He made his escape miraculously, unhurt. 

"Leah Neiswanger was also first cousin to Lewis Weitzsel, 
(Wetzel, comp. ) the celebrated Indian fighter. These few 
illustrations of the frontier life led by our kindred show 
the hardihood of the Leah Neiswanger branch of the family." 

Page 2. Moses Wilkinson . 

As this book was about to be printed, it was learned 
that Moses was not a son of John — in fact, they were not 
even related. Moses was the son of Samuel and Jane (Sydney) 
Wilkinson. He has descendants in Kansas and Utah — including 
Mrs. Irene (Wilkinson) Muck, R. R. 3, Box 133, Augusta, 
Kans. and Mr. Herbert L. Wilkinson, 453 - 3th Ave., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Page 13. Catherine (Wilkinson) McAlpin Magee . 

Catherine's son, Patrick V/. R. McAlpin m. Sarah Lewis, 
dau. of Judge Lemuel and Mary (Williams) Lewis, grandaughter 
of Benjamin and Celia Lewis, and grandaughter of Giles and 

Sallie Williams. 


Page 16. Mary (V/ilkinson) Tague . 

Mary (Wilkinson) Tague d. between 13^2 and iBl+k as 
the 1850 census for Fountain Co., Ind. indicates that 
her husband, Daniel Tague, had remarried and had fathered 
three additional children — the earliest of the three having 
been b. ca lS44. His age is given as 36, his wife's as 
30, and the ages of the five children (John, Mary Jane, 
Calvin D., Matilda, and Oliver) as 10, 8, 6, 5, and 1, 
respectively, and all seven persons b. in Ind. 

Page 23. Cornelius and Mary (VJilkinson) Cook . 

The 1850 census for Shelby Co., Ind. shows living in 
their household; Cornelius, age 69, b. in Va. ; Mary, age 
56, b. in Va. ; Alphonse, age 22, b. in Ind.; and Rosanna, 
age 17, b. in Ind. Their son, Samuel, d. in Hanover Twp., 
Shelby Co., Ind., Aug. 22, 19OO, at the age of 77. 

Page 27. Owen and Mary (Wilkinson) Conerly . 

Owen's father, Cullen Conerly, was the son of John 
and Kesiah Conerly. John's will, which was made on Oct. 
17, 1751, was proven in Johnston Co., N. C. court. Named 
in the will were wife, Kesiah, sons William and Cullen, 
dau. Patience, brothers Richard Jones and Stephen Herring. 
He owned 300 acres of land in Duplin Co., N. C. 

His son William m. Eliza Cameron. They had at least 
one child, Melissa (b. 1839), who m. Absolom Hardy in 
Washington Parish, La. MeUssa and Absolom had three 
children — Mary, Pinckney, and Delilah Ann. 

Page 43. Martha "Mattie" Louise (Wain) Wilkinson . 

The following letter was written to Mattie by John 
Bresnahan, a friend of the Wilkinson family. He may have 
been a relative but the relationship has not been estab- 
lished. He is the same man who wrote the biographical 
sketch of Elijah H. Wilkinson which appeared in a Green- 
castle, Ind. newspaper. See page 52. 

424 M St., N. W. 
Washington, D. C. 
Oct. 21, 1912 

"My Dear Mattie: 

Your long and interesting letter of the l6th Inst., 
was received in due time, and I assure you I was glad 
to hear that Maggie's health was much better, for 1 was 
alarmed about her since I received a letter from uncle 
Jehu about two months ago, in which he stated that her 
health was in a precarious condition. I received another 
letter from Jehu about four weeks ago in which he made 
a laudatory eulogy on the 'greatest living American, ' 



and concluded his eight paged letter by saying, 'the folks 
are all well,' which was very indefinite as to Maggie's 
condition. . 

"1 answered Jehu's letter with an eighteen page letter, 
in which 1 said that 1 thought he did not intend to say 
that Roosevelt is the 'greatest living American, • but in- 
tended to say that he was the 'greatest living Ex Presi- 
dent, • because he is the only one. 1 wish your father 
could see and read that letter, there are some things in 
it that I know would make him laugh. 

"I am glad to know that you, Maggie and the children 
have moved to town so as to the children the benefit of 
the good schools there and that you are all happy and con- 
tented. But it must be very lonely for your father and 
Aunt Beckie on the farm. 1 understand Ed. has not been 
engaged at anything this past season. 

"I am indeed to learn that Aunt Lydia V/aln is still 
unable to walk. It must be very trying on her not to be 
able to get around, for she was such an active and ener- 
getic woman. 1 hope Sam, My dear old comrade and chum 
keeps well, and that he is as loyal to the Republican 
nominee for the Presidency as he was to the flag of his 
country during the war, and the 'grand old party* since 
the war; that he will not by his vote for our erratic 
Ex. President, aid in defeating President Taft and wrecking 
the Republican party, the best party ever instituted, 
and therby put a democratic president in the V/hite House 
to bring back the distressful conditions the people ex- 
perienced under the policy of free trade during the last 
democratic administration, when farmers sold com at 2 5 
cents per bushel; wheat at 55 or 60 cents per bushel; 
beef and hogs iJ4. per 100 on the hoof. Let the honest 
homy fisted farmers compare those prices with the prices 
he is now receiving under a protective tariff and a re- 
publican administration and ponder well before he casts 
his vote for Wilson or Roosevelt. A vote cast for Roose- 
velt is equal to a half a vote for V/ilson, and a loss of 
a whole for Taft. 

"I have the same feeling now for Ex. Senator Beveridge 
that I have had for Roosevelt since under the pretence of 
the petition of the seven Governors he flung his hat in 
the 'Ring,' 1 regard both of them as ingrates to the Re- 
publican party. If you can get a copy of the Greencastle 
Weekly Banner please mail it to me at your earliest con- 
venience. 1 forgot to say in the proper place that all 
but two of the governors who petitioned Roosevelt to be 
a candidate for a third term have deserted him. 

"The condition of my health is about the same as when 
I last wrote you. 1 am still confined to an invalid chair 
and require the regular aid of another person. 1 suffer 
constantly with pains in all of my joints, including my 



back and the joints of my hand and fingers, the latter 
frequently are so stiff and sore that I am unable to write. 
I have to take opiates at bedtime to induce sleep, but 1 
manage to keep cheerful and hopeful. 

"My wife joins me in extending our best wishes for 
yourself, Maggie and the dear little girls; your father 
and Aunt Beckie, and your uncle Sam. And his wife; also 
Mr. and Mrs. Black. 

"Write soon. Your devoted uncle. 

John Bresnahan." 

The persons mentioned in the above letter are identi- 
fied as follows: — 

1. Maggie. Mattie's sister, Marguerite B. Case. 

2. Jehu. Mattie's father-in-law, Jehu Q. Wilkinson. 

3. Aunt Beckie. Mattie's stepmother, Rebecca J. 
(Davis) V/aln. 

4. Ed. Edwin Jehu Wilkinson, whom Mattie m. in 1926. 

5. Uncle Samuel Wain. Unidentified. 

6. Aunt Lydia Wain. Probably Samuel's wife. 

7. Mr. and Mrs. Black. Mattie's uncle and aunt, John 
S. and Mary J. (Wain) Black. 

Wilkinson Family Bible . 

William Amel Sausaman, compiler of this book, is the 
proud possessor of the Wilkinson family Bible, originally 
owned by Elijah Cooper Wilkinson (1792-1875). The Bible, 
printed by the American Bible Society in I848, has inscribed 
on the title page, "Presented to Judge Wilkinson by his 
friend Thos. H. Lerry, 1843". The Bible was subsequently 
owned by (1) Elijah's son Jehu (I836-I913); by (2) Jehu's 
son Carl Hixson Wilkinson (I87O-I96I): by (3) Elijah's great 
grandaughter, Frances Josephine (V/aln; Hoover (1900-1 960) ; 
and lastly by (4) this compiler. The Bible contains birth 
and death records of the 7 full brothers and sisters of 
Elijah, his 9 children, and 6 children of Jehu. 




ADAI4S, Anna Mae, 44 

Hannah, 29 

Jane, 55 
ADAI4S0N, Mary, 2 5 

V;ill, 2 5 
ALLEN, Myrtle G., 60, 


Robert, 39 

Zerelda, 36, 39 
ANDERSON, Charles Ed- 
ward, 71 

Grace, 71 

Howard Edward, 71, 


Judith, 71, 31 

Kevin Kent, 81 

Kris Lynn, 8I 

Krista Kav, 8I 

Margaret, 71, 81 

Margaret B. , 51 

Martha Kay, 8I 

Richard Kent, 71, 8I 
ANGAROLA, Frances C., 


Joseph, 72 

Leona Anita, 72, 83 
ANGELN, Anna, 8I 

Fortunati Surgento, 


Joseph Fortunati, 8I 

Joseph Patrick, 8I 

Judith, 81 

Lori Anne, 8I 
ANSON, Barbara, 24 


Mary C., 39 

Dr. Thomas L., 39 
ARNOLD, Elizabeth, 55 

Frances, 55 

Grace, I8 

Jacob, 59 

James, 55 

Laura E. , 59 

Lucy, 59 

Oscar, 59 

Reuben, 55 

Sallie A. , 55 

William, 55 
BAILEY, Miranda, 2 5 
BAKER, Allison, 81 

Deloris, 81 

Lucy, 59 
BALL, Daniel, 27 

Eliza, 27 

BALL, Emily, 27 

Jesse, 27 

Needham, 27 

Newton, 27 

Rebecca, 27 

William, 27 
BANK, Gen., 53 
BANNON, Anna Jean- 

nette, 78, 86 

Patricia Anne, 79, 


Richard, 78, 79, 86 
BARNES, Charles, 6 

Hannah, 6 

John, 6 
BECKER, Gertrude, 65 
BENDER, Anna, 67, 74 

Daniel Richard, 65, 


Gertrude, 65> 67 

Mary, 65 
BEVERIDGE, Sen., 90 
BLACK, Beverly Mag- 

dalina, 71, 8I 

Cora, 64 

Glen Ryan, 81 

Gregory Mitchell, 81 

Harvey Wain, 51» 64, 


Ina, 64, 65, 71 

Jerry Lynn, 71, 8I 

John E. , 65 

John Elijah, 51, 64 

John H., 51 

John Harvey, 64, 65, 

71, 81 

John S., 50, 64, 91 

Margaret, 64, 71, 8I 

Margaret Wain, 65 

Mary , 41 

Mary J., 50, 64, 91 

Mary Lucy, 64 

Morris, 64 

Virginia Ruth, 81 
BLACKV/ELL, Capt. John, 


Lt. Joseph, 4 
BLUM, Bonnie, 74 

Daniel, 74 

Earl, 74 

Gertrude, 74 

Raymond, 74 
BODYCOMB, Bessie, 82 
BONARD, Henry, 28 

BONARD, Mary, 28 
BOYD, Carol, 84 
BRADLEY, Nancy Dencrice, 

BRAMFIELD, Catherine, 28 

W. H. H., 28 
BRATTON, Rev. H. 0.,44 
BRESNAHAN, John, 54, 89, 

BROKAW, Ferdinand, 5 
BROV/N, John W. , 4 5 

Naomi Alvada, 73 

Sarah C, 45 
BURNETT, Ann, 21 

Hiram, 21 
BURRESS, Maggie, 19, 21 
BUTLER, Joseph, 55 

Melinda M. , 55 
BYRNES, Helen Jane, 73, 


Naomi Alvada, 73 

William Ellsworth, 73 
CAI4ER0N, Eliza, 89 
CARSON, Lucille, 67, 74, 

CASE, Frances Josephine, 


Joseph M., 50, 63 

Marguerite, 50 

Marguerite B., 63, 91 

Mary Louise, 63 
CHAmERS, Elizabeth, 66 
CHAMBERS, Charlotte, 3 
CLAP, Catherine, 14, 28 
CLEVELAND, G rover, 45 
CLINE, Jacob, 6 
COFFMAN, Lavina, 49, 50 

Mary R. , 43, 49, 50, 63 

Nicholas, 49, 50 
COLQUHOUN, John, 28 

Loftlin, 28 

Mary Ann, 28 

Rebecca, 28 
CONERLY, Ann Louisa, 27 

Buxton R., 27 

Caroline, 27 

Catherine, 13, 27, 28 

Cecelia, 27 

Dr. Chauncey Porter, 27 

Cullen, 13, 27, 89 

Edward S., 27 

Eliza, 27, 28, 89 

Elizabeth, 27 

Emily, 27 

Emma Eoline, 27 



CONERLY, James, 27 
Jane, 27 
John, 27, 89 
John M., 27 
John R. , 27 
Kesiah, 89 
L., 11 

Letticia, 13» 27 
Levisa, 27 
Luke, 8, 13, 27 
Rev. & Dr. Luke, 


Luke W., 13, 27 

Lula, 27 

Lulu, 27 

Margaret, 27 

Mark, 27 

Martha, 28 

Mary, 8, 13, 27, 


Mary Ann, 27, 28 

Mary Jane, 27 

Melissa, 27, 89 

Owen, 8, 27, 89 

Owen F., 27 

Patience, 89 

Rebecca, 8, 13, 27, 


Richard Jones, 89 

Samuel L. , 27 

Sarah, 27 

Stephen Herring, 89 

Susan, 27 

Teletha, 27 

Thomas B., 27 

William, 27, 89 

William M. , 27 

William W. , 27 
CONNALLY, Margaret, 

CONNELLY, 0. , 11 

L., 11 

Mary, 11 

Rebecca, 10, 11 
CONNER, Allen, 58, 69 

Barbara Ann, 69, 78 

Carrollee, 69 

Charlie Allen, 58 

Edith Amazetta, 58 

James F. , 58 

James Fredric, 58 

John Morris, 58, 69 


Luella May, 58 

Margaret Christell, 


Mary Ann, 58 

CONNER, Mary Elizabeth, 


Mattie Leora, 58, 69 
CONOVER, Charles, 69 

Lona Frances, 1, 69, 


Mattie, 69 
COOK, Alphonse, 89 

Cornelius, 3, 23, 45, 

46, 89 

Harriett, 23 

John Alphonse, 23 

Mary, 3, 10, 23, 45, 

46, 89 

Rebecca, 23 

Rebecca J., 23 

Rebecca Jane, 23 

Rosanna, 23, 44, 89 

Samuel, 23, 89 

Sarah Ann, 23 

William, 23, 46 

William H., 23 
COOPER, Magdalena, 6 
GRANDELL, Abigail, 14 

James L. , 14 
CRIPE, Clarence Silus, 


Florence B. , 73 

Ruth Rebecca, 73 
CRYSER, Christopher, 6 
CUMMINGS, Letticia, 40 
CUNNINGHAI4, Mattie, 69 
CURTS, Kelly Anne, 86 

Patricia Anne, 86 

Scott, 86 

v;illiam, 86 
DANEAR, Jane, 7, 10 
DARMER, Benedict M. , 


Harriett, 23 
DAUM, Bena, 69 
DAVIS, Rebecca J., 49, 

50, 91 
DAWSON, Mary, 27 
DAY, Amazetta, 33, 55, 

56, 57, 58 

Ambrose, 33 

Isaac M. , 33 

Joanne, 33 
DEGENER, August Fred- 
, erick, 68, 76 

Carolina Eleanor, 68 

Caroline Catherine, 

68, 76 

Frederick Heinrich, 


DEGENER, Getha Mae, 

68, 76 
DENNIS, Dorothy, 78 
DICKS, Lavina, 49, 50 
DISNEY, Walt, 82 
DONAHUE, Emily, 22 

J. W., 22 
DOV/NEN, Beulah, 68, 69, 

77, 78 

Hazel, 69 

Lurie, 69 

Pat, 69 
DRISKELL, Laura, 60 
DUNCAN, Paul J., 64 

Mary Lucy, 64 
EARLE, Ella A., 66 
EBEL, Christ, 71 

Katherine, 71 

Martha Magdalena, 71, 

81, 82, 83 
EDV/ARDS, Elizabeth Anne, 


Harriet, 47, 6I 

Ina, 64, 71 

James Uzal, 64 
EVANS, Elizabeth, 24 
EZRA, Anna, 79 

Anna Jeanette, 78 

Fred, 78, 79 
FALCK, Pearl Charlotte, 

FIGG, George, 31 

Hiram, 31 

Juretta, 3I 
FIRCHOW, Ollie Viola, 

FISHER, Rhoena, 45 
FISK, Emma Elizabeth, 

59, 60 

James, 60 

Laura Driskell, 60 

V/illiam E., 59, 60 
FOSTER, Charles, 6I 

Edith, 61 

Evylin, 6I 
FOWLER, Charles Marion, 

56, 67, 68 

Getha Mae, 57, 68, 76 

Henry, 56, 57 

Mary Catherine, 56, 

67, 68 

Nancy A. , 56 

Nannie Amazetta, 57, 

67, 75, 76 

Sadie Maurine, 55 
FOX, John L., 23 
FRANCES, Bertha, 6I 


FRANCES, Elsworth, 6l 

Etta, 61 

Harriet, 61 

Marion, 6l 

Marvin, 6l 

Maud, 61 

Silvia, 6l 
FRANCIS, Etta V., 61 

Lydia, 33 

Sam, 33 
FRANKS, David Edwin, 


Dawn Deann, 78 

Jesse George, 78 

Patricia Joyce, 78 
FYFFE, Charles C, 36 

Jonathan, 39 

Leinore E. Z. , 36 

Louisa Belle, 36-41, 

Mary C, 39 

Thomas, 36, 39 

Zerelda, 36, 39 
GARNETT, Ludia Ve; 

GAUDY, William, 6 
GOWIN, Emma, 55 

George, 55 
GRAY, Alice, 37, 

Andrew, 37, 39 
GREEN, Jimmy, 67 

Maude, 67 




. 67 

GRIGGS, 'Rev. C. C, 65 
GROSS, Virginia Barbara, 

HAD LEY, Naomi, 15, I6 

Washington, 15, I6 
HALE, Elizabeth Anne, 

HALL, John L. , 32 
HAMMOND, Rebecca, 14 
HANSEL, Johann Lorentz, 

HANSELL, David, 30,41 

E. C, 32, 40, 41 

Elijah Cooper, "^f^ 

31, 37, 40, 43 

Elizabeth Ann, 

George, 30, '^- 



. 32 
George W. , 30 
George William, 
29, 31 
Grace, 31 
Hannah, 29 
Hannah Louisa, 30 
Jehu, 30, 31 



HANSELL, Jonathan, 30, 


John, 29 

John Walker, 30 

Joseph, 30 

Juretta, 3O 

M. A., 32 

Marianna Amy, 31 

Mary Ann, I8, 21, 

29, 30, 31 

Mary Ellen, 3O 

Rachel Mariah, 30 

Rebecca, 30 

Richmond, 3I 

Zera, 31 
HARDY, Absolom, 89 

Delilah Ann, 89 

Mary, 89 

Melissa, 89 

Pinckney, 89 
HARRISON, Genl., 8 

Genl., Benjajnin, 

37, 45 
HARTMAN, Christopher, 


Gladys, 64 

Gladys E. , 65 

Ina, 64 
HARVEY, Sarah, 27 
HAUCK, Mary J., 45 

Robert F., 45 
guerite Johanna, 71 
HENDERSON, Eunice, 74 

Judith Lynn, 74 

June , 66 

June Elizabeth, 74 

Robert Houston, 74 

Robert James, 74 

Robert Waugh, 74 

B., 56, 67 

Isaac, 56 

M. E., 56 
HENRION, Lucille Car- 
olyn, 7 5 

Mark Carl, 7 5 

Paul Bruce, 75 
HENTZEL, Johann Lorentz, 


HEPNER, , 87 

HETH, Lt. Col. Wm., 4 
HILANDS, Alice, 37, 


John, 37 

John S., 39, 41 

Lydia E. , 41 

HILANDS, Lydia Eliza- 
beth, 36-40 
HIXSON, Alice Elsie, 

21, 22 
Ann, 21 
Catherine, 22 
Daniel, 21, 22 
David, 16, 21, 22, 33 
Elizabeth, I6, I8, 21, 

22, 28, 29, 32, 33, 
36, 38 

Emily, 22 

John, 21 

Joseph, 22 

Martha, I6, 21, 22 

Mary, 21, 22 

Nancy, 22 

Samuel, 21 

William, 21, 22 
HOB AN, Elizabeth Jane, 


Irene, 44 

Patrick McCoy, 44 

Sandra, 44 
HOFFMAN, Margaret, 24 

Mary, 24 
HOUSES, H., 6 

Martha, 28 

Needham, 28 
HOLT, Allison, 8I 

Deloris, 8I 

Martha Kay, 8I 
HONAKER, Allene, 59 

T. L., 59 
HOOVER, Frances Jose- 
phine, 63, 91 

Wm., 63 
HOWE, Gemini Ann, 85 

Gordon Michael, 85 

Kristine Elizabeth, 85 

Michael, 85 

Milton Glover, 85 

Nancy Kristine, 85 

Zera 31 

Bell, 82 
HUFFMAN, Albert Gay, 

46, 59 

Alfred Warren, 47, 

61 „ 

Allen, 24, 46, 49, 50, 

59, 60 

Alma, 60 

Alvin T., 61 

Ambrose, 23 

Anna Jeanne tte, 70, 

78, 86 



HUFFMAN, Barbara, 24 
Benj., Kit 6l 
Benjamin, 2i+ 
Bertha, 47, 61 
Charles Wain, 46 
Christiana, 22, 24 
Clarence, 6l 
Clarence Hendren, 

Cletus M. , 61 
Edgar W., 46, 60, 


Edith, 47, 61 
Elizabeth, 24, 47, 

Elizabeth Ann, 4d, 

49, 59, 60 

Emma , 47 

Emma Elizabeth, 59, 


Erma D., 69, 73 

Etta v., 61 

Fern H., 61 

Florence, 61 

Francis W. , 61 

Gay lord H. , 6l 

Gladys, 59, 60 

Harriet, 47, 61 

Henry, 24 

Howard H., 59 

Isaac Ellsworth, 


Job, 2, 3, 10, 23, 

24, 46, 47 

John, 24 

John A,, 24 

John Walter, 46 

Leah, 24, 62 

Lillard, 59, 60 

Lillard Allen, 60 

Lona Frances, 1, 10, 

69, 70, 73 

Lulu Henry, 46 

Margaret, 1, 2, 9, 

10, 23, 24, 46, 47 

Mary C, 24, 47 

Mary F., 1, 46 

Mary Rose Anna, 47, 


Maude , 46 

Milly, 24 

Myrtle G., 60, 69 

Perry 0., 47, 6I 

Rex, 61 

Robert Allen, 70 

Roy, 61 

HUFFMAN, Samuel, 24 
Samuel Elmer, 46 
Tina, 59 
Tobias, 24 
Walter Clarence, 
60, 69, 73 
William H. , 6I 
William Job, 47 
William V/., 24, 47, 
HUGGINS, Lydia, 33 
HULL, Edward Evert, 


Isaac, 47 

Mary A. , 24 

Mary C, 47 

Samuel Vance, 47 
HUNLOW, Marguerite 

Johanna, 71 
HURT, Emma Maria, 75 
IMEL, Allin W., 2 5 

Andrew J. , 2 5 

Andrew Jackson, 2 5 

Anna M. , 2 5 

Arthur Blaine, 2 5 

Catherine Caroline, 


Elijah, 25 
Elijah W., 25 
Elizabeth, 25 
Eva, 25 

Frank Leslie, 2 5 
George, 7, 24, 25 
George John, 2 5 
George W. , 2 5 
Harry, 2 5 
Harry Mather, 2 5 
Herbert Glenn, 2 5 
Indiana A., 2 5 
Ivy I., 25 
Laura, 2 5 

Leah, 7, 10, 24, 25 
Lera, 2 5 
Mary, 2 5 
Miranda, 2 5 
Nellie Viola, 25 
Paul R. , 25 
Peter, 24, 25 
Ralph V;aldo, 2 5 
Susan, 24 
Thomas, 2 5 
Wilbur Ellsworth, 


V;ilbur G., 2 5 
JACKSON, Gen. Stone- 
wall, 53 

J AGO, Sarah Ann, 23 
JACOBS, Clifford Grand- 

ville, 69 

Margaret Bena, 69 

Margaret Christell, 

69, 73 
JENNING, Nellie, 53 
JENNINGS, John S., 19, 

JOHNSON, Benjamin H., 22 

Carol Eleanor, 72 

Mary, 2 5 

Nancy, 22 

Pearl Charlotte, 72 

Spurgeon Urban, 72 
JONES, Capt., 13, 20 

Lewis E., 25 
JURNEY, Claude Emerson, 


Sadie Maurine, 57 

KAIN, John, 4 

KASTNER, John, 23 
Rebecca, 23 
Rebecca Jane, 23 

KEAN, John, 6 

KEEZER, Lucille, 67, 74, 

KELSEY, Laura, 33, 34 
Roy, 33, 34 

KENNEDY, Ruth, 3l 

KING, John, 21 
Martha, I6, 21 

KIRKV/OOD, Susan, 24 

KNOX, Lulu Henry, 46 

KOHS, Katherine, 65 

KONSBRACH, Regina, 35 

KROSCHEL, Albertina Wil- 
helmena, 33 

KRUSE, Margaret, 47 
Mr., 47 

LAGERGREN, Andy, 75 
Charles Allen, 75, 35 
Donald Miles, 75 
Earl Gilbert, 7 5 
Ellen Marie, 35 
Frances Lorraine, 76 
George Edward, 7 5 
Gwendolyn Mae, 75, 35 
Janet Marie, 75 
Jennifer Ann, 35 
Karen Ann, 35 
Kenneth V/alter, 76 
Michael Andrew, 35 
Milton Andy, 75, 35 
Nancy Kristine, 75, 35 
Paul Albert, 75 









LAI'IKIN, Keziah, 27 

Mary, 27 

Mary Ann, 27 

Narcissa, 27 

Sampson L. , 27 

William J. , 27 
LAI'IPTON, Benjamin, 27 

Cora, 27 

Edward, 27 

Iddo v;., 27 

Jane, 27 

Lucius L. , 

Mary Jane, 

Ho Hie, 27 

Walter M. , ci 

Thaddeus B., 27 
LANE, Linda Lois, 
LAREW, Francis M. , 55 



Maude, 55, 

S., 55 

William, 55 
LAROCCA, Frances U., 7 
LARRICK, George, 6 
LAVENGOOD, Marsha Rae, 


Mickel Scott, 86 

Ronald Charles, B6 
LAV/N, Ann, 27 

Buxton, 27 

Mary, 27 
LAYMAN, Capt., 2\ 

LEARY, , 2 5 

LEHMANN, Bertha, 66 

Fred, 66 

Gertrude May, 66, 73 
LENTZ, Gladys Velma, 7 

Joseph Samuel, 72 

Margaret, 72 

Margery Ann, 72 

Phillip, 72 
LEV/IS, Benjamin, 

Celia, 88 

Jabez, 27 

Judge Lemuel, 

Levisa, 27 

Martin, 27 

Mary, B8 

Mary Jane, 

Mira, 27 

Sarah, i 

Eva, 58 

Will, 58 
LOGEL, Alice, 

Mr., 39 






Belva, 58 

LUDLOW, Charlotte, 3 

Israel, 3 
LUDV/IG, Bertha, 66 
MACATEE, Grace, 71 
MAGEE, Calvin, 13 
MANJEOT, Juanita Mae, 

MASON, Flora B., 31 
MASTEN, Walter, 51 
MATHER, Catherine 

Caroline, 2 5 
MATHEWS, Florence B., 


MATTHEWS, Margaret, 14 

McAllister, Eiiza, 58 

McALPIN, Catherine, 13, 

Dr., 13 
Mark, 13 
Patrick, 13 
Patrick W. R. , t^ 
Sarah, ^t 

Mccarty, coi., 19, 20 

McCLURE, Robt., 5 
McC0RI4ICK, Elizabeth, 

7, 10 

William, 7 
McCORRY, De lores, 81 
HcCOY, Eliza Ann, 40 

John C. , 45 

John Campbell, 40 

Lucy Maria, 40 

Lydia Elizabeth, 36, 

37, 38 

Mary Ann, 36 

Mary Jane, 40 

William, 36 
McCUMBER, Albert Win- 
field, 81 

Delores, 8I 

Margaret Mary, 8I 
McGAUHEY, Charles, 51 
McGlLVERY, Charlotte, 

15, 16 

Samuel, 15, I6 
McKEE, Elizabeth, 32 

John, 26 

Rebecca, 10, 11, 26 
McMECHEN, Sam'l., 6 
McMillan, Laveme, 78 

Patricia Joyce, 78 

Tanya, 78 
MELVIN, Beverly Mag- 

dalina, 71, 8I 

James Edgar, 71 

Marguerite Johanna, 




Tina, 59 

Anne, 81 
MIKEL, David, 58 

Edith Amazetta, 


Levender L. , 58 

Susie, 58 
MILES, Frances Char- 
lotte, 68, 76, 85 

Franklin Thomas, 


George Otis, 67, 

75, 76 

Gwendolyn Mae, 

68, 75, 85 

Lidella Melissa, 


Mary Catherine, 68 

Nannie Amazetta, 67, 

75, 76 
MILLER, Anna G., 65 

Carol Eleanor, 72 

Ida Dema, 65, 72 

Jonathan C. , 72 

Karen E., 72 

Lester Bruce, 65, 


Moses, 4 

Richard E., 65 

Richard Eugene, 72 

Ritchie K., 72 

Robert Bruce, 65 

Susie, 58 

Thomas, 4 
MILLS, Jason Garrett, 


Jonathan Player, 84 

Shari Leigh, 84 
MINNIG, Janet Lee, 83 

Michael Owens, 83 

Michael Joseph, 83 

Tracy Lee, 83 
MITCHEL, Milly, 24 

Robert, 24 
MITCHELL, James Suther- 

lin, 81 

Ruth, 81 

Virginia Ruth, 8I 
MOE, Anna Mae, 44 
MONETT, Catharine /mn, 

MONROE, Gale, 40 

Letticia, 40 

Mary Ann, 36, 40 



MONROE, Melinda, 40 

Melita, 40 

Safrona, 40 

Theodata, 40 

William, 40 
MOORE, Marshall A., 

MORRIS, Arthur C, 


Belva, 58 

Beulah Downen, 6B, 

69, 77, 78 

Charles, 57, 58, 

68, 69 
Elba D., 58 
Elmer Earl, 58, 69 
E. Wayne, 69, 76, 

Glen, 77 

Glen R., 58, 68, 

69, 76, 77, 78 
Hazel, 69 

Ida May, 57, 58, 

68, 69 

Jerome, 77 

Jerome Robert, 69, 


Joann, 77, 85 

Jon Scott, 77 

Karen Sue, 77 

Kenneth, 77 

Kenneth Ray, 69, 

77, 85 

Lillian Kathleen, 


Mabel, 68, 69, 76, 


Mark William, 77 

Marsha Rae, 77, 85 

Mary Ann, 58 

Mary Caroline, 68 

Mary Elizabeth, 58 

Nancy Kaye, 77 

Nova C, 58, 68 

Patricia Joyce, 69. 
78 y > y* 

Patsy, 77 

Reba, 76, 77 

Robinson, 57 

Ronald, 77 

Ronald Gene, 69, 77 

Ruby, 77 

V;illiam, 77 
MORRISON, Capt. A.L., 

MOSS, Israel, 54 

Joanna, 33 


MOSS, Lydia, 33 

William, 33 
Zerelda, 54 
Zerelda E., 51 
MUCK, Irene, SS 
MUHOVICH, Anthony D., 


Bessie, 82 

Marjorie Lucille, 82 
MURRY, Delia, 44 
NEETE, Charley, 59 

Jeanette, 59 

Leah, 87, SS 

Peter, B6 
NEWLON, Fern, 76 

Frances Charlotte, 

76, 85 

John Malcom, 76 

Lynda Vay, 76, 85 

Dr. Malcom, 76 

Paul Heyden, 76, 85 
NISWANGER, Elizabeth, 


Jeremiah, 6 

John, 1, 5, 6, 7 

Leah, 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 

16, 23, 24, 26, 87 

Magdalena, 6 

Mary, 1, 5, 6 

Peter, 6 

Rachael, 6 

Rebecca, 6 

Solomon, 6 
NOLAN, Mary Alyce 

Elizabeth, 83 
NUGENT, Dorothy, 78 

Edith, 78 

Harold E., 78 
NYQUIST, Rev. Thomas, 

OPEL, John N., 68 

Mary Caroline, 68 

Pheobe Ann, 68 
ORR, Anna, 67, 74 

Barbara Ethel, 73, 


Carol, 84 

Daniel Richard, 66 

Debra, 84 

Elijah Harrison, 55, 

66, 73 

Elizabeth Anna, 55, 

65, 66, 67 

Ethel Winifred, 66 

Fred Elijah, 66, 73,84 

ORR, George, 66, 67 
George Franklin, 55, 

Gertrude, 65, 67, 74 
Gertrude May, 66, 73 
Irene Marian, 73, 84 
Jennifer, 84 
Josephine, 55 
Julia Marietta, 55, 
66, 72 
Linnie Aurora, 55» 

66, 73, 74 

Robert Richard, 73, 


Sadie, 55 

Virginia Barbara, 66 

William Harrison, 55, 

65, 66, 67 

William Randolph, 55, 

67, 74 
PAVraRZ, Joseph, 5 
PAXTON, William, 4 
PENINGTON, Albertina Wil- 

helmena, 83 

Arlene Grace, 83 

Deborah Kay, 83 

Lyle Edward, 83 

Neal D., 83 

Tamara Sue, 83 
PETERSON, Anna G., 65 
PIRKIN, Bonny Lee, 73 
PORTTER, Sarah, 76 
POWELL, Emma Marie, 75 

Janet Marie, 7 5 

John David, 7 5 
PRATHER, Cora, 64 
PRIEST, Henry C, 20 
PURSELL, Charles, 55 

Elizabeth, 55 

Emma, 55 

Frances, 55 

Lydia, 51, 54, 55, 65 

Mary A. , 54 

Melinda, 54 

Melinda M. , 55 

Sallie A., 55 

Thomas, 54 

William, 51, 54, 55 

Zerelda E., 51, 54 
QUIN, Emma Eoline, 27 
RAWLINGS, Nancy, 84 
REDMOND, Ethel Winifred, 


John Joseph, 66 
REID, David S., 15 
REINICH, Margaret, 72 
RHOADES, Balser, 45 


RHOADES, Beaton, 1+5 

Emma M . , 45 

Franklin, 45 

George C. T., 46 

Harrison, 45 

Lucretia J. , 45 

Mary J. , 45 

Rhoena, 45 

Rosanna, 45 

Sarah, 45 

Sarah C. , 45 

Vira E., 46 
RHOADS, Harrison, 23 

Rosanna, 23 
RICE, Edward Albert, 53 

Luella May, 5^ 

Nellie, 5B 

Lorraine, 76 

Harry Todd, 76 

Robert Dale, 76 

Sarah, 76 
RISHER, Rev. D. W., 54 
ROBINSON, Thomas, 19 
ROOSEVELT, Pres., 90 
ROSS, Edward Joseph, £>5 

Karen Ann, B5 

Regina, 85 
RUSE, Catherine, 21 
RUSH, Bertha F., 53 

Eliza, 53 

James A., 53 
RUSSELL, Nancy A., 56 
SAMPLE, William H., 15 
SAUSAMAN, Marianna Amy, 

SAYER, Dorothy, 73 
SCHEERER, John, 46 

Mary F., 1, 46, 70 
SCHUMACHER, Irene Marian, 

73, 34 
SCOTT, Elizabeth Ann, 64 

Gladys, 64 

John L. , 64 

Richard, 64 

William, 64 
SEIFSRT, Harry George, 56 

Wanda Corine, 56 
SESSIONS, Narcissa, 27 
SHEHI.IAN, Gen., 53 
SHOEMAKER, Hannah Louisa, 


James, 32 

Lydia Emma, 51, 65 
SHOFNER, Bertha Bell, 32 

SHOFNER, Dale Dempsy, 


Rosemary Louise, 32 
SIMPSON, Anna Mae, 44 
SLATER, Edw'd., 6 
SLOAI^, Pheobe Ann, 63 
SMITH, Elenor, 24 

Elizabeth Jane, 44 

George, 44 

Irene Eleanor, 44 

Mira, 27 

Monroe, 27 

Ruby, 77 
SNEAD, Keziah, 27 
SNYDER, Alma, 60 
SPENCER, Patricia May, 


Paul E., 74 

Randall Kent, 74 
STARNS, Caroline, 27 
STEELE, Mrs. Kell, 60 
STEPHENS, Ann, 27 

Ann Louisa, 27 

Samuel James, 27 
STIPP, Frances Jane, 


George W. , 15 
STRAWSER, Dorothy, 73 

Kathryn Jean, 73 

Robert E., 73 
STRETCH, John, 21 

Mary, 21 
SULLINS, Ethel, 42 
SULLIVAN, Delia, 44 

Irene Eleanor, 44 

Thomas Francis, 44 

A., 10, 11 
SUTER, James, 6 
SWAIN, Eunice, 74 
SWIERSKl, Anna, 31 
SYDNEY, Jane, 33 
SYI-MES, Judge John 

Cleve, 3 
TAFT, Pres., 90 
TAGUE, Calvin D., 39 

Daniel, 15, I6, 39 

Jane, 15, I6 

John, 15, 16, 39 

Mary, 15, I6, 39 

Mary Jane, 39 

Matilda, 39 

Oliver, 39 
TANE, Barbara Ethel, 


TANE, Kimberly L., 

Komo L. , 34 
Linda Michelle, 34 

TAYLOR, Dorothy Ger- 
trude, 66, 72, 33, 


Ella A., 66 

George A., 66 

Herbert Elmer, 66, 


Herbert George, 66, 

72, 33 

Janet Lee, 72, 33 

Jennifer Lane, 33 

Jeremiah Gibson, 


Julia Marietta, 66, 


Leigh Herbert, 72, 

Leona Anita, 72, 83 

Linda Lois, 33 
THOMAS, Leah, 7, 10, 

THOMPSON, Rev. William 

E., 60 
TILSCHNER, Doris, 34 
TIM4INES, , 31 
TII^MONS, Julia Ann, 


Sarah, 32 

William, 32 
TINES, Elizabeth, 27 
TURNER, Allen James, 


Barbara Ann, 73 

James V. , 78 

Nancy Dencrice, 73 

Sandra Sue, 73 

Virgil Paul, 73 
UHRICH, Katherine, 71 


VAN CLEAVE, M.E. , 56 
WACHTER, Mabel, 69, 


Walter, 69, 77 
VMGNER, Clara Kate, 

65, 71, 72 

Katherine, 65 

Lewis W. , 65 
WAGONER, Alfred, 62 

Emma, 62 

Gertrude, 62 

Ralph, 62 



WAGONER, Ruth, 62 
WALKER, Mary, 65, 6? 
WALLACE, John, 6 
WALLER, Reba, 76, 77 
WALN, Becky, 32 

Bessie, 49, 50 

Bettie, 32 

Cline L., U9 

Elijah, 32, 37 

Elijah Cooper, 29, 

43, 49, 50, 63 

Eliza, 32 

Elizabeth, 29, 32, 


Elizabeth Ann, 29, 

32, 46, 59, 60 

George, 32 

Grace, 49, 50 

Henry, 32 

Jim, 32 

John, 28, 29, 31, 

32, 46, 49, 50 

John R., 49 

Joseph, 28, 29, 32 

Joshua, 29 

Julia Ann, 32 

Leah, 21, 33 

Leah W., 29, 32 

Leonard J., 49, 50 

Lydia, 90, 91 

Marguerite B., 49, 

50, 63 

Martha, 21, 28, 29, 

31, 32, 44, 46, 49, 


Martha Louise, 43, 

49, 89 

Mary, 28, 29, 32, 

49, 50 

Mary Ann, 32, 51 

Mary J., 29, 50, 64, 


Mary R. , 43, 49, 50, 


Mattie, 37, 50 

Mollie, 43 

Nancy, 29, 32 

Olive L., 49, 50 

Rebecca J., 49, 50, 


Roda, 32 

Samuel, 29, 32, 50, 


Samuel E., 49 

Sarah, 32 

WALN, William, 29, 32 
V/ARD, Amanda, 68 

Henry, 68 

Mabel, 68, 69, 76, 

WARNER, Teletha, 27 
WASHINGTON, George, 3 
VffiBSR, Geo. L. , 45 
\\rETZEL, Lewis, &^ 
WHAI40ND, Bonny Lee, 73 
Elizabeth, 66 
Helen Jane, 73, 84 
Howard Orr, 67, 73 
James, 66, 73, 74 
James Paul, 67 
Jeffry Orr, 73 
June, 66, 73 
June Elizabeth, 67, 


Linnie Aurora, 66, 

73, 74 

Mary Lynn, 73 
Ruth Rebecca, 73 
Shari Leigh, 73, ^4 
Susan Marie, 73 
Wilbur Orr, 67, 73, 

74, 84 

WHEELEN, Indiana A., 

WHICKER, Emma M., 46 

George W. , 46 

Jasper L. , 46 

Lucretia J., 45 

Vira E., 46 
WHITE, Ann Marie, 85 

Charles L., 85 

Jacob, 6 

Lynda Ann, 85 

Lynda Vay, 85 

Robert, 85 
WHOMBERG, Carolina 

Eleanor, 68 
WILDMAN, Caroline 

Catherine, 76 

Charles Richard, 76 

Chester Earl, 76 

Ollie Viola, 76 

Walter Willis, 76 
WILKINSON, Abigail, 14 

Abner, 3, 4, 7, 8, 

10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 


Abner Matthews, 14 

Agness, 14 

WILKINSON, Albert Riley, 


Alice Hattie, 36, 38 

Allene, 59 

Amazetta, 33, 55-53 

Ambrose, 33 

Amelia, 3, 7 

Anna Mae, 44 

Arlene Grace, 71, 83 

Armanious A., 33, 58 

Audrey Arlene, 83 

Betsy, 12 

Betsy Ann, 22 

Bertha F., 58 

Carl Hixson, 36-39, 

42-44, 91 

Catharine Ann, 28 

Catherine, 8, 13, 14, 

15, 21, 28, B6 

Catherine Ann, 15 

Charles Ernest, 71, 8I 

Charlotte, 15, I6 

Clara Kate, 65, 71, 72 

Curtis Dale, 82 

David, 21, 22, 32 

David H., 20, 28 

David Hixson, 55-58 

Donald Anthony, 82 

Eddythe, 52 

Eddythe Opal, 51 

Edith, 59 

Edith L., 36, 33 

Edwin J., 18, 39, 43, 


Edwin Jehu, 36, 37, 38, 

41, 91 

Eldon, 56 

Eldon V/ilbur, 56, 71 

Elijah, 3, 4, 5, 11, 

21, 29, 37, 38, 53-56 

Elijah Cooper, 6-11, 

15, 16, 18-22, 28, 29, 

32, 33, 36, 42, 44, 71 

Elijah Emery, 33, 55, 


Elijah H., 22, 32, 51, 

52, 65, 89 

Elinor, 14 

Eliza, 8, 14 

Elizabeth, 1-4, 7, 8, 

11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 21, 

22^ 27, 28, 29, 32, 33, 

36, 38 

Elizabeth Ann, 32, 72 

Elizabeth Anna, 33, 55, 

65, 66, 67 



WILKINSON, Elizabeth J., 
Elizabeth Jane, 22, 

31, 37, Uk 

Emery Harrison, 55, 


Ethel, 42 

Forrest, 72 

Forrest R., 51 

Forrest Roscoe, 65, 

71, 31, 32, 83 

Gabela, 14 

Gary Lynn, B2 

George, 14 

Georgia Ann, 28 

Georgia B., 56, 67 

Georgianne, 15, 16 

Gladys Velma, 6 5, 71 

Glenn, 59 

Herbert L. , 88 

Ida Dema, 51, 65, 72 

Ida May, 33, 57, 68, 


Irene, ^^ 

Irene Eleanor, 44 

James, 4, 5, 7, 10, 

11, 14, 15, 16, 28 

James M., 10, 11, 13 

James Sherman, 51, 65, 

71, 72 

James W., 14 

Jane, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 

Jeanette, 59 
Jeffery Lane, 82 
Jehu, 4, 7-11, 13, 21, 

32, 37-44 

Jehu Harrison, 56, 67 

Jehu Henry, 33 

Jehu Q., 22, 36, 37, 

71, 87, 91 

Jehu v;., 13 

Jerold Lynn, 82 

Jimmy Lee, 82 

John, 1-10, 13-16, 22- 

24, 26, 32, 44, 46, 

51, 53, 37, ^^ 

John N., 3, 7, 10, 11 

Josephine, 28, 32, 33, 


Juanita Mae, 56 

Katherine, 15 

Landy Abner, 28 

Larry James, 82 

Laura E. , 59 

V;iLKlNSON, Laura E- 
vangeline, 33 
Leah, 1-7, 9-11, 13, 
16, 23, 24, 26, 29 
Leah W., 22, 32 
Lee, 59 

Leinore E. Z. , 36- 

Louisa Belle, 36, 
33, 41, 44 
Lucille, 67, 74, 75 
Lucille Carolyn, 
67, 74 

Ludia Vean, 55 
Lydia, 33, 44, 51, 
52, 54, 55, 65 

WILKINSON, Sarah Jane, 


Syble, 14 

Vernon Curtis, 71, 82 
Wanda Corine, 56 
Wilbur T. E., 36, 33, 

William, 1, 2, 4, 7, 
8, 10, 11, 13, 27, 87 
Xellis Henry, 56, 67, 
74, 75 
V/1LL1AI4S, Debra Ann, 84 
Doris, 84 

Dorothy Gertrude, 72, 
83, 84 
Giles, ^^ 

Lydia Elizabeth, 36- Herbert Elmer, 73, 84 
41 James Llewellyn, 72, 

73, 33, 34 
John Theodore, 84 
Kenneth George, 72, 83 
Mary, ^^ 

Mary Alyce Elizabeth, 

Mary L. , 51 
Mary Lucy, 64 
Nancy, 84 
Sallie, i^ 
Sandra Sue, 84 
Sharon Marie, 84 
WILLIAMSON, Agnes J., 47 
Alice, 62 
Anna, 62 
Bessie, 62 
Elizabeth, 47, 62 
Fred, 62 

Gertrude, 47, 62 
Grant, 47, 62 
Harry, 47 
Isaac, 47, 62 

Lydia Emma, 51, 65 

Margaret, 1, 4, 5, 

7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 

24, 46, 47 

Margaret Mary, 8I 

Marjorie Lucille, 


Mariah, 14 

Martha, 22, 28, 29, 

30, 44, 49, 50 

Martha Louise, 43, 

49, 39 

Martha Magdalena, 

71, 81, 82, 83 

Mary, 4, 7, 3, 10, 

11, 13, 15, 16, 22, 

23, 27, 45, 46, 89 

Mary Ann, 22, 29, 

51, 53 

Mary Catherine, 33, 

56, 67, 68 

Mattie, 37 

Mattie Leora, 33, 53, Joseph, 47, 62 


McCoy, 37, 38, 40, 

44, 45 

McKinley McCoy, 36, 

37, 71, 37 

Moses, 2, 33 

Naomi, 15, I6 

Patricia May, 67,74 

Rachel, 20, 21, 22 

Mary C, 47 
Rebe, 62 
Ruby, 62 
Ruth, 62 
Samuel, 47 
V/illiam H., 47, 62 
V;iLI'4S, Rev. John 

Christian, 5 
WILSON, President, 40, 9( 
Rebecca, 5, 8-11^13, WINGATE, Barton Jay, 73 
22, 26, 37 Edith, 73 

Robert James, 71, 32 Erma Dee, 73 
Rosemary Louise, 32 Kathryn Jean, 73 
Samuel, 2-4, 7-13, Morton Wilson, 73 
16, 37, ^^ 



WING ATE, Robert Paul, 


Sue, 7B 
WOEI-IPNER, Elizabeth 

Ann, 64 

Robert, 64 
WYATT, George M., 6I 

Mae, 61 

Mary Rose Anna, 6I 
YARDLEY, Joann, 77,